Who Is David Johnson? Wiki, Football Running Back, Net Worth, NFL And Facts To Know

David Johnson is an American football running back player who has taken the shine in the sports world. Find out more about his life, career and net worth.

Who Is David Johnson? Wiki: Football Running Back, Net Worth, NFL, and Facts to Know

David Johnson Synopsis

David Johnson is an American football running back player, who currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals. His football career started while he was in North Iowa. David Johnson is the most renowned footballer player of his time and he is widely recognized as an outstanding football player, especially by the Arizona Cardinals. He is available on Twitter and Instagram where he posts about his football career.

David Johnson’s Early Life and Education

David Johnson was born on Dec 6, 1991. He is the proud son of Regina Johnson and he is the fifth child of six children of Regina. He has two sisters, Danielle and Darnecia and this makes them triplets. His other older siblings are Vatina, LaToria, and Marcus. After his mother gave birth to he and his sisters, she was already struggling to feed the family. The situation in his family was made worse since his oldest sister Vatina suffered from a mental condition and she needed to be taken care of constantly. When David Johnson was one year old, his mother moved to Iowa in search of greener pastures. She worked tirelessly in every job she could find even juggling several jobs ti make ends meet. This caused the Johnson family to juggle between houses in order to get their daily bread as well. David Johnson could see his dear mother was under a lot of pressure and he did his best to help her by detasseling corn. This job made Johnson walk an entire cornfield picking the pollen-producing corn part so that the corn would have a higher return for the corn farmers. The little money he earned, he contributed by buying food for his family. He wanted to make life easier for his mother, therefore, he did his best to acquire good grades while staying out of trouble. It was at this time that he started exploring the sports world together with his sisters. His sister Darnecia developed a heart problem causing her to quit sports and this made David Johnson put all of his efforts into sports. He became so engrossed in games to escape all the problems he was experiencing at home, however, his efforts did not ease his mother’s stressful condition. Regina turned to drugs and alcohol to try to cope with stress. Unfortunately, Johnson’s mother was arrested due to alcohol-related issues when they were in fourth grade. The triplets moved to live with their sister LaToria, as they waited for their mother to be released from prison. This was the lowest time in David Johnson’s life. He felt that life could not have been worse for his family. After his mother’s release, the triplets returned to stay with her once again. His mother did her best to stay clean and she ensured that the triplets returned to school. Regina Johnson became a Christian and she ensured that his son David Johnson became a Christian as well. He joined Clinton High School in Clinton, Iowa as his family life became better. The Arizona Cardinals star did not know that he was talented in sports, however, this dawned upon on him when he became a three sports star in football, track and in basketball. While he was there, he played as a football running back and a defensive back on his school’s football team. He was able to achieve numerous records with his outstanding talent. When David Johnson became a senior, he made his school football team to acquire an 11-1 record win. His efforts made him earn a 2009 Outstanding Offensive Player for Clinton High School. During his senior year in High School, he set an impressive record. This earned him an invitation to play at the 2010 Shrine Bowl All-Star Game. His outstanding performance excelled and he earned a lot of recognition. All this time, David Johnson’s studies were outstanding. He kept his school record in all ways impeccable. Despite being a star on the football team, David Johnson was also involved in track where he also excelled. As junior playing basketball, he became part of the second-team All-Conference.
In his senior year, he became a First Team All-League selection in the Mississippi Athletic Conference. The Iowa Newspaper Association picked him again as a Third Team All-State and the Des Moines Register also selected him as a Second Team All-State performer. David Johnson attended the University of Northern Iowa to play for their team after he graduated from high school.

