Madelaine Petsch Wiki: Top 5 Facts To Know (Age, Net Worth, etc.)

Madelaine Petsch is a movie and TV actress currently starring on the show “Riverdale”. Here you’ll find everything to know about her; including height and age.

Madelaine Petsch Wiki: Top 5 Facts To Know

Age, Net Worth, Height and More

Madelaine Petsch is a 23-year-old up and coming American actress. Petsch is best known for her current work on the hit show airing on The CW; “Riverdale”. Born to South African parents, Petsch spent most of her childhood dividing her time between her hometown of Port Orchard, Washington and South Africa. Petsch is definitely one to watch over the coming years. The young actress only has a few credits under her belt; playing the part of Eliza in “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty” and making her movie debut in 2015’s “The Hive”, but now with the success of “Riverdale” her star is on the rise. Petsch is 5’6 in height, boasts a net worth of about one million dollars and is well on her way to becoming a recognizable face on the small screen. Here are five fun facts you must know about one of Hollywood’s newest talents.

1. She’s the opposite of her character

Petsch plays mean girl Cheryl Blossom on “Riverdale”, but in reality Petsch is nothing like her on screen counterpart. While Cheryl Blossom is terrorizing her fellow students, Petsch is often seen hugging her co-stars after the scene. She kind of loves how cruel and awful her character can be on the show, but Petsch is usually apologizing for her afterwards. The cast of “Riverdale” is like one big happy family, and during the filming of the first season Petsch was roommates with Lili Reinhart. Reinhart plays Betty on the show, someone Petsch’s character is known for being evil too, which proves Petsch and Cheryl aren’t one in the same. Petsch’s go-to makeup choices are also different than her “Riverdale” characters. Cheryl wears everything on her face, including a bright red lipstick, but Petsch is a lot more toned down with her makeup routine. Petsch keeps it simple with a nude pink lip and a bit of mascara, and leaves the rest to her television character.

2. She always wanted to be an actress

From a young age Petsch knew she wanted to be an actress. Like most actors when they were children, Petsch was drawn to the world of performing, and dove right into it as soon as physically possible. At the ripe age of three Petsch enrolled in dance classes and a mere two years later she started taking theater classes as well. She participated in competitive dance throughout her childhood, but becoming an actress was her real dream. Petsch attended Tacoma School of the Arts for her last years of high school, where she could focus on both her passion for dance and her love of acting. After graduation, Petsch made her way to Los Angeles in hopes of starting her professional career. She appeared in a national campaign for Coca Cola in 2014, then in 2015 she made her on-screen debut in the science fiction movie “The Hive.” She’d go on to play a few other bit roles in movies until landing her breakout role on “Riverdale”.

3. Archie Comics Fan

“Riverdale” is a television adaption based on the infamous characters from “Archie Comics”, so it’s only fitting that Petsch was a fan of the comics before landing her breakout role. Petsch actually grew up reading the comics; her dad used to clip the comic strips right out of the paper for her over breakfast each morning. Since her time on the show, “Archie Comics” has sent Petsch vintage comics starring her character of Cheryl. Petsch’s mom even buys the comics when she comes across them at the supermarket. With Petsch’s knowledge of the source material, it’s no wonder she’s often considered to be a scene stealer in the series.

4. Famous Boyfriends

During her short time in the limelight, Petsch has managed to date multiple high profile singers. Her first celebrity relationship was with former child singer Aaron Carter. Petsch and Carter dated for years, from 2014 to 2016, and were very supportive of one another throughout their relationship. Carter’s twitter page was filled with him fawning over Petsch, describing her as beautiful, caring and a major source of his happiness. Currently, Petsch is dating rapper Travis Mills also known as T. Mills. Petsch met Mills after he auditioned for the role of Jughead on “Riverdale”. He may not have gotten the part, but it did bring the two together. Petsch started dating Mills after “Riverdale” wrapped filming for the first season, and they’ve been going strong ever since.

5. She’s a Vegan

Growing up as a vegetarian and being lactose intolerant led to Petsch becoming a vegan at the young age of 14. She didn’t eat eggs or milk, and has actually never tried meat or ice cream before. She had the diet of a vegan without even realizing it. After doing research on animal rights, Petsch decided to make it official and began fully living a vegan lifestyle. Petsch recently got together with PETA to raise awareness about veganism and encouraged people to open their minds and consider the option. It’s something Petsch believes wholeheartedly in, and hopes that her platform will inspire others, as one person turning vegan can save up to 100 animals each year.

Upcoming Movies and the Future of Riverdale

Petsch is still in the very early stages of her career, but she’s already putting in stellar performances in her work. Petsch’s success on “Riverdale” has earned her a Teen Choice Award and two roles in upcoming movies. “F the Prom” was released in early December of this year and horror film “Polaroid” is set to come out in 2018. In a few short years Petsch has come a long way from “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty”. Her character on “Riverdale” is getting more screen time in the second season and she’s solidified herself as a fan favorite and one of the best actresses on the show. Keep your eye on Madelaine Petsch, she’s the next big thing.