25 Sexy and Hot Plus Size Models You Should Know

Plus-size models showing off their hot curves and sexier confidence

Plus-size model industry

The idea of a sexy and hot woman has been ever-changing for many centuries. At some point, women that were as pale as a dove were seen as beautiful; then pale was out and tan was in; in the 50s, women like Marilyn Monroe were admired for their curves, as curves were the epitome of sexy. In the 90s, curves started being less flattering to the public and thin was in. It wasn’t until recently that plus-sized models began being beautiful again.

Plus-sized models are described as any model who is a size 8 or over (wild, right??). It’s hard to imagine—we see average-sized women, but in modeling, they are seen as plus-size. A common misconception about plus-sized models is that they only pose for Lane Bryant or Woman Within or Torrid (or other plus-sized clothing stores). This is not the case at all. Although some of the top plus-sized models pose for those, they are also featured in magazines such as Vogue and Elle and they also modeled for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie and Fitch (which I bet you thought wasn’t for bigger women).
Another misconception is that there are only female plus-sized models. This is also not the case. Although women primarily dominate this world, there are still male plus-sized models—same with transgender models as well! Here are 25 hot and sexy plus-size names you must know about! These names are ones you should be checking out and admiring!

1. The original plus-size model

@aerosmithgram / Instagram

First on the list is a classic. Although not the first, Mia Tyler is considered one of the original women to kick-start the plus-size modeling industry. Her hot, edgy style matches the style of her father, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Although she has taken up fashion designing and motherhood in place of modeling, the plus-size runway will always remember the hot, original plus-sized model. Modeled for: Seventeen, Vogue, Mode, H&M, Lane Bryant

2. The show-stopper

@@theashleygraham / Instagram

Ashley Graham has changed the plus-size modeling industry with her photos. At only 30 years old, she has modeled for many different clients, signing her first contract with Wilhelmina Models when she was only 14 years old. Her hot curves and even sexier smile has amazed society. Modeled for: Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Sport’s Illustrated, Levi’s, Nordstrom

3. The H&M model

@jennierunk /Instagram

The year 2013 was a big year for plus-size modeling—Jennie Runk changed the scene by appearing in the H&M summer campaign. Her confidence is hot and she acts as a role model for many women with body image issues. Modeled for: Seventeen, Glamour, Marie Claire, H&M

4. The style blogger

@influencertimes / Instagram

Gabi Gregg began her career as a style blogger, creating online communities for plus-size women. She struck a chord with the world when she posted pics of her in a bikini, rocking her confidence. She was noticed by Swimsuitsforall, an online swim suit shop. She began modeling for them, and that’s when she began posing for other clients. Modeled for: Ebony, Swimsuitsforall, Target

Right now, we’re fighting against this idea that every plus-size woman has to have a flat stomach and has to be curvy and look like Ashley Graham, but we don’t all look like that.

5. The humanitarian

@nadiaaboulhosn / Instagram

Nadia Aboulhosn began blogging in 2010, focusing both on style and humanities. Besides modeling, Aboulhosn also designs fashion for various clients, including Lord & Taylor. Modeled for: Vogue Italia, Seventeen, American Apparel

6. The first plus-size male model

@zachmiko / Instagram

In 2016, Zach Miko became the first male plus-size model to be signed by IMG. He has also signed a major contract with Target, being their first male plus-sized model. Miko has brought a lot of things to light—males are just as criticized for their bodies as females, males work just as hard as females to be stylish and hot, and males have body image issues as well. Modeled for: Target

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7. The resilient model

@tessholliday / Instagram

Tess Holliday (formerly Tess Munster) was told when she was 15 that she would not have a successful modeling career because of her height and weight. However, she didn’t let that stop her, as she went on to be discovered by modeling agents. What people love about her pics is her confidence and self-love! Modeled for: Vogue Italia, Nylon, Marie Claire, H&M

8. America’s Next Top Model

@whitneyantm / Instagram

Whitney Thompson won the 4th season of America’s Next Top Model, the first plus-size model to do so. Since she won in 2008, she has taken advantage of her prize, but also caught the attention from other clients. She has led a successful modeling career as well as encouraged other women of all shapes and sizes. Modeled for: Seventeen, Jacksonville Magazine, CoverGirl, Forever 21, Torrid, Saks Fifth Avenue

9. Project Runway Model

@lirisc / Instagram

Liris Crosse modeled in the 16th season of Project Runway among all other societal “ideal” models. Her hot curves knock any other competition out of the way—how could you not love anything she puts on? Crosse is hot and she knows it! Modeled for: Moda Mantra Magazine, Curvy Couture

10. The sexy lingerie model

@taralynn / Instagram

Tara Lynn entered the plus-size modeling industry in 2011 and she continues posing in sexy lingerie with sheer confidence, her curves as hot as fire. Tara Lynn has the perfect face for modeling and she is not afraid of showing off her curves in all her photos. Tara Lynn is on this list because she is someone you must begin following on Instagram! Modeled for: V, Elle, Vogue Italia, Glamour, H&M

11. The aged plus-size model

Velvet d’Amour began her modeling career in her 40s, in 2006. Although born American, she posed for French clients, Jean-Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, and French Vogue. After her career as a plus-size model, she has focused on her own photography and launched her own magazine. Modeled for: Jean-Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, French Vogue

12. The UK influencer

@felicityhayward / Instagram

Felicity Hayward’s hot and sexy style has become a major influence in the UK. Besides modeling for many different clients, Hayward has also been serving as ASOS’s Curve Ambassador & Stylist. Her beautiful photos have changed the way society views plus-size women. Modeled for: Adidas, TJ Maxx, Mac Cosmetics, L’oreal, and Katy Perry’s INDI.

