Natalie Portman: Top 10 Stunning Pics You Need To See

Natalie Portman has had an amazing career over the years, here are some stunning pics shared on instagram of the Black Swan.

Natalie Portman Over the Years

From her first role in Léon: The Professional at the age of 13, Natalie Portman has gone on to become one of the most influential actors in Hollywood. Natalie Portman was born on June 9, 1981, in Jerusalem as an only child to her American homemaker mother and Israeli father. At the age of nine, Natalie Portman moved to New York with her family. After the start of her career in acting, Natalie Portman continued attending school as a normal teenager. But unlike most teens her age, Natalie Portman was building a strong portfolio which included the movie “Star Wars”. Natalie Portman is said to have skipped the premiere of “Star Wars” in order to study for her high school finals. And thank goodness she did because Natalie Portman would later attend and graduate from Harvard in 2003. As her career continued to succeed, Natalie Portman continued building her educational skills by attending Hebrew University of Jerusalem for her graduate degree. Natalie Portman continues to work and later becomes a scientific journalist and speaker at Columbia University.

Natalie Portman: Movies

There’s no way to deny the talent Natalie Portman has shared with fans over the years. With movies like “Star Wars”, “Black Swan”, “V for Vendetta”, Léon: The Professional”, and “Thor”. All of her movies were successful, but one would never know Natalie Portman’s reasons behind the selection of movies that she participated in. Though movies like “V for Vendetta” and “Thor” were superbly presented to the public and later went on to make millions in the box office; Natalie Portman shared some of her views of the American culture towards young women and women alike. During the women’s march in Los Angeles on January 20, 2018, Natalie Portman shared how as a young actress she experienced sexual terrorism while practicing her art. Natalie Portman went further to say that many decisions she made in the types of roles she’d play and the photos she’d take were due to the sexual terrorism that she experienced. In a world that becomes excited every time a young artist poses nude or displays certain parts of their bodies, fans should be thankful for Natalie Portman’s decisions. For Natalie Portman has always exhibited a classic Hollywood look and many would hope, more young female artists would take an understanding of how their being viewed publicly and follow in the suit of Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman Takes Over Instagram

Natalie Portman has only used Instagram to advocate her political affiliations such as the #metoo movement, supporting Dr. Martin Luther King, and the recent #whyIwearblack movement presented at the Golden Globes. However, the fans of Natalie Portman create many fanatic pics pages in honor of the actress on Instagram. In order to demonstrate their love for their favorite actress, Instagram users share many of Natalie Portman’s beautiful pics and show others that the actress in not only talented in the art of acting but is beautiful and intelligent as well.

Top 10 Stunning Pics of Natalie Portman

Here’s a list of our favorite stunning pics of Natalie Portman:

#10: Natalie Portman looks stunning in this signature black & white pic.

#9: No one wears red lipstick like Natalie Portman.

#8: Natalie Portman works the camera in this white ensemble.

#7: After this photo shoot, Natalie Portman has shown fans that she has a very sexy side.

#6: Natalie Portman invites us all to a sleep over in this pic.

#5: Natalie Portman is all smiles in this pic.

#4: Natalie Portman is red carpet ready in this pic.

#3: Natalie Portman’s Black Swan photo shoot.

#2: Natalie Portman shows her dark side in this pic.

#1: Natalie Portman teaches that simplicity is the most stunning look a woman can wear in this pic.