Kori Rae Wiki: ‘Monsters University’, Producer, Net Worth & Facts About Darla K. Anderson’s Spouse

Get to know more about Darla K. Anderson’s spouse, Kori Rae, who produced Monsters University. Below are facts about her.

Kori Rae: Darla K. Anderson’s spouse

You have probably watched “Coco”, an animation film released last year, which won a Golden Globe Award. The animation movie has also been nominated for an Oscar 2018 Award and many people can’t see the movie scoop another award. Part of the credit goes to Kori Rae’s spouse, Darla K. Anderson. For those left behind by the news, Rae and Anderson got married in 2008 after the San Francisco declared same-marriage legal. They were two ladies who met and felt something towards one another and now Rae and Anderson are spouses sharing the same bed and probably sharing ideas. So who is Rae? Kori Rae is a film producer working for Pixar, just like her spouse, Darla K. Anderson who is also a producer in the same company. Anderson has more achievements that Rae but that doesn’t make them less in love. Anderson also chairs at the Producers Guild of America. Anderson is likely to oversee “Coco” take the Oscar 2018 Award and her spouse Rae has been supportive all the while. Kori Rae has her own credit though, and she is as good as Anderson. Some of the movies Rae has produced are “Monsters University,” “The Incredibles,” and “Tokyo Mater.” Her most recent one is “Monsters University,” that was released in 2013. The film was well received and it put Rae on the map and made her a good net worth.

This is what drew Rae and Anderson together

It used to take a lot of courage to come out as gay, but now in America, it’s not a big deal. Some celebrities have been known to admit that they are attracted to people of the same sex, for example, the late George Michael and now Sam Smith. We have also seen women not afraid to show off that they prefer each other. Some of those women are Kori Rae and Darla K. Anderson. Rae and Anderson began dating in 2001 when Anderson was producing “Monster, Inc.” The couple romance developed as they collaborated on producing films. Shortly after Anderson joined Pixar in 1993, she hired Rae to help her out in the company’s commercial division. According to Anderson, she and Rae were workaholics and it was hard for them to leave the building. They aren’t the only couple at Pixar because most prefer to have partners who are will be on the ride with them. So by the time Anderson and Rae were beginning to date in 2001, there profession and habits were very clear and they didn’t have to create some new rules. However, after Rae and Anderson became a couple, they focused on different films and kept their romance away from their workplace. Rae handled “Monsters University,” “Up,” “The Incredibles” and “Tokyo Mater” while Anderson took “Cars,” and “Toy Story 3.” Whenever Rae wants to ask something related to work from Anderson, she schedules some time during the day. The spouses discuss their projects from time to time and people are amazed by them doing so. But being a gay power couple, wouldn’t you expect to see all that attention?

Facts about Kori Rae

She started with commercials

Rae has played a couple of roles in the film industry, but she first began with producing commercials before jumping to producing animation movies. She stated that being a producer was more challenging than any other work profession which is part of making the film. Rae mentioned that she always got more involved with the films because as a producer, the buck would stop with her. So, she learned how to work with talent and work with the whole casting and found that there were more elements to the producer’s role. Rae had the experience needed to make animation films; only that it was different from all the marketing and consumer products she was working on before she came to Pixar. Since then, it has been her responsibility to follow up on anything that relates to any films she is working on including the actual production.

Rae believes prequels are hard

It was hard for Rae going back and revisiting the characters of the film “Monsters University.” She stated that prequels are hard and when she learns that she will have to, it turns into fear for her. The issue is how not to make a film predictable and let allow everyone know how it ends. It’s more challenging to figure out twists and turns along the film to keep the audience engaged, hooked to the screen and surprised. So, Rae and other producers in the industry including her spouse, Anderson had learned that the reason there were no many prequels in the world especially the good ones was because they are tough to make.

She and her director start by discussing their schedule

Rae stated that whenever she reported to work, she would meet the director who she described as a strong partner. They usually started the day by checking in and looking at what would happen that day. Rae said that sometimes a director could be knowing what to do and sometimes not and therefore it was her role to get them what they wanted. So it was like she was the one running ahead to catch problems before they happened.

Her net worth

According to Net Worth Post, Kori Rae has a net worth of $9 million and she has made all her net worth from being a producer.

We haven’t watched any film from Rae for a while now, but she might be working as an assistant to her spouse. Hopefully, “Coco” will win the Oscar 2018 Award.