Sarah Urist Green Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Michael Green’s Wife

Sarah Urist Green is a famous art museum curator and also the host of ‘The Art Assignment’. Find out 5 facts about Michael Green’s wife below.

A brief about John Michael Green

John Michael Green was born in 1977. He is a famous American author, vlogger, writer, producer, actor and editor. This guy with so many feathers to his crown won the 2006 Printz Award for his debut novel, ‘Looking for Alaska’. His writing career saw great success as his sixth novel, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ shot to number one on The New York Times Best Seller list in 2012. The novel was adapted into a film in 2014 and the film too opened at the number one slot at the box office. His substantial rise in his career put him in Time Magazine’s list of The 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2014. One of his other novels, ‘Paper Towns’ was adapted into a film too which was released in 2015. The writer par excellence is also a renowned YouTuber and is quite famous for his ventures on the social networking platform. Green launched his VlogBrothers channel in 2007 along with his brother, Hank Green. The duo together has launched events such as Project for Awesome and VidCon and created a total of 11 online series, including Crash Course, an educational channel teaching Literature, History, and Science, later joined by courses in Economics, US Government, Astronomy, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Mythology, Sociology, Chemistry, US History, World History, Computer Science, Games, and Film History/Production. John Michael Green resides in Indianapolis, Indiana along with his wife, Sarah Urist Green. He married Sarah Urist in 2006. Sarah Urist worked as the Curator of Contemporary ARt at Indianapolis Museum of Art before leaving to start ‘The Art Assignment’. ‘The Art Assignment’ is a web series with PBS. John Michael Green often includes her on the VlogBrothers channel and refers to her as ‘The Yeti’ owing to her not appearing visibly on camera. She is often talked about in their videos but makes no appearance owing to her own request. Sarah Green along with her husband had a chat on YouTube in a Google Hangout video where President Obama made an appearance. During that time, both she and her husband asked the President his opinion on whether they should name their unborn daughter Alice or Eleanor. John Green is an Episcopalian Christian but mentioned that he was married in a Catholic Church. He stated this fact in the tenth episode of his podcast, ‘Dear Hank & John’. The avid Liverpool fan is also an advocate for refugees and has stated that, “for those of you who share my faith, Jesus is awfully unambiguous about the poor, shelterless, and imprisoned”. John Green is also a shorts and stand sponsor of English League One club AFC Wimbledon. John has also stated that he is a casual supporter of his local American side Indy Eleven, and has been to some of their games. Green has obsessive-compulsive disorder and has discussed his struggles with mental illness extensively on YouTube.

His wife Sarah Urist Green

Sarah Green is an American art museum curator and also the host of the PBS program, ‘The Art Assignment’. Green is from Washington, D.C, but was raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Green got her Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and her master’s degree in art history from Columbia University. Sarah Green worked as a curator for the Indianapolis Museum of Art from 2007 until she left in 2013. While she was there, she curated exhibitions such as “Andy Warhol Enterprises” and “Graphite”, and also commissioned numerous works for the museum. Sarah Green along with her husband launched ‘The Art Assignment’ in 2014 which was a PBS online program in which artists encourage viewers to imitate their creative exercises. This platform provides amazing learning material and visuals for those interested in art. Green has also been honored as a juror for the 3D category of the ArtPrize competition and the ArtPrize’s Pitch Night event. She met her husband John Michael Green when they were both attending the same preparatory school in Indian Springs, Alabama. Eight years later, they reacquainted in Chicago when John Green was dating Urist’s boxing partner. After they broke up, John became friends with Sarah and they got engaged in 2005. Green married Urist in 2006. They have two children, Henry and Alice.

5 Facts about Sarah Urist Green

The following facts have been collected about the art curator Sarah Urist Green:

Her net worth

The net worth of Sarah Green is currently under wraps but the net worth of her famous husband is estimated to be around $19 million.

Sarah’s response to her nickname ‘Yeti’

Sarah said, “Well, when the nickname originated I had no idea that this video blog was gonna go on for so long!””I was much more private and almost afraid of putting myself out there on the Internet. Since then, though, as I’ve been working in museums — I’m in museum videos, I have a very public life here at [IMA], I speak publicly a lot, so people who have wanted to find out who I am have been able to for a while now. So I think I’m just — I’m ready now to acknowledge now that I’m no longer really ‘The Yeti,’ but I’m a full person.”

Dog love

The couple owns a West Highland Terrier named Fireball Wilson Roberts, nicknamed Willy.

Sarah Green’s views on ‘The Art Assignment’

Sarah hopes that ‘The Art Assignment’ will help audience members broaden their own definition of art, demystify the art-making process, and prove that anybody can give it a try. “People get overwhelmed and think they’re going to fail,” she says. “I hope they can feel the freedom of playing and experimenting in a low-stakes environment.”

Instagram and Twitter

One can check out the personal posts and photos of Sarah Urist Green on her Instagram page @sarahuristgreen and on her Twitter handle @SWUSUG.