Laura Louis Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Woody Harrelson’s Wife

Woody Harrelson and his wife Laura Louis first met on the set of Cheers and have been together ever since. Dive in to learn more!

Laura Louis

Laura Louis was born in the 1960’s and was a Personal Assistant on the set of “Cheers,” which is where she met Woody Harrelson on set in 1987. Laura likes to keep her background and personal life very private, as there is not much information about her life before she met Woody Harrelson. As the height of Woody’s net worth began to increase and his celebrity status rose even higher, their love continued to deepen. They have both shown the world that even though you can be rich, famous and part of Hollywood, you can still have a normal stable life. In the age of separations, short relationships and short marriages, they have shown everyone that love can last a lifetime. These two have been inseparable for 30 years, which as we all know is very rare in Hollywood.

Woody Harrelson’s Wife

Woody Harrelson and Laura not only have been together a long time, but they have also encouraged and supported each other with their environmentally and health conscious personalities and lifestyle. Woody himself has stated that he has been a vegan since his 20’s as a struggling actor. It seems to be that he wants to keep this tradition with his own family as well. Even though Woody Harrelson’s net worth has risen to a height of 65 million, they currently live off-the-grid in a community of around 200 people in their relaxed and laid back lifestyle in Hawaii. As Woody Harrelson’s fame increased over the years, Laura has stuck by his side the whole time showing her great love and support. Woody Harrelson’s has also shown himself to be quite the family man as well, marrying Laura Louis on December 28th 2008 and having three daughters with Laura, calling them his “goddess trilogy”. Woody Harrelson’s career continued to rise as he began to star in roles such as; “No Country for Old Men” in 2007, “Now you see me” in 2013. In “No Country for Old Men” Harrelson plays a “loose cannon” Carson Wells. In “Now you see Me”, Harrelson plays a set of twins with different personalities showing his versatility as an actor. Woody Harrelson’s latest role is “LBJ” as the iconic President Lyndon Baines Johnson which was released in 2016. In “LBJ” he plays the vice president Lydon B. Johnson who suddenly becomes president after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

5 Quick Facts about Laura Louis

1. Laura and Woody have three daughters together. Deni Montana was born on February 28, 1993, Zoe Giordano was born on September 22nd, 1996, and Makani Ravello, born on June 3rd, 2006. 2. Laura Louis is the second wife of Woody Harrelson. His first wife, Nancy Simon divorced decades earlier. 3. Together Laura and Woody started “Voice Yourself” to encourage others to get involved and protest against pollution. 4. Woody and Laura are co-founders of the company Yoganics, an organic food delivery service. 5. They collect cars, such as; a Volkswagen Beetle, a Tesla Model S, and a BMW and many others.