Anna Gasser Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympics Gold Medalist Snowboarder

Get to know more about Anna Gasser who is an Austrian snowboarder and a gold medalist. Below are facts about her including her net worth.

Anna Gasser: Olympic gold medal winner and snowboarder

Every sports lover especially snow games lover is still excited about the recent 2018 Olympic Winter Games that ended in late February. Not even about the games themselves which take four hours to happen again, but about the winners who took home medals in different categories. Austria is not left out in the excitement as one of them, Anna Gasser, managed to finish first and get a gold medal at the Big Air event in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The snowboarder has been in the sport since she was 18 and she did most of her campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Anna Gasser competes in slopestyle and big air, and she lives in Millstatt. After Gasser qualified for the 2014 Winter Olympics, she went ahead to the finals. She has won several gold medals, two silver ones, and bronze in her career. But there is more about Gasser that makes the snowboarder worth noticing including her Best Female Action Sports Athlete Espy Award. 26-year-old Anna Gasser was born in Villach but currently lives in Millstant. She started competing as a snowboarder in the 2010-11 season. Before she started competing in slopestyle and big air, Gasser was in the Australian National Gymnastics Team. Anna Gasser first competed at the FIS Snowboarding World Championships in 2013 and she managed to finish 18th. The snowboarder finished third place in the World Cup in January 2014. Before that, Gasser had become the first female snowboarder to do a Cab Double Cork 900 kicker and a double salto backwards on half-turn. In the 2014 Winter Olympics, she didn’t manage to win any medal after falling in both runs and fell on the tenth place. However, not all years were terrible for Gasser as she managed to win 3 X Games medals in 2017. She also went ahead to win a gold medal in slopestyle in the Burton US Open and even another gold medal at the World Championships. At that moment, the 2014 Winter Olympics loss was not in her head.

How Anna Gasser became a snowboarder?

Anna Gasser describes herself as courageous, broad-minded and open and she has proved all those traits by winning most of her competitions even winning the Best Female Action Sports Athlete Espy Award. By just completing a Cab Double Cork 900, she became an overnight star, and she was like opening a new generation of female freestylers. Anna Gasser was always active as a child and she was active in gymnastics. First, Gasser was doing it as a hobby, but later on, she became an artistic gymnastic and at the age of 15, she was already tired of it and she thought it was time-consuming. For the next three years, she didn’t dedicate herself to any sport and she noticed something was right. The feeling made Gasser develop an interest in snowboarding, thanks to her cousin. In summer, Gasser’s cousin showed her some snowboarding pictures on Instagram and Facebook as well as some videos on YouTube and she was hooked instantly. The following winter, Gasser stepped on a snowboard for the first time and days later, she felt that she wanted to be a pro. Her friends laughed at her when they heard her ambition when they heard that the snowboarder was taking it to the next level. To their surprise, Gasser became the first woman ever to land a Double Cork 900 three years after she became a snowboarder. Anna Gasser stated that she developed quickly because of her physical shape and also her determination. She was boarding too much from the first day after she got interested and even missed almost 50 percent of lessons in her last year of school. After she finished school, she took a gap year and went to America and concentrated on snowboarding. When Gasser went back to her home country, nobody expected much from her and then she did the trick and suddenly, she had all the attention.

