Michelle Pfeiffer Wiki: Net Worth, Children & 5 Facts To Know

Know the actress Michelle Pfeiffer? With a net worth of $80 million, over 40 movies made, and 2 kids, at the age of 59 this gal is unstoppable.

5 Facts you might not have known about Michelle Pfeiffer

She is beautiful, and not afraid to be hilarious

The timeless Michelle Pfeiffer has been gracing the stages since 1978, and with a net-worth of $80 million, she is a loved character and a beautiful face, and talent that could kill! Playing with Paul Rudd in next summer’s superhero film Ant-Man and the Wasp Pfeiffer doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s hard to believe the beauty is about to turn 60, and it has nearly been 40 years since her breakout performance in the crime film Scarface. We can’t get enough of her striking good looks and good-natured energy, Michelle is a woman we would want to see more of!

1) She got her start in beauty pagents

Growing up with 3 siblings on the southern coast of California Pfeiffer was destined for greatness when at the age of 19 she won’t the Miss Orange County beauty pageant and finished 6th in the Miss California contest that same year. After getting her first taste of the stage Pfeiffer hired an acting agent and got her first leading role in the movie Grease 2, reviving the famed role from actress Olivia Newton-John. She followed up the teenage musical with a breakthrough role as Elvira Hancock in the crime thriller Scarface, snatching the role up from the unsuccessfully auditioned Geena Davis, Carrie Fisher, and Sharon Stone. With the dark character of Elvie getting tangled up with drugs, alcohol, and abuse, it was surely a part that opened the audience’s eyes to how fully Pfeiffer could fill a role.

Michelle with handsome Grease 2 co-star Adrian Zmed

A look worthy of her later role in Batman Returns as Catwoman. In her early twenties, Pfeiffer already knew how to use the sultry look to draw the camera in, but can also command a tight black cat suit making us all fearful of her cat-like prowl. This multifaceted actress is a true American gem.

2) An actress who’s been in 40+ movies

Of course, you remember her mainstream look from blockbusters like Hairspray, Batman Returns, and Scarface but do you recognize her witchier side? In movies like Stardust, The Witches of Eastwick, or A Mid Summer Night’s Dream? Michelle worked scrupulously through the 80s and 90s. The early 90s did great things from Pheiffer’s net worth landing her roles in classics such as The Age of Innocence. And now we can look forward to seeing her back in the modern superhero film, Ant-Man and the Wasp, in the summer of 2018.

In 1993 Pfeiffer was set up on a blind date with writer and producer David E. Kelley. That first blind date must have gone well as they married in November of ’93 and they shared two children together. Following her first marriage, Michelle knew she wanted to be a mother, and had begun the filings for adoption before she met David. They together decided to go through with the adoption and their first child, Claudia Rose, was adopted in March of ’93. Later they had a biological son, John Henry, in August of ’94. T his may explain her absence from the big screen in the mid to late nineties as the actress was dedicating time to her new family. Though this brief period of hiatus for the actress doesn’t seem to hamper her net-worth as Pfeiffer continues to support the philanthropic groups and societies that she holds dear. While Pfeiffer and Kelley have remained together over the years they have not had any additional children.

3) Saving time for the Children

4) From one musical to another

One can’t help but compare Hairspray and Grease 2, classic retellings of campy teenage drama. But one thing Hairspray has that Grease 2 can’t manage, a strong moral undercurrent. Hairspray is about acceptance, and being proud of who you are. During an interview, Pfeiffer said how she loves doing the musicals but isn’t sure if she would be able to take it to Broadway, and her musical instrument doesn’t have enough punch. Maybe Michelle should take a page from Tracy Turnblad’s book, and go out there and sing her heart out! We can’t seem to get enough of this multi-talented actress.

5) Putting her fame to good use

Before breaking into Hollywood a traumatic experience being taken in by a metaphysical and vegetarian cult and being brainwashed into relying on them for safety left Michelle vulnerable and looking for support. Michelle was able to leave the cult and upon meeting budding actor Peter Horton, began a doomed marriage in 1981. Ending the marriage in 1990; Horton blamed the split on their individual passion for their work and not due to the marriage. These seemingly troublesome experiences didn’t spoil her passion for family, community, and doing as much for those around her as possible. She supports the American Cancer Society and Humane Society. Pfeiffer, a vegan, joined the board of directors for the Environmental Working Group in 2016 to help promote farm subsidies and research.

Looking at photos of Miss Pfeiffer over the years you see her pure beauty shine through. A California girl that grew up and took on the world, this proud momma wants to see that she leaves this place a better one than when she arrived. And for that, we are grateful.