James Cameron Wiki: Net Worth, Filmmaker, ‘Titanic’, ‘Avatar’ & Facts To Know

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James Cameron the filmmaker

Filmmaker James Cameron is one of the most popular and successful filmmakers of all time. James Cameron has made some of the most popular movies and James Cameron has taken on CGI more drastically than anyone else in the business. He has always loved science fiction which can be seen reflected in his movie choices. After high school, he decided to go to college to study physics at Californa State Universty. James Cameron had his big break came when he wrote and directed The Terminator, which opened the doors up to dozens of other film offers. James Cameron acquired Aliens, with Sigourney Weaver, Terminator 2 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, True Lies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eliza Dushku, Titanic then Avatar. The movies James Cameron works on are always prop heavy and just like anyone else would James Cameron takes home a lot of props. James Cameron not only is interested in filmmaking but science and the world around him. Ths contributes to his ability to create realistic and complex movies. James Cameron not only breaks records in the entertainment industry but James Cameron is one of three people to descend to the floor of the Mariana Trench.

James Cameron has been married five times: James Cameron was married to Sharon Williams (1978–1984) Gale Anne Hurd (1985–1989) Kathryn Bigelow (1989–1991) Linda Hamilton (1997–1999) Suzy Amis (2000–present)

Avatar and James Cameron

Avatar was a project James Cameron had been working on for more than a decade, and his ideas were far too complicated for the technology the industry had to work with in the beginning. James Cameron and his creation Avatar was a huge success. It was the first movie ever to gross over two billion dollars. The movie cost 280 million dollars mostly because of the insane amount of CGI needed. The movie is sixty percent CGI and was captured by new and old methods. From motion capture to special helmets. Avatar won almost as many awards as Titanic including, Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama and Golden Globe Award for Best Director

For the cast to become integrated into the feel of a forest and world like in Avatar he took the cast camping hiking in Hawaii every day. This was necessary to understand the scenery since most of it was CGI.

In 2013 James Cameron said he was planning on filming three Avatar sequels. Avatar 2 and 3 have already begun filming, when that unit is finished he will start on Avatar 4.

Titanic by James Cameron

The movie was a huge money guzzler for the time. No one expected it to surpass its spending. The cost to construct the actual Titanic in 1910-1912 was $7.5 million which adjusted for inflation equals around $120 million. The movie took almost twice that. The movie cost $200 million to make.The exterior of the ship for the movie had to be constructed almost fully. It was located in Baja California, Mexico. They wanted to make sure the interior was time appropriate and authentic they movie hired the White Star Line company who was the company who furnished the actual Titanic in the 1910’s. Most of the decor on the ship was under the supervision of researchers of the White Star Line furniture company, the same company which originally furnished the Titanic in the early 1900s. Titanic earned more than thirty awards including Academy Award for Best Picture
Academy Award for Best Director
Academy Award for Best Film Editing
Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama
Golden Globe Award for Best Director
Empire Award for Best Film
Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures
Producers Guild of America Award for Motion Picture Producer of the Year The notoriety of the awards really amped up James Cameron and his career and opportunities to work with anyone he wanted.

James Cameron Net Worth

James Cameron’s Net Worth is $700 Million, which is no surprise since James Cameron had earned $257 million in 2010 alone. James Cameron has created some of the biggest box office hits of all time. All together the net worth of the movies James Cameron directed grossed six billion dollars world wide. James Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar held the top boxoffice earning records up until 2017.

James Cameron and his most recent events

James Cameron is currently working on the Avatar series and Alita: Battle Angel. Alita: Battle Angel was a project James Cameron has been wanting to make since before Avatar. Recently one of the actors from his show True Lies, Eliza Dushku, revealed she was sexually abused by one of the properties masters. James Cameron responded by issuing a statement: “Maybe out of this can come some education that can pull some men who would otherwise be on the path back from the brink as well, Because I think a lot of it has to come [from] some kind of lack of empathy, that they’re clearly not feeling what this is going to mean for this person further down the line. I think the psychological consequences have to be understood.” -James Cameron James Cameron also applauds her bravery regarding the sharing her story.