Giannina Facio Wiki: Everything To Know About Ridley Scott’s Wife

Apart from being an amazing wife for Ridley Scott, Giannina Facio has made an identity for herself by working as an actress and a producer as well.

Giannina Facio’s bio and net worth

Giannina Facio Franco is the daughter of Ana Franco Calzia and Gonzalo Facio. Her father was a diplomat of her native country, Costa Rica, and lived in Guatemala for many years. She was born in San José on September 10, 1955. Also, she is a Virgo. She has played convincing roles in several movies produced and directed by her husband, Ridley Scott. Her net worth is currently estimated to be $19 million. This beautiful 62 year old lady has contributed to the film industry through the few yet powerful movies she has produced, although her career as an actress has brought her more fame, money, and success. Her role in the movie Gladiator (2000), in particular, is most recognized by viewers.

Giannina Facio as an actress

Giannina Facio has always played minor or cameo roles in Ridley Scott’s movies. Many of which have been positively received and well appreciated by audiences. Most of these films have been extremely popular and gained a lot of love and acknowledgment for Facio. This was like the cherry on top for her career. Facio plays a compelling role in the first movie of Gladiator (2000) as the Spanish wife of one of the main characters, Maximus Meridius. This character of a great Roman General was played by Russell Crowe. She appeared again opposite him in the movie Body of Lies (2008). She plays Dustin Hoffman’s wife in this film. The Golden Globe-winning actress has also been part of some Italian movies like Nel Giardino Delle Rose (In the rose garden), Torta di Mele (Apple pie), L’odissea (The Odyssey), Vacanze di Natale ’90 (Christmas Holidays ’90), Nessuno mi credit (Nobody believes me), etc. The list of other significant roles that Facio has played during her acting career: • A character named ‘Lola’ in the movie Poppers (1984).
• A model on The Prodigal Son, an episode of an American Television series, Miami Vice (1985).
• A secretary in a TV movie Extralarge: Cannonball (1992).
• A character named ‘Vivica Linders’ at Night Bloomer, an episode of the TV series, The Hunger (1999).
• A Fingerprint Technician in the movie Hannibal (2001).
• Stephanie Shughart, a character in the movie Black Hawk Down (2001). Apart from these, there are some characters for which Facio is widely recognized: Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) – As the Sister of Jethro
Prometheus (2012) – As the Spouse of Mr Shaw
A Good Year (2006) – As the Maitre D’
Kingdom of Heaven (2005) – As the Sister of Saladin
Matchstick Men (2003) – As a Bank teller

Giannina Facio as a producer

Giannina Facio’s career in the film industry has always been with her husband, be it as the actress or as a producer. Both of them can be seen working majorly together specifically after starring in the psychological thriller, Hannibal. She has co-produced and also acted in a black comedy crime film, Matchstick Men (2003). It was directed by Ridley Scott. The couple then produced their next movie, Tristan & Isolde (2006). This was an epic based on the romantic legend of the same name. Facio was then the co-producer of a biographical sports drama, starring Will Smith, called Concussion (2015). The movie is about a certain kind of brain disease found in football players. The most recent work of Giannina Facio and Ridley Scott was Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (2017). It was released just a few months ago.

Giannina Facio aka Ridley Scott’s wife

Giannina Facio is the third wife of Ridley Scott, who is an 80 year old film director and producer. Ridley Scott and Giannina Facio got married in June 2015 and are married until now. Initially, Ridley Scott was married to Felicity Heywood from 1964 to 1975. The second time, he married Sandy Watson who was an advertising executive. Their marriage lasted for ten years from 1979 to 1989. Scott’s time remains divided between London, Los Angeles, and France as he has a daughter and two sons from his previous marriages. His sons work in his company as directors. Facio has been cast in some legendary movies by her husband. In fact, since the movie White Squall, she has made an appearance in all movies made by Ridley Scott except for two – American Gangster and The Martian. Ridley Scott is also the director of the upcoming thriller All the Money in the World. He has also been nominated for Best Director at the 75th Golden Awards, 2017. The movie will most probably be out by this year on Christmas. This is one of the most anticipated movies of the year as well as of the holiday season.

Giannina Facio, who has Prometheus, Kingdom of Heaven, All The Money in the World, and a Golden Globe to her name, is a vibrant woman making her way towards even more success and happiness. Facio is taking each step with utter elegance. It would be exciting to see more interesting movies by Facio and Ridley Scott. Many people love this couple as they have delivered many fantastic movies, and are eagerly waiting for more.