Hanna Oberg Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympics Gold Medalist Biathlete

Swedish bi-athlete Hanna Oberg took home gold in her first Olympic Games! With a powerful start at the games, Oberg and her net worth are off and not stopping.

During the 2018 Winter Olympics Games in Pyeongchang, Bi-athlete Hanna Oberg earned two medals, one individually and one for a Sweidish relay team.

Bi-athletes, wielding both ski poles and a gun, can seem pretty intimidating, but one look at Hanna Oberg’s face and you can tell she’s a sweetie until she starts racing at least. Swedish bi-athlete Oberg did her country proud during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, proving she’s a master both on her skis and at shooting during six biathlon events. Oberg’s success was to be expected. Back in 2012, when Oberg was just 16, she was part of the silver medal 3×6 relay team at Kantiolothi World Junior Championships. In 2016, at age 20, she took home another three medals, one silver for a relay and two individual gold medals.

In Pyeongchang, Oberg followed-up her 2016 success with more medals at her first Winter Olympic Games. First, on February 15, Oberg took first in the 15km Individual Biathlon in front of racers from Slovakia and Germany. Oberg’s win, by a 20-second margin, was due to some sharp-shooting, where she didn’t miss any of her 20 shots.

Following this victory, on February 22, Oberg earned a silver medal with her 4x6km relay team, comprised of Linn Persson, Mona Brorsson, and Anna Magnusson. The women were only behind first by ten seconds.

Even with all this success, though, Oberg has been super humble about it on both Instagram and Twitter. Her only Twitter posts during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games were shout-outs to her teammates and the only other biathlete to place in the top ten in all individual biathlon races, France’s Martin Fourcade.

Even on Instagram, Oberg tried to keep the focus off of herself, posting a photo of Swedish biathlete boyfriend, Jesper Nelin, who also earned a gold medal for Sweden in the men’s 4×7.5km relay race. There were also plenty of photos of Oberg and her teammates enjoying the games off the course.

Looking ahead, Oberg’s net worth is probably the last thing on her mind.

After competing in a competition as intense as the Olympic Games, most athletes are probably looking to rest for a bit, and what does resting mean? Cross-training, of course! For a bi-athlete like Hanna Oberg, that means roller skiing, and cycling in the spring and summer months, as well as target practice.

Even on actual days of rest, Oberg makes it clear on Instagram that she’s still getting outside with her dog or biking along with Nelin, and with Sweden’s amazingly beautiful landscape, that sounds like a pretty awesome rest day.

On special days, Oberg might splurge some of her net worth on a soccer match.

Oberg has a younger sister, Elvira, following in her footsteps. Elvira won three gold medals at the 2018 Biathlon Junior World Championships. So with Elvira on the rise and Hanna dating a fellow gold medal-winning biathlete, the Olympics might be on the verge of a biathlon dynasty.