Katie Way Wiki: Babe Reporter, Net Worth, Aziz Ansari & Facts To Know

One serious sexual misconduct allegation by Katie Way, the Babe reporter has put her under the scanner. Want to know about her net worth and life, then read on.

Katie Way – the Babe reporter

Little did Katie Way know that her state of mind would affect the mindset of people so adversely that she would land up in a big mess all by herself! Katie Way thought that she would share her nightmare as part of the #MeToo Movement that is taking place on the social media platform. Katie Way poured her heart out about the situation she was in when she went out on a date with Aziz Ansari. Katie Way went out on a date and then it turned out to be a disaster. According to Katie Way, she never thought Aziz Ansari wouldn’t understand her signal and end up molesting her. Katie Way, the Babe reporter, alleged Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct, but the social media was not too kind to her in this regard. Katie Way got trolled for alleging Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct. Many thought that it was a serious case a bad date. According to many celebrities who spoke openly about sexual misconduct in the #MeToo Movement, Katie Way had the choice of leaving the date midway, but she chose to stay back. So, nobody is taking the Babe reporter seriously.

Wendy Williams slams Katie Way

Wendy Williams is not the person who minces her words. She came out in the open to slam Katie Way and gave her a piece of mind. What happened was Katie Way was trying to shame HLN anchor Ashleigh Banfield for not supporting her and for pulling her down. But Wendy Williams came in support of the HLN anchor and slammed the Babe reporter, Katie Way.

Net Worth

Katie Way is a writer for the digital platform babe dot net. Until the allegations were made nobody knew who Katie Way was, but now everybody, including the celebrities know who she is. The net worth of Katie Way, the Babe Reporter, is unknown till date, but it is for sure after this controversy her popularity will definitely help her earn a fortune in terms of net worth. Any publicity is a good publicity and when you are all over the news, then it helps you increase your net worth as well. Katie Way might not have thought so much about her net worth and genuinely felt that she was being sexually harassed. The sad part is that, in this case, nobody is buying into her true story and on the other hand Aziz Ansari is gaining support from all quarters. The Instagram accounts are also following the story and people are posting their disgust over the matter. Some people on Instagram are accusing Katie Way of using the platform and getting their website a free publicity.