Olivia Munn From X‑Men: Apocalypse: 10 Hot Instagram Images You Need To See

Olivia Munn is one of Hollywood’s most talented beauties. Here are ten of her hottest Instagram images that you need to see.

Olivia Munn From X‑Men: Apocalypse

10 Hot Instagram Images You Need To See

Olivia Munn is an American actress best known for her roles on the television series “The Newsroom” and in the superhero movie “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Munn spent time working as a model and a television journalist before getting her big break in acting, letting her childhood love of theater win out over her college education in journalism. Fans and critics alike are glad Munn decided to make the switch; they can’t imagine a world without her gracing both the big and small screens. She receives consistent praise for her performances due to her ability to play just about any role. Munn is incredibly versatile; she played an economist with a Ph.D in the HBO drama “The Newsroom”, a mutant superhero in “X-Men: Apocalypse” then turned around and played a tech nerd in the comedy “Office Christmas Party”. Between Munn’s beauty and talent, it’s no wonder she’s becoming such a big movie star. Munn currently boasts a net worth of 12 million dollars and it’s constantly growing.

Ten Hot Instagram Images

Munn has been praised for both her talent and her incredible good looks throughout the course of her career and we can see why. She’s one of the most active celebrities on Instagram, often posting images of herself on movie sets, getting ready for red carpets and everything in between. Here is a collection of some of the actress’ hottest Instagram pictures over the last few years.

Munn rocks a bold red lip and a messy up-do in this selfie, some may call it a fashion risk, but of course she pulls it off.

Munn sports her striped one piece bathing suit in this vacation shot. From the alluring look in her eye to her near perfect braids, she really draws you in.

Who says your make-up and clothes can’t match? Munn put some light green shadow under her eyes for this unique shot.

Don’t let the flamingo floatie distract you, this is one of Munn’s sexiest pictures. She shows off just the right amount of skin, and this angle subtlety shows off her body.

Ms. Munn is all glammed up! She looks stunning in this photo, the natural make-up and light waves really suit her.

Munn posed for the iconic magazine Vanity Fair last year, and she blew the photographers away. This is a gorgeous shot of the actress.

In between takes on the set of her new film “The Predator”, Munn enjoys her downtime with some of her furry friends.

Munn showcases her long flowing locks in this image, bravely locking eyes with her audience.

Pictured with “Office Christmas Party” co-star Jennifer Aniston, Munn looks like a stunner at the movie premiere.

The picture of perfection. Munn’s highlight makes her absolutely glow, she looks angelic in this at-home shot that could’ve been ripped from a magazine.

What’s Next for Olivia Munn?

Munn is slated to appear in two highly anticipated movies this year. Both “The Predator” and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” are set to be released in 2018, and audiences can’t wait to see them. Munn is well on her way to becoming a full-fledged movie star and a household name. It’s only a matter of time before her net worth is through the roof and actors and directors alike are jumping at the chance to work with her. Keep an eye on Munn, her star is still on the rise.