The Football Running Back Star’s Career in Northern Iowa and Net Worth

David Johnson attended Northern Iowa in 2010 and this was the beginning of his net worth accumulation. He started by redshirting during his first year on the Northern Iowa Football Team and his position as a redshirt did not change during his sophomore year. He, played 13 games with five starts achieving 179 rushes for 822 yards with nine rushing touchdowns. He further acquired 33 receptions for 422 yards with three touchdowns. During his sophomore year, David Johnson was given the opportunity to start seven games. As his sophomore year ended, he achieved 1,021 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns. When he entered his senior year, he achieved numerous outstanding records. These records included his school team record, his career rushing yards, career rushing touchdowns, and career all-purpose yards. During his junior year, he had the opportunity to start ten games out of 11 and rushed 1,286 yards on 222 carries. In his senior year, he rushed for 1,553 yards on 287 carries with 17 rushing touchdowns. David Johnson further returned 12 kickoffs for 438 yards and one touchdown.

Johnson’s Professional Career and Net Worth

David Johnson’s professional career came automatically after his outstanding performance at Northern Iowa. The Arizona Cardinals chose David Johnson in the 2015 NFL Draft instead of the intended Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah. In 2015, David Johnson was fortunate to be the seventh football running back to be chosen by Arizona Cardinal. His selection in the NFL Draft was the highest from Northern Iowa since Jacksonville Jaguars selection in the 2000 NFL Draft. This was the beginning of David Johnson’s professional career stats. David Johnson signed a four years contract worth $2.9 million dollars with a $639,373 signing bonus and $639,973 guaranteed. His first contract with the Arizona Cardinals added tremendously to his net worth fortune and he was given the opportunity to start the season as the fourth-string running back. His first professional career game came later in 2015 when he played against the New Orleans Saints. He finished the game with one reception for a 55-yard touchdown. His outstanding performance landed him another opportunity to play against the Chicago Bears. Johnson ran 42 yards after carrying the ball five times during the game. He scored his first professional career-rushing touchdown over the Chicago Bears. His first start in his professional career came about when a fellow player injured his tibia in the previous game. David Johnson managed 22 carries, 99 rushing yards, 2 receptions, 21 receiving yards, and a win over the St.Loius Rams. By December 2015, David Johnson had made a hit in his third start. He made his highest season with 29 carries for 187 yards and three rushing touchdowns. David Johnson further recorded four receptions for 42 yards win against the Philadelphia Eagles and NBC Sunday Night Football. The Arizona Cardinals star finished the season with 125 carries for 581 yards with eight touchdowns. In 2016, Johnson’s career stats were progressing tremendously. He began the season by achieving 89 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown and 43 receiving yards against the New England Patriots. His next game was against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, having recorded 45 rushing yards, 3 receptions, and 98 yards. He continued making his career stats increase by recording a victory against other football matches. He acquired the NFC Offensive Player of the October month after reaching an average of 145.2 rushing and receiving yards and 5 touchdowns in every game he played. His team, the Arizona Cardinals played against the Minnesota Vikings, the San Francisco 49ERS, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Washington Redskins in the next season. All this while, Johnson was able to achieve a higher record in his sports stats. His outstanding performance earned him an NFC Offensive Player award, once again. He finished the season having scored 293 carries for 1,239 rushing yards with 16 rushing touchdowns. By his second season on the Arizona Cardinals team, David Johnson was ranked number seven in the NFL Board for rushing yards. He achieved the second position in the NFL for rushing touchdowns. His hard work paid off when he was widely recognized as the highest receiver for the yards among other running backs. He became number 38 in NFL players in receiving yards section. This made David Johnson acquire the First Team All-Pro. His fellow footballers ranked him number 12 in the NFL Top 100 Players of the year 2017 as well. During the 2017 season, David Johnson encountered two injuries. His second injury was serious and it made him sit in the bench the game for quite a long time.

The Football Running Back Star’s Injury

David Johnson’s first injury came in 2017 when he was playing against the Los Angeles Ram in the first quarter of the game. He injured his left knee when he tackled someone and he fell. Luckily, the injury turned out to be an MCL sprain which meant no surgery was needed. During the same year in September, David Johnson had another injury. He injured his left wrist again while playing against the Detroit Lions in the third quarter of the game and this forced Johnson to quit the game. The injury turned out to be serious because his wrist was dislocated and surgery was necessary. His injury caused the Arizona Cardinals to lose to the Detroit’s Lions. This was the first time for a serious injury since the beginning of his career. Despite his injury, David Johnson had higher stats than his fellow running back players.

