Julian Slater Wiki: Sound Designer, Net Worth, ‘Baby Driver’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about the sound designer who worked on the film, Baby Driver, Julian Slater. Below are facts about him including his overall net worth.

Who is Julian Slater?

Most of us loved the movie, “Baby Driver.” The story line was quite interesting, and lest I not forget the graphics and the action? Most of you may have noticed that the sound in the movie; main character singing, the braking of the cars, hooting and many other sounds throughout the film. “Baby Driver” is an excellent movie and itt wouldn’t have been so beautiful if it weren’t for its makers including the sound designer Julian Slater. Slater is a sound designer of the new age and who has also worked as a sound designer on several other projects. Julian Slater, 46, is a sound designer who is also a supervising sound editor and a re-recording mixer for feature films produced in Hollywood. Slater has worked with many directors including Tim Burton, Edgar Wright and Richard Curtis. Recently he’s been nominated for several Emmy Awards, the prestigious BAFTA awards as well as several other awards handed out in Hollywood every year, including this year’s nomination for the Oscar 2018. His role is to work with a director to realize the dream of the film from the soundscape. You can find him on Twitter, but it seems he has no time for Instagram. Slater said that the sound is supposed to be a reflection of what the audience can see on the screen and he acknowledged that sound could reinforce emotional content throughout the film. Slater revealed that he works on a project as early as possible and that he loves mixing. He’s more than happy to see the process of his work from the beginning to to the end. Slater uses FabFilter for both the design and mic of his workflow. Specifically, the sound designer uses Timeless 2, FabFilter Saturn and Volcano as the plugins to help him create dynamic and unique sounds. He has made quite a net worth from his work, but the movie that perhaps made him more net worth than the rest of his films was “Baby Driver.”

Baby Driver Nominated for Oscar 2018

Julian Slater revealed that when he read Edgar Wright’s script, there was an iPad app that played the music in sync with turning the pages. Slater said that of course, Wright had sound in mind when writing the script and it’s in the DNA of the film to have music. The movie stars Ansel Elgort as the “Baby,” who plays the part of a getaway driver who really loves music but just so happens to get pulled into an unsuccessful heist. Slater was not only the sound designer of the movie but also the supervising sound editor and a re-recording mixer. He is among those that have been for Best Sound Designers for the Oscar 2018’s category. Slater stated in an interview that it was unique for the director to write the script with sound in mind and the main character is listening to music the whole time. Slater, who has been a sound designer for over 25 years had to change the way he worked in his previous projects to sync what Baby was listening at the time to match with the real world sounds surrounding him. They worked on each piece of music such that for example, the gunshots and the police sirens were all in tempo with the music. The movie was nominated for several categories and it has a dedicated Instagram handle and Twitter account.

Facts about the sound designer

He has worked with Wright in other films

Julian Slater revealed in an interview that he had worked with Wright for almost 15 years and that Wright always gave him a heads up before the script arrived. The met after Slater went to a BAFTA screening and Wright told Slater back then that he was working on something new and he was going to love it. He added that it was Slater who should work on the sound of that project. A few months later, Slater and Wright had breakfast with him and he told him that he had written the script around all the songs and that sound was a character by itself in the movie. So before it was even filmed, he knew the style of it.

Slater says that Every Sound in a Movie is Altered

According to Slater, every sound you hear from a movie was intentionally altered to make it work perfectly and to be in sync with the music. He added that he sits down every single day to understand what he’s doing, but there was never a time he felt his work was being duplicated, not even by him. Slater takes on every project like it’s brand new. “Baby Driver” was completely different and it required a different sound touch. Every sound in the movie had to be pitch-shifted in order to achieve perfection.

He says that it’s fun to Recreate the Sound from Past Video Games

He strives to make every movie different and that it’s his job to create a soundtrack mix well enough to be enjoyed by the audience. All the movies he’s done have a unique sound unique to the film he is working on at the time. Not only he does he feel professional pride but it’s also fun for him to go to work everyday. When he has free time he enjoys creating S sounds for video games from the past but for the most part he goes to work every day simply doing what he loves for a living.

His Net Worth

Slater has a net worth of $200,000 made from being a sound designer in Hollywood.

Julian Slater’s work is so evident on “Baby Driver” that he can’t just continue without any recognition. We all hope that he wins the Oscar 2018 award.