Jessica Lockhart Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Chris Jericho’s Wife

Chris Jericho, one of the greatest superstars of all times, is married to Jessica Lockhart. Find out more information about his wife.

A brief about Chris Jericho

Christopher Keith Irvine was born in 1970 in Manhasset, New York. He was raised in Canada. Jericho is a renowned wrestler, actor, author, musician and television personality. Although he competes on and off in his professional career of sporting, he has made a successful name and career out of wrestling. Recently, Jericho shot to prominence in the music world as the lead singer of the heavy metal band, ‘Fozzy’. Jericho has also been involved in Hollywood movies and television programs. Jericho has pretty much found success in all arenas that he has set foot. Jericho gives credit to Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart and Ricky Steamboat for being his inspirations. Jericho started training to be a wrestler at the age of 19 from Hart Brothers School of Wrestling. Jericho very early in his career made a name for himself in wrestling. The first ever Undisputed WWF Champion, Chris has managed to win 30 championships in WWE/WWF, WCW as well as ECW. He has shown his wrestling skills in the rings of many countries including Japan, Canada, USA and many more. Chris is the nine-time Intercontinental Champion which is still a record. Apart from Wrestling, Jericho earned fame and success as a musician too. His band, ‘Fozzy’ has released six studio albums since 2000. Chris has also hosted many television shows including, ‘Downfall’, ‘Redemption Song’ and others. Jericho also participated in the TV Reality Show, ‘Dancing with the Starts’. He has now started podcasting too. He also announced recently that he would be returning to the ring soon. Chris Jericho’s father, Ted Jericho was a professional hockey player. Chris, contrary to his villainous role inside the wrestling ring, is actually a very kind-hearted person and is recognized as a philanthropist. Jericho got married to Jessica Lockhart in 2000 and the couple has a son and two daughters.

5 Interesting facts about his wife Jessica Lockhart

Jericho has been married for 17 years to Jessica Lockhart. Here is all that you need to know about Jessica Lockhart. 1. Lockhart and Jericho met through WCW Wrestler Disco Inferno. Jericho thanks Disco Inferno a.k.a Glenn Gilbertti for making him meet his wife. He met his wife in Tampa, Florida, where Jericho was performing with World Championship Wrestling. While dining out at a Japanese restaurant, Jericho noticed his coworker talking to ‘a breathtakingly beautiful blonde’. Jericho met her then. “When our eyes locked, I was completely enchanted,” he writes and added, “When I heard the magic word ‘friend,’ the race was on and I insisted that he introduce us,” Jericho writes. He did and we didn’t stop talking until the restaurant closed hours later.” 2. After they met, they spoke over the phone for several weeks. Jericho was always on the road performing with World Championship Wrestling. He mentions in his book, ‘A Lion’s Tale’ that the very next day after they met, Jessica had gone to meet her father in northern Minnesota for three weeks. But they spoke on the phone every day for a few weeks. “The daily conversations helped us build a strong foundation for our relationship,” Jericho writes in his book. “We got to know each other well before anything physical happened. It was the exact opposite of the way most relationships begin and showed us that we had something special.” Jericho says that by the time Jessica returned home from Minnesota, “she was already my girlfriend even though I’d kind of forgotten what she looked like. When I saw her again, she was more beautiful than I remembered and we’ve been together ever since.” 3. They got married in 2000. Jericho mentions in his biography in the book, ‘A Lion’s tale’, that he met a Japanese fan named MASA who “was the most dedicated wrestling fan I’ve ever met, so much so that he learned English so that he could speak to wrestlers.” “I took him up on his offer and we became good friends – he even attended my wedding,” Jericho says. Jericho’s best friend as his wedding was Lenny St. Claire who was a Canadian professional wrestler. 4. Lockhart was not present at his Undisputed Championship and did not witness him win it because he was not even sure that he would win it “I wasn’t told for sure until the day of the show that I was going over…so I didn’t have the chance to fly Jessica or my dad in to witness it,” he writes. 5. The couple has three children. Their youngest is Ash Edward Irvine, their son who was born in 2003. They also have two twin daughters, SiSi and Chey, who were born in 2006. Jericho’s kids have appeared on his show and so anyone who listens to his podcast will know about them.

Net worth

Chris Jericho is one of the richest wrestlers in the world today with a fabulous net worth of $18 million. He has made this huge net worth from his wrestling career, acting and musical career. The net worth of his wife, Jessica Lockhart is currently under review.

Jericho and Lockhart both have a huge group of friends and they are quite active on Instagram and Twitter. Jericho posts a lot of his photos with friends and family on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.