Neha Kapur Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Kunal Nayyar’s Wife

If you didn’t know who the beautiful wife of Kunal Nayyar is, this post will give you the important facts. Get to know more about Neha Kapur.

Who is Neha Kapur?

Neha Kapur is a model and actress from India. She was crowned Femina Miss India back in 2006. In the same year, she represented India in the Miss Universe pageant. She is the wife of Kunal Nayyar, a British-Indian actor. Neha Kapur was born in New Delhi, India on 31st March 1984. She was raised in India in a traditional Punjabi Hindu family. She is one of those rare women who are taller than their spouse. She has a height of 1.76m and her net worth is $15 million.

Neha Kapur is a former Femina Miss India (2006)

Thanks to this Indian beauty pageant, Kunal Nayyar’s wife Neha rose to fame in the year 2006. The beauty pageant, which is run by Femina women’s magazine, selects female representatives who can compete in Miss World. After studying Fashion and Design, Neha took up modeling and participated in the most coveted beauty contest. She joined Femina Miss India in 2006 and won. Apart from this crown, she also won special awards: Miss Photogenic and Miss Fresh Face. She participated in Miss Universe pageant the same year. She made it to the top 20 but didn’t win. She was once interviewed and revealed that the reason she loves modeling is because it presents many traveling opportunities. Also, she gets to meet lots of people. She has been to Zambia, Ecuador, Cannes, and more.

She is the wife of Kunal Nayyar

Neha’s husband, Kunal Nayyar, was born on 30th April 1981, London, United Kingdom. He is an actor and a writer who moved to the United States in 1999. Although he studied business, he has great interest in acting. He also took up acting classes. His height is 1.7m and his estimated net worth amounts to $4 million. He is best known for playing Raj Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory, a CBS sitcom. Although his character Raj doesn’t appeal to most ladies, his real-life situation is very different. His long-distance relationship with Kapur led to a successful marriage.

Neha Kapur’s wedding and marriage

When she was asked about how she met Kunal Nayyar, she told Vogue India that a friend invited her to a party where a great guy from America (Kunal) was expected. She liked his sense of style when she first saw. While for Kunal, it was love at first sight. He even wanted to hook up immediately. Although Neha was taller than him, it didn’t prevent him from getting to know her better. It started with a drink, and the rest was a fairy tale. When Kunal Nayyar proposed to the actress, their fans quickly got excited and they anticipated a big ceremony. Neha Kapur wore a Tarun Tahiliani gown and as expected, the wedding was colorful, fun, and full of food. Their ceremony was strictly Punjabi including the pre-wedding events – haldi and mehendi. Their wedding had one thousand guests and lasted for 6 days. They had a traditional wedding in Delhi in the year 2011 where the groom arrived on a white horse. Kunal told Vogue how he felt when he saw his bride – her beauty made him shiver. He knows that his wife is beautiful and so does the whole world. It was truly memorable to see his bride walk down the aisle. He said that he will never forget that until the end of life. Her photo says it all.

Kunnar Nayal’s wife is a fashionista

Neha Kapur has managed to make a successful career in fashion and design. She currently runs a clothing company. The former Miss Universe contestant studied a course in fashion and design in Pearl Academy of Fashion. She started a design label, designbykyo, in August 2014 which she promotes on Instagram. His husband also promotes her work on Instagram. Neha Kapur owns a luxurious clothing line, Hensley, which is a representation of her personal style. She promotes the brand with this caption: ‘Embracing femininity and the individual.’ Every photo on the Instagram page represents simplicity and attraction.

Other facts

Apart from being a fashionista, Neha Kapur is also a professional dancer. She has trained and specialized in classical dance in her home country of India. For 8 years, she did Kathak. And in another 4 years, she trained in Bharatanatyam. When the Indian model got married to the Big Bang Theory’s actor, Vogue tagged them as the beauty and the geek. The two lovebirds share an Indian heritage and both grew up in Delhi. They met in India at a bar when Nayyar was already in the sitcom. Even though Kapur and her husband live in LA, she says her heart is in Delhi. She is obsessed with cleaning her house and compares it to a baby. She values her homeland more than any other place because she knows the place offers more space and freedom; plus it is tied to her culture. Their beautiful home in LA, a 1948 Spanish Hacienda, was featured in Architectural Digest Magazine in September 2017. This home is meticulously designed with modern decor and an Indian touch, giving it an ethnic twist that feels like a sanctuary. With Kunal Nayyar’s net worth of $45 million and Neha’s successful clothing line, we can say that the couple is doing pretty well.