Halle Berry’s Husband Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Olivier Martinez

get to know more about Halle Berry’s ex-husband, Olivier Martinez. Below are facts about him including their break-up and his net worth.

Who is Olivier Martinez?

Some guys admired Halle Berry so much that they were jealous of Olivier Martinez being in the sheets with her, but it’s never a surprise when celebrities split up these days. It has become normal. Martinez was the husband of Berry for three years. Before Martinez ended up with Berry, he dated high profile actresses, Mira Sorvino and Kylie Minogue. Olivier Martinez is a French actor, and his most recognized appearances are on movies such as “Unfaithful,” “Dark Tide,” “Taking Lives,” “Mars,” “Before Night Falls,” “Night Falls,” and “S.W.A.T.” But do you know about Martinez? 52-year-old Martinez was born in the romantic city, Paris, and that’s why he is a true Frenchman who sweeps every woman off her feet. His father was a Spanish professional boxer from Spanish Morocco. Martinez’s mother worked in France as a secretary. Halle Berry’s ex-husband studied at CNSAD and began acting in his home country in 1990. Martinez grew up a Roman Catholic. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Martinez has one kid with his ex-wife, Halley Berry.

Oliver Martinez relationship with Halle Berry

Martinez and Berry fell in love after they met on the set of “Dark Tide.” Berry and her ex-husband got engaged in March 2012. On 22 November the same year, Martinez and was involved in a physical altercation with model Gabriel Aubry who was Berry’s former partner as her daughter’s father. Martinez sustained injuries from the scuffle and was admitted to Los Angeles hospital. The reason why Aubry confronted Berry and her ex-husband Martinez was because Berry was planning to move with her daughter and her then-husband to France and live there. Martinez and Berry got married in France in July 2013, and their son Maceo was born the same year in Los Angeles. Martinez and Berry got divorced in 2016. It came after Belly filed for divorce the previous year in October. Berry stated that she was struggling emotionally due to a failed relationship and she decided to end it once and for all. Berry further added that after the divorce she was still feeling emotional, but she still managed to push through and felt happy that she was free and at a good place. She felt confident that her dark times were over, and she would be with her kids. Olivier Martinez never expected to divorce Halle Berry, and he was disappointed that their relationship didn’t work out as they wanted. According to a source near the actor, he always hoped that their relationship would work and didn’t expect Berry would divorce him. The source also revealed that Martinez and Berry used to argue a lot, but there was so much love between them. Martinez loves being a dad, and the source revealed that he wouldn’t take bigger projects so that he wouldn’t be far from his son.

Facts about Berry’s ex-husband

He used to be a boxer

His father was a boxer, and he got inspired by him. Martinez first fought on the on a European circuit ring as a welterweight. But when he was 22, his friends convinced him to go for acting since it paid more. Martinez wanted to be a boxer because he felt he could earn a living from it. However, he decided to quit after boxing for three years after a car accident. Martinez was very disappointed that he lost his opportunity and could not become a champion like some of his family members and neighbors.

Martinez has modeled

His good looks can hardly be wasted. Martinez, just like many French celebrities, has walked the runways. Since 2006, Berry’s former husband has been the face of Yves St. Laurent fragrances for men. That is probably one of the reasons girls love him, especially celebrity ladies. Even before Martinez and Berry fell in love, he had played with the hearts of Juliette Binoche, Mira Sorvino, Kylie Minogue, and also Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It’s right to brand Martinez as the heart-breaker in chief of Hollywood hearts. The award goes to the French actor.

People say he’s the ‘French Brad Pitt’

It’s not a discussion that Martinez is good looking. To make it worst, girls can’t stand his French accent. Both his looks and accent have earned him a lot of recognition, and since the women like him, he has managed to be picked from most auditions. In “S.W.A.T.”, he played the role of a drug kingpin, and he was considered very handsome and popular. He has landed other roles in movies like “Dark Tide,” “Unfaithful,” “Taking Lives,” “Mars,” and “Before Night Falls.”

His breakthrough role was in 1992

Martinez was nominated for a Cesar (France’s Oscar) after his fifth professional acting job. He was also nominated for a treasure Yves Montand, in “IP5,” Montand’s final film. Two years later, he received attention from all over the world after he starred in the movie, “Horseman on the Roof.” For the sake of the role, he had to know how to ride a horse, fence and speak Italian and so he learned all that.

He loves jazz

Most actors like jazz. One of them is Martinez. The genre is easy to flow since the sound is pleasing and not challenging. Martinez loves to kick back and enjoy herself as the music washes over him.

His net worth

Martinez has a net worth of $20 million. He has made his money from acting and endorsement.

Berry’s ex-husband, Olivier Martinez makes girls build castles in the air, and one thing is evident, that won’t stop anytime soon. There is a movie known as “Paul, Apostle of Christ” that is coming and he will be there.