Hock Tan Wiki: Net Worth, Education & Facts About Broadcom’s CEO

Are you searching for facts about Hock Tan’s? Here is a short biography of Hock Tan (Broadcom CEO) who has been the talk of the town after he bids to purchase Qualcomm for $103 billion. Below are some facts about Hock Tan CEO of Broadcom.

Who is Hock Tan?

Are you searching for Facts about Hock Tan’s? Here is a short biography of Hock Tan (Broadcom CEO) who has been the talk of the town after he bids to purchase Qualcomm for $103 billion. Below are some facts about Hock Tan CEO of Broadcom

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Hock Tan Facts

Hock Tan Family And Education

Hock Tan was born in Penang, Malaysia. He is said to be 65 years of age. Hock Tan immigrated to the United States when he was 18, and he also went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He had an MBA from Harvard Business School, and he has also worked in several positions before getting to the top. Hock Tan is married to Lisa Yan, who gave birth to three children. Two of his three children are on the autistic spectrum and so Hock Tan has been dedicated to funding autism research because two of his three children are on the autistic spectrum. Hock Tan and his wife donated $10 million to Cornell University in 2015 to fund the Hock E and K. Lisa Yang. In February 2017, Hock Tan and his wife again gave $20 million to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Hock Tan And Lisa Yang Have Three Children

Lisa Yang and Hock Tan have a daughter and two sons. Hock Tan’s family only recently just relocated to Philadelphia from Singapore after one of their sons was diagnosed with autism. Douglas who is now 31 years old lives in a group home at the Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Institute. Hock Tan’s daughter, Eva, is also on the spectrum. Eva went to Harcum College and now works at German software company SAP SE. Hock Tan’s other son works as an investment banker in California. As the president and CEO of Broadcom Limited, Hock Tan earns an estimated salary of $24, 692,047, as reported by Bloomberg in 2016. Hock Tan has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company since March 2006. This can easily help us calculate Hock Tan’s accumulated worth in the recent years. Hock Tan also serves as the President and CEO of Avago Technologies Finance Pte. Ltd. Hock Tan has been working in the semiconductor industry for more than 25 years, and he is also widely known as a great cost-cutter. Hock Tan’s relationship with Donald Trump has spiked inquisitiveness among businessmen and technology enthusiasts.

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Hock Tan Making $103 Billion Bid For Qualcomm

Hock Tan is presently making a $103 billion bid for the chip-making boss, Qualcomm. Hock Tan also offered to pick up their $25 billion debt. “We would never make this move if we were not certain that our global customers would welcome the intended combination,” Hock Tan said in a recent interview. “With broader product diversification and greater scale, the combined organizations will be positioned to deliver more exceptional semiconductor solutions for our global customers and drive improved stockholder value.” Tan continued by saying: “We have great respect for the organization that was established 32 years ago by Andrew Viterbi, Irwin Jacobs and their colleagues, and the unusual technologies they developed. Following the combination, Qualcomm will be best placed to build on its legacy of invention and innovation. With the strength of our businesses and continuous focus on technology innovation, we are certain we can quickly realize the advantages of this compelling transaction for all stakeholders. Majorly, we trust that Qualcomm and Broadcom employees will both benefit from substantial opportunities for development and growth as part of a bigger company.” If Qualcomm’s biggest customer (Apple) doesn’t get in the way of the purchase, then the deal will most likely go as planned in Hock Tan’s favor. Notwithstanding, it’s not like Apple is going to reduce the heavy price tags on their recent iPhones; apparently, they keep flying off the shelves regardless of price! The Broadcom CEO Hock Tan and former investment banker Lisa Yang were also said to have jointly donated $20 million to begin an autism research center at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research.