Going for the big air gold medal

With her double cork 1080s, Anna Gasser became the first-ever Olympic champion in snowboard big air at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and won a gold medal. After the snowboarder who is also good at slopestyle managed to win the gold, he couldn’t hide his excitement and posted photos of her wearing the medal on her Instagram and Facebook. Progression was what Gasser used, and the format really created an interesting strategy. Each rider’s score was determined by their best two scores, but those scores came from different tricks that they performed. Anna Gasser was really consistent throughout the entire competition and she opened with a cab double underflip which is a trick she had mastered well. In her second attempt, the snowboarder put a backside double cork 1080. Heading towards the final run, Gasser was in the second place a few points behind Jamie Anderson. Gasser stated that she stood up there and was aware that he had the sliver and she thought she should risk more to take gold because she deserved it. She came down and landed her cab double cork 1080 and impressed the judges who gave her a 96 which was the highest score ever awarded to any individual trick and trounced Anderson behind to second place. America’s Anderson settled for a silver medal, but she was so close from taking a gold medal. She had done everything successfully in the first two runs and managed to get the highest points putting her close to the gold medal. However, in her third run, she was unable to land the trick after the cab double cork 1080 and that’s where Gasser managed to beat her by being able to land and getting more points. After the race, Anderson stated that the cab double cork 10180 wasn’t consistent and she had started doing it the day before the competition. So the American snowboarder chose to play it a little bit safe but it didn’t work out, but she felt proud of trying it. New Zealand’s Zoi Sadowski took bronze.

She didn’t complete any run at slopestyle

The start of the slopestyle was delayed by almost two hours due to the wind after the officials canceled the event entirely on February 11. The strong cross-winds caused havoc during the women’s snowboarding slopestyle finals at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games on Monday and some competitors asked the event to be postponed and on Monday. Only five out of the 25 riders who competed were able to make it down on the first run without falling in the hard conditions which included hard snow and none of the riders finished two error-free runs. Jamie Anderson who Gasser defeated at the big air retained her 2014 Winter Olympics title which with an excellent score of 83.00 points at Phoenix Snow Park. Anna Gasser was among the slopestyle riders who were not able to complete any of the runs. Gasser argued that it was supposed to be postponed and told the press that they tried to talk to the officials, but they were put under pressure to compete that Monday yet they had three weeks to run the event. She also said that it was only Anderson who wanted the competition to continue just because she had the safest run but everyone else wanted the race to be postponed. Before starting her first run, Gasser was just crying because she wasn’t ready.

Facts about the snowboarder and her net worth

She is sponsored by big companies including Red Bull

Gasser’s rise as a skateboarder good at both slopestyle and big air attracted even the big companies who put their support behind her. She is currently under the sponsorship of Burton, Red Bull, anon,, MiniCooper, Love-Distribution and AbsolutePark. Gasser is one of the biggest stars in Austria and for some years now, her schedule has kept her away from home and she has appeared on sponsorship events, but Gasser never forgets her roots. Anna Gasser told Burton Girls that during the season, she is unable to have time at home because she is usually traveling for most of the time and during the off-season, she tries to relax at home for a few weeks because she loves her family and she likes being home with them.

Gasser excited about future of women’s snowboarding

In a sport that changes continuously, Gasser isn’t worried about what will follow. In fact, she is actually ready to see the growth of women’s snowboarding. When speaking to Burton Girls, Gasser said that it was really cool to see women’s snowboarding progressing. She noted that the tricks and the style were getting better with many teenage riders like Hailey and Chloe, she had less to be worried about. But Gasser is just confident. She came back in the 2016-2017 season after healing from her short injury that had made her miss the previous season. However, when she came back, she was on the podium in almost every event that she participated including the Burton U.S. Open slopestyle and the 2018 Olympic Winter Games big air event. The Best Female Action Sports Athlete Espy Award winner also won three X Games medal as well as a World Snowboard Tour season titles.

Her signature style is the cab double underflip

This is the style that changed everything and made Anna Gasser a household name. She managed to land the cab double underflip many times in her slopestyle runs in the 2017-2018 season and that put her at the top of the sport. It also encouraged her to try other tricks like double cork 1080 which she did well at the big air championships back in March last year and while training in August, she managed to lad a cab double cork 1080. However, her focus was to grab big air, and she has dominated the sport.

Her net worth

Anna Gasser’s net worth is not known but being a star in her country with The Best Female Action Sports Athlete Espy Award you would expect her to have a decent net worth. Besides, with the gold medal, she received some prize money increasing her net worth, not forgetting her sponsors.

Taking a gold medal at an international event is one of the ways you can be a national hero and Anna Gasser now dines with other Australian stars and figures due to her achievements. The future is also promising for her. You can follow Gasser on Facebook and Instagram.