Kyle Mack Wiki: Everything To Know About The 2018 Olympics Silver Medalist Snowboarder

Get to know more about Kyle Mack who is a snowboarder and a silver medalist. Below are facts about him that you need to know including his overall net worth.

Kyle Mack: Olympic silver medalist and snowboarder

The United States was well represented in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games that concluded late last month. To everyone’s amazement, Team USA didn’t disappoint in any of their events while putting the pride of their nation first by bringing home several medals. Viewers in the United States were more than excited to sit behind the screens to watch their athletes battle it out and emerge as winners or runners-up at this years Winter Olympic Games. One such athlete from the world’s most powerful nation was Kyle Mack, a snowboarder who managed to step onto the podium to have a silver medal put around his neck and surprisingly, he got the attention of Ivanka Trump in the process. Mack hails from West Bloomfield and he’s specialized in both slope Style and big air. The snowboarder made headlines in 2014 after winning the US Open Men’s Slope Style final. At the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, he managed to get a silver medal at the Men’s Big Air final. 20-year-old Kyle Mack was born in Royal Oak, Michigan. He began his career as a snowboarder at the age of three and he would ride down the driveway just after every snowfall. When he turned five, Mack began riding on Alpine Valley and he used to stay put despite the weather conditions changing. It was because of his dedication that Burton Snowboards noticed him when he was seven and started sponsoring him. In 2010, Kyle Mack took first place at the in the Burton Open Junior Jam and all of a sudden, he was admired all over the country. That triggered an invitation to him to join the US Snowboarding Team in 2011. The following years, Kyle Mack was traveling around the world and participating in a competition after another and he had some massive achievements The snowboarder has participated in several countries’ ppen competitions, multiple Dew Tours, as well as several Grand Prix competitions. Mack’s win at the US Open Men’s Slope Style final was historic because it was the first time an American won a gold medal since 2011 and also it was the first time that someone ever landed a triple cork in competition. Following the trails of the most elite Slope Style riders in the sport, Kyle Mack said that it was amazing to win there and he couldn’t be more hyped than that. The 2012 season saw him grow and race at the Dew Tour and also the Burton Canadian Open where he came eighth in Half Pipe against an experienced crew of riders. Mack won the Burton European Junior Open Half Pipe and also came third in the Slope Style. As mentioned above, Mack stepped onto the ice when he was just three years old. Mack’s father put him on skis, and he crashed hard. He didn’t want to put the skis back on so his dad put him on a snowboard and they never looked back! Mack likes to share photos of himself practicing and after winning major events on Facebook and Instagram.

Winning a silver medal at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

You might not be know anything about snowboarding, but your jaw might drop of you watch the snowboarders fly through the air and rotate several times before landing perfectly on the snow. As the 2014 US Open Men’s Slope Style final winner, Kyle Mack did his thing as a snowboarder on Team USA, taking the excitement to a level never seen before. On February 23 at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games big air final, Mack tried an insane trick which also has an crazy name, a Front Side Triple Cork 1440 bloody Dracula. The suggestion of this move gives the impression that it is absolutely terrifying, which it probably is. Mack nailed the move and all jaws dropped with disbelief and the risk was worth it as it won him a silver medal. The win was not expected because it was expected that Canada would scoop up all three medals while taking all the spots on the podium, but only one Canadian made it to the top. Sebastian Toutant, the Canadian, won a gold medal, while Kyle Mack settled for the silver medal. Billy Morgan of Great Britain settled for bronze. It’s evident that Mark has a successful future ahead of him. The snowboarder practiced the unique trick the night before the 2018 Winter Olympic Games event and he committed to it after he failed to land it in practice. With the favorites in the big air race expected to throw bigger tricks, that was his strategy to make sure he impressed everyone. The other reason was to show that Mack indeed had his values in snowboarding. So when the time came, the champion didn’t disappoint but rather put the style to action and added many more others to scoop a medal. Speaking after the win, the snowboarder said that the whole reason he wanted to perform it was to show that snowboarding was evolving and to also bring style into snowboarding. This was something he had been working on and while in the air, he was thinking of either doing bloody or just tail, but he settled for bloody Dracula. To his surprise, it worked well and it went according to plan. First, Mack did a backside triple cork 1440 and landed then he did the double cork 1440 bloody Dracula and reached all his hands behind his back to grab the tail of his snowboard and span like a top while airborne. Thew snowboarder posted the photos on his Facebook page and his Instagram account as well.

