Who Is Roman Reign? Wrestler, Net Worth, WWE, Family & Facts To Know

You are about to know more about the wrestler Roman Reigns, and all his facts, including his net worth and career in the WWE.

Who is Roman Reigns?

If you are a fan of watching wrestling and especially the WWE, you must be either loving Roman Reigns or hating him. Regardless of how you feel for him as a wrestler, the fact remains that you know Reigns and his brand, “spear”. Sometimes, you can find him on WWE Raw and at other times at WWE SmackDown. Do you know that Roman Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i, was a footballer playing for Georgia Tech? He joined the NFL in 2007 and at the time played for a Canadian Football League. The 32-year-old Reigns was born a half Samoan and half Italian. His father Sika and brother Rosey were professional wrestlers. Rosey passed on April 2017. Roman Reigns comes from a wrestling family and most renowned wrestlers in WWE including Rikishi, Yokozuna, Umaga, The Tonga Kid, and The Rock are his cousins. Most of them have built their net worth from wrestling. The wrestler studied at Georgia Institute of Technology where he majored in management. Reigns is Catholic and often does the sign of the cross when he enters the ring. He has his own family.

Facts about the wrestler

Reigns admires Bret Hart

Even though there are no shortages of wrestlers in Reigns’s family and he could find role models from there, he was inspired by another wrestler, Bret Hart. His hero as a child was Bret, and he loved to see him fight on WWE Raw and SmackDown. Reigns was talking to Yahoo Sports before Wrestlemania 31 where he discussed his role model and childhood idol. He remembered how every time Bret Hart would come wearing a leather jacket and then give his sunglasses to one of the kids in the crowd. Reigns hoped that one day, he would be that kid. He further explained how he liked the wrestler’s image and outfit. Hart is very supportive of Reigns and described him as a talented wrestler who just experienced a bad booking.

He became a father in his early 20s

For those who admire Roman Reigns, probably the first thing they did after knowing about him was to Google about him. Among the things, you could find online at that time is his interview. In the interview, Roman Reigns said that he had a daughter in 2008. That is ten years ago, and at the moment Reigns is 32 years old. It means he got his first child when he was around 22. Roman didn’t want to talk more about his personal life and family. But being one of the greatest performers on WWE SmackDown and Raw, the company didn’t take long reveal his family. In 2015, the star appeared in a PSA with his pretty daughter and later on Wrestlemania diary.

Reigns was on the same NFL team with Brock Lesnar

Reigns was destined for wrestling, thanks to his family’s history. But before spearing his first opponent in the ring, he used to spear players in the pitch. While in high school, his goal was football. However, his NFL career as a player for Vikings was brief and he went on to play for Edmonton Eskimos before he was released and retired. Another WWE star who tried football was Brock Lesnar. Lesnar hadn’t played the game since high school and therefore was assigned to Vikings’ practice squad. At the time, the wrestler was involved in an auto accident, but he got back to his feet afterward. After training, he was cut before the beginning of the season. His tenure was brief like Reigns’s.

His first single loss was Money in The Bank

After the shield broke up, its former members, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns began facing each other in the ring. There was one particular fight between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. It was evident that Reigns was in charge, and everybody thought he would win the match. Rollins got hold of Reigns’s leg and pinned him. It marked the first clean loss of Reigns on the main roster. Reigns might have lost all his strength after he mistimed his spear and went crushing to the guardrail. What made the win clean was the fact that nothing or no one affected the finishing spot.

Being booed at the WWE: Fast Lane 2017

As soon as the speakers announced “Truth Reigns” and he got out to the arena, the boos from his haters would be louder than the music. That’s how it was for him during the WWE: Fast Lane 2017. It was still the same thing before he beat Braun Strowman. Well, Strowman lost cleanly and the only person to beat him squarely and fairly would be Reigns. Big Show said that he admired Reigns because he was a guy who was put on the opposite side of the script and portrayed negatively but was able to weather a very rocky storm. Playing that critical role earned him a decent salary, increasing his net worth.

Beating John Cena

Roman Reigns and John Cena collided at WWE’s No Mercy in September last year. Many fans felt that the battle would have happened at WrestleMania, but John Cena’s schedule at Hollywood wouldn’t have allowed it. Reigns beat 40-year-old Cena after beating Undertaker at WrestleMania 33.

Roman Reigns’s net worth

Roman Reigns has a net worth of $3.3 million. He is currently one of the frequent champions, and he hardly loses a match, making him one of the top paid. He has built all his net worth from wrestling.

It’s another year and it means new titles will have to be claimed in the WWE. We all know that Roman Reigns will take some of them. It’s an assurance.