The Football Running Back’s Personal Life

When David Johnson turned 24 in 2015, he proposed to his college girlfriend Meghan Johnson. He first met his wife while he was attending Northern Iowa College. The couple started dating immediately after they met and they married after he was given the NFL contract. He started his wonderful life with his beautiful wife after she supported him throughout his career while they we’re in college. The two lovebirds were blessed with a son at the beginning of this year. They baptized him, as David Jerome Johnson Jr. The young family loves each other and it is apparently seen in Johnson’s Instagram account. Apart from his wife, Johnson has two best friends, John Brown and Chris Johnson. Unlike other famous stars, David Johnson does not indulge in luxurious things. The star has one luxury car, a BMW X6 M Mansory. He bought a house worth $0.4 million in Iowa after he signed his NFL contract. The football star is a humble man who knows how to keep his foot on the ground despite his handsome net worth.

Facts to Know About David Johnson

1. David Johnson was born as the fifth child in a family of six siblings to a single mother called Regina Johnson. 2. David Johnson was born as a triplets. He was the second one to be born after his older triplet sister Darnecia Johnson and the last triplet was Danielle. The triplets were a minute apart. 3. As a young boy, Johnson was earning pennies to feed his family. He did detasseling corns in a cornfield so that he could ease his mother the baggage of feeding the family. 4. Johnson’s mother shifted to Iowa to look for greener pastures. Therefore, she did any work that she could find. 5. The football running back star had a humble background. They struggled to get food daily and at times, they had to go house to house to see if they could eat. 6. Johnson had an older sister Vatina who had a mental health condition. The sister could not eat, speak, nor read. Therefore, she had to be taken care of all the time. 7. David Johnson’s mother Regina Johnson was once jailed due to alcohol-related issues after she was unable to handle stress. 8. The Arizona Cardinals Star is talented in three sports including basketball, track, and football. He played all the three sports while in school in Clinton, Iowa. 9. While David Johnson was in Northern Iowa, he was an outstanding receiver. However, he was later recruited as a running back. 10. The famous star broke 15 school records while he was in his senior year in Northern Iowa. 11. He is a staunch Christian, thanks to his mother who taught him the way of Christianity. Johnson does not let his stardom define him. 12. Johnson has no rumors trending. His Twitter and Instagram accounts remain outstanding.

David Johnson’s Controversies

Having a humble background David Johnson’s career is far away from any controversies. He has maintained his personal life as well as his career impeccably. However, in his NFL third season game, the football running back star incurred a serious injury hence he will be staying far away from the game for now. Apart from his injury, the running back star has no controversies at all.

His Social Media Profile

David Johnson has a Twitter and Instagram account where he posts pictures and videos concerning his career and his family. He has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and 894,000 followers on Twitter. There are no rumors concerning him trending in both the Twitter and Instagram account, except his injury last year. Most of the photos in the Instagram account concern his son, wife, and his football career. His Twitter account is full of his career updates. David Johnson is an outstanding man who has maintained his life in perfect order.

Johnson’s Net Worth

David Johnson has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million. The football star earns an annual salary of $750,000, which contributes greatly to his net worth. His participation in the NFL has made his net worth to gross tremendously over the three years. The NFL star continues to excel in his professional career, as he will be taking part in the upcoming games in 2018. The 27-year-old football running back star has worked hard over the years to create his reputation as an outstanding football player. His career stats in NFL are a living proof of how well he has done with his 27 years. He has achieved a lot in his short years in his professional career. Despite his humble background, this famous NFL star has remained humble with his life. He is a family man and a Christian. He does not let his fame define his life. He continues to amaze his fans, as he remains humble and grateful.