Kyle Mack was invited to the White House by Ivanka Trump

Mack made every American proud, including the occupants of the White House. The first daughter of the United States, Ivanka Trump was in South Korea to witness the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, and it was at the event that she said that Mack was welcome at the White House anytime. Mack actually asked Trump in a tweet whether he could ride with her back to the U.S. on Air Force One. In the response, Ivanka tweeted to Mack that she was ‘rolling commercial’ meaning she had not come with the official jet, but she invited him to sit next to her in her plane or visit the first family at the White House. She also congratulated him for winning a silver medal. The White House press secretary, Mrs. Sarah Huckabee also sent her congratulations to Mack after his epic Saturday performance and even posted a photo of the U.S. delegation including Ivanka Trump at the games. The 2018 Olympic Winter Games wrapped the next day, the last Sunday of February, with a closing ceremony.

His family was also watching

While Kyle Mack was coming down to the bottom of the hill, somebody started chanting “USA! USA!” and all the attention focused on the person chanting. It turned out to be Mack’s father, Tod Mack who turned and kissed his wife, Connie Mack. Mack was really confident even though he hadn’t used all of his tricks. The snowboarder and the US Open Men’s Slope Style final champion’s father, Tod Mack leaned against the fence in both amazement and surprise. Normally, Tod Mack doesn’t watch his son compete because he gets nervous opting to even stay at the hotel instead of watching a competition. Sometimes, however, he does have the guts to watch a replay even when he already knows the results but at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, he forced himself to watch. Tod Mack stood there and watched no matter what it was doing to him on the inside telling the Detroit Free Press that whenever he watched the Olympics on TV, he felt like it was a long, drawn out mini-series. The athletes became characters and the competitions the dramas but at ground level, Mack realized that the athletes were sons and daughters and their moms and dads were agonizing over every moment. A large group stayed together and it was Kyle Mack’s mom and dad as well as his sisters Rachel and Jena who traveled to South Korea to cheer Mack on. Jena said that waiting for the competition to start was the longest 13 minutes of her life. Other people at the event was her brother Darren, some friends, Rachel’s fiancé and his coach that trained him when he was in elementary school. After Mack came in second, Connie clapped her hands with pride and after watching the replay, he noticed his parents at the plastic fence and dropped his equipment. He ran to his mother, grabbed her, and embraced her with a big hug. He then spotted his father and they wrapped together in a giant hug, as well, and they rocked back and forth while celebrating. Mack then tapped his dad’s hat and hugged his brother and sisters before they went to get some burgers. Photos of his family can be seen on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. The snowboarder was new to the Olympic experience and didn’t know he had to go to the mixed zone to address the media.

Other facts to know about Kyle Mack

He has a philosophy, believing that the person one is destined to become is the person one decides to be, and apart from snowboarding, he also plays golf, he skateboards, and he supports his favorite baseball team, the Detroit Tigers. After missing out on the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, he and his father built a training area close to his home in Michigan. They cleared a 110-foot wooded area on a slope and then constructed a 70-foot wooden ramp that was placed next to a 50-foot airbag to make it possible for him to train in the summer.

His net worth

Mack’s net worth is still under the carpet, but judging by his wins, he must have a good net worth. Besides, he has some sponsors, and even the White House recognizes him meaning he is also making a net worth also from endorsements.

There is nothing as good as having your family behind you as you build a legacy. It’s a sweetener, and for Kyle Mack, its all he needed to eye the medal. You can follow Mack on Instagram and Facebook and check out his photos.