Gisele Bündchen Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Tom Brady’s Wife

You got to know Gisele Bundchen, who is a very highly paid model. Here are some facts about the wife of football player, Tom Brady.

Who is Gisele Bundchen?

Brazil is known to bring some of the best models in the world, one of them being Gisele Bundchen. Since 2004, Bundchen has been one of the supermodels taking home fat cheques. She was ranked the 16 richest women in the entire entertainment industry in 2007 and in the top-earning models in 2012 list by Forbes. Forbes also listed Bundchen among the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. Bundchen is not only a model but also an actress who has made appearances in movies like, “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Taxi,” and voiced “Gisele & Green Team.” The 37-year-old Bundchen was born in Horizontina, Southern Brazil. Her mother, Vania a was a bank clerk, while her father, Valdir Bundchen was a college professor and an author. Both are Germans. Bundchen grew up alongside her sisters, Graziella, Rafaela, Raquel, Gabriela and her twin Patricia. She is fluent in a couple of languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. However, she doesn’t know her mother tongue, Gerrman well. Knowing all those languages have influenced the success of her career. Bundchen and her twin Patricia and another sister, Gabriela enrolled in a modeling course in 1993 with the help of their mother. She was discovered by Elite modeling agency in 1994 in Sao Paulo’s shopping mall while on a school trip. Gisele’s career took off when she was 14.

Facts about Tom Brady’s wife

Yes, she is actually married to Tom Brady!

Before she met Brady, Gisele Bundchen dated a few stars including Leonardo DiCaprio between 2000 and 2005. When they were a pair, they were listed among the most beautiful couples in the 2004’s People’s magazine. They broke up in late 2005, and she went to date Kelly Slater, an American Swimmer. Bundchen dated Slater for months before they broke up due to personal differences. She got hooked up to Tom Brady through a friend in December 2006. The two got married in 2009 in a Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California before they had a big wedding in Costa Rica. Bundchen and Brady have two kids together, and Bundchen is also a stepmother of Brady’s son from his previous relationship.

She’s also an actress

Brady’s wife has made appearances in a couple of movies. In Quen Latifah’s “Taxi” she plays the role of Vanessa, the leader of a girl gang that robs a bank. In the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada,” she plays the role of Serena. The movie was fashion centered. Gisele Bundchen has her own superhero animated series called “Gisele & Green Team.” The series follows the story of animated friends trying to make the world a better place and greener. Bundchen was excited to have the series premiere in 2010 after she worked for it for two years. She wanted to use the TV series to educate the kids and adults about conserving the environment.

Brady’s wife has a small star tattoo

Bundchen decided to have the tattoo inside her left wrist after she moved to Manhattan when she was 15. She recalled her grandma telling her and her sisters that everyone had a special star and she used to look at her star in the night sky before retiring to bed while growing up. When she came to New York, she opened the window of her apartment, and light and fog covered the sky, and so she couldn’t see her star. She took a pen and drew one on her wrist, but it kept on rubbing off. Bundchen decided to go to a tattoo parlor and get a permanent star, and she was excited that she could go with it to anywhere in the world.

A book about her was sold out in one day

In 2015, it was announced by publishers Taschen that there would be a tome charting Gisele’s modeling career that would go for $70. The 536-page book was carefully curated and included a selection of Gisele’s best images from the time she started modeling actively. On the book cover was Irving Penn’s landmark, “return of the Curve,” Gisele’s portrait which was featured in the US Vogue magazine in the 90’s when Gisele was still new to the industry. Over 1000 copies of the book were made before the official release date and distributed all over the world.

She loves her yoga

When you watch Gisele Bundchen doing her yoga on Instagram, you get inspired. Brady’s wife posts endless pictures of her doing her headstands, sometimes with her kids, sometimes at her home and other times on the beach, and practicing her daily meditation. Talking about meditation, Bundchen said that she meditates when she is in a taxi! Let’s leave that for now, she said in an interview that she wasn’t a potato sack and she hardly sat on her couch. Whenever she’s home, Brady’s wife is often doing her chores like feeding her dogs, cleaning, and other stuff. So, if you want to get inspired, you got to follow her on Instagram. One more thing, her diet consists of 80% veggies.

Her net worth

Gisele Bundchen is proof enough that modeling pays well when you perfect it. Brady’s wife walks to the bank every time smiling. Bundchen has a net worth of $360 million.

This year we hope to see more of Bundchen running the runways, inspiring fashion, and of course training her fans not to be ‘potato sacks.’