13. The sexy tattooed male model

@benjaminmontanez / Instagram

Benjamin Montanez has proven that the lumberjack style is hot and in. Besides modeling, Montanez works full-time as an EMT. He has turned a past of bullying and criticizing due to his weight as a message to men and women alike: You are hot, you are beautiful, and the world deserves to know. Modeled for: Large Lad Clothing, Maximus Box

14. The ever-confident hot model

@iamlizziemiller / Instagram

Although all these models are changing the idea of confidence, Lizzie Miller hits it out of the park. Since appearing in Glamour in 2009, Lizzie Miller has been awing the world with confidence that says you don’t need to be stick thin to be hot. However, she did not always feel this way. Growing up, Miller struggled with body image. Miller then realized that she is as hot as she believes she is. The mega confidence boost really came from a model contract with Wilhelmina. Modeled for: Glamour

“To get something you’ve never had you’ve gotta do something you’ve never done.”

15. The comfy model

@damn.dandy / Instagram

Dandridge is her stage name, after the beautiful Dorothy Dandridge that has inspired her to become the hot model she is today. Dandridge awes the modeling world with her confidence and her curves. However, she also is known for her style. Although everything she wears is hot, she says she prefers comfortable clothes. Modeled for: Domino Dollhouse, Zelie for She

16. The life coach model

@rosiemercado / Instagram

Rosie Mercado’s hot Mexican curves drops jaws. However, besides her successful modeling career, Mercado has also become a life coach for talk shows such as The Doctors and Dr. Phil. She has a lot to offer, as she has experienced adversity and struggled with her body weight. She is currently at a healthier weight and has tons of body confidence. Her influence on women across the world has made an impact that has gained quite a bit of attention. Modeled for: Plus Model Magazine, Dede Allure, Slink Jeans

17. 2nd Generation Model

@toby_cole / Instagram

Daughter of straight-size model, Emme, Toby Cole has made a name for herself. In 2015, she was signed to IMG Models and began posing for Teen Vogue as a spokesperson for body image awareness and confidence. She has adopted her mom’s hot style, as seen in her current Instagram pics. Modeled for: Teen Vogue, IMG Models

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18. The courageous model

@victoria_sanchez_lincoln / Instagram

Kate Dillon Levin began modeling when she was 16 in 1990. She continued modeling for the next 3 years as a straight-size model. She quit the industry due to her suffering from an eating disorder. After the road of recovery, she entered the world of plus-size modeling. Modeled for (as a plus-size model): Vogue Paris, Glamour, Liz Claiborne, Lane Bryant

19. The hot red head

@allegradohertyginger / Instagram

Allegra Doherty heated up the plus-size industry. Although her family was not happy with her choices when she began modeling in 1999, she continued pursuing this career path and it has paid off. She shows off her hot curves in both fully clothed photos as well as stripped down pics. Modeled for: Italian GQ, Estivo Beyond Bodies

20. The Parisian model

@johannadrayofficial / Instagram

Johanna Dray awes the world with her hot curves and sexy French style. Unlike a lot of other plus-size models, Johanna Dray appeals to an older, more classic style of modeling. She is born to be a runway model and she does not let haters stand in her way. Modeled for: French Vogue, French Elle, Galliano

21. The plus-size model shattering norms

@watchshayslay / Instagram

Like I said before, there is an idea of what a model should be. A transgender plus-sized woman has not fit that idea for many people. However, Shay Neary is here to shatter that idea. Through adversity, Neary has maintained her confidence and flaunted her hot body. Modeled for: Coverstory

22. The triple threat

@hayleyhermsofficial / Instagram

Hayley Herms is a plus-size model, a singer, and an actress. She has helped changed opinions of many who don’t believe plus-sized women can be hot. She also makes it known that she maintains a good diet and works out. She is not plus-size because she’s lazy, shattering another misconception about bigger women. Modeled for: Luxe Curves, Skorch Magazine

23. The optimistic model

@philomenakwao / Instagram

The cultured and hot Philomena Kwao is not new to the confidence scene—she loves her body and wants the world to know. Between her curves, her dark skin, and her natural beauty, she has a lot to love. She has an optimistic look for diversity in the modeling world, and she is an influential role model for young girls and boys alike, through her Lily Project. Modeled for: Essence Magazine, Galore Magazine

24. The hot model who is the face of disabilities

@katieknowles1 / Instagram

Katie Knowles not only brings attention to people with disabilities, but also the abilities of these people. She shows the world that although she’s disabled and curvy, she is hot and beautiful. She does not let anything keep her down. Modeled for: Cosmopolitan, Yours Clothing

25. The exotic Brazilian model

@fluvialacerda / Instagram

Fluvia Lacerda is the epitome of hot. Her exotic curves are an inspiration to women around the world. She flaunts every sexy piece of her and she still can be an amazing mother at 37 years old. Modeled for: Plus Model Magazine, Maxima, Oliver Wartowski

The Future of Modeling

For most of the years that this generation has lived through, curves have been seen as unsexy, unflattering, not beautiful, and not fit for the runway. These 25 models on this list are working the hard life of a model in order to shatter conventional model ideas and prove to the world that runways and magazines are meant for all women and men of all shapes, sizes, and cultures. These are the names you should know, these are the names of the future of modeling.

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