David Bailey Wiki: Movie, Net Worth & Facts About Catherine Deneuve’s Ex Husband

David Bailey is the ex husband of Catherine Deneuve. He is a popular photographer and here are facts about him including his net worth.

David Bailey: World’s highest-paid photographer

If you know Catherine Deneuve, then you probably have heard about David Bailey, her ex husband. Bailey is the highest paid photographer in the world he has specialized in portrait and fashion photography. After he became the ex husband of Deneuve, he married Marie Helvin. They got divorced, and then he married Catherine Dyer in 1986. Bailey and Dyer are still married to date and even have children together. There is more about Bailey that you should know. Bailey, who turned 80 just recently, was born in East London. His father, Herbert Bailey was a tailor’s cutter and his mother Sharon was a machinist. When he turned three, he and his family moved to East Ham where he grew up. Judging from his parents’ careers, Bailey lived a humble life and to make it worse, he didn’t excel academically. Bailey loved natural history, and so he developed an interest in photography. He went to a private school, Clark’s College, where he was taught less. He dropped out of college when he was 15 and started looking for work, but he wasn’t successful. He was then called to join the National Service and served with the Royal Air Force. Bailey used the earnings to buy a Rolleiflex camera. He then bought a Canon rangefinder and became the assistant of David Collins.

Amazing facts about David Bailey

Bailey school life was hard

When schooling, Bailey faced academic difficulty due to undiagnosed dyslexia. As a result, he was enrolled at Clark’s College where his parents thought it would be easy for him to study. Bailey learnt less compared to the basic council studies. Bailey also had dyspraxia which left his motor skill affected. Therefore, the photographer didn’t do well in school. In fact, he only attended classes 33 times annually. Imagine how illiterate you would be if you did the same thing.

David Collins employed him

After buying a Canon camera, after he decided to follow his passion as a photographer, and make photography his career. He had applied for a course at London College of Printing, but his request was turned down due to his poor record. Luckily, Bailey was brought aboard by David Collins and worked as his second assistant. Collins was heaven sent to save Bailey when all the other doors were not opening up for poor Bailey.

He got a contract from Vogue

Collins paid Deneuve’s ex husband about $4 every week as his second assistant. After gaining some experience, Bailey worked for John French as his photographic assistant before moving to John Cole’s Studio Five where he was a photographer. Bailey’s big break came when he was contracted as a fashion blogger for Vogue Magazine in 1960. The photographer had been recognized by Vogue barely three years since he joined photography.

He has interacted with many stars

He rose to fame as celebrity photographer after he began working for Vogue. His fellow renown photographers were Brian Duffy and Terence Donovan. At their level, they were interacting with all kind of celebrities including actors, musicians, and celebrities. Bailey’s love for photography had finally paid off. He was now doing well in the corporate world and working for one of the most prominent magazines to date.

There is a movie about him

Bailey inspired a movie about him. You have probably watched “Blowup” the 1966 classic. If you haven’t, you perhaps need to look for the movie. The movie describes Bailey and was directed by Michelangelo Antonioni.

He directed G.G. Passion

David Bailey directed a 24-minute video, “G.G. Passion” in 1966. The elusively short film shows an aging pop star hounded by mysterious assassins. The film was made from a collaboration of several known figures in London. G.G. Passion is a successful pop singer with adoring fans, beautiful women, among them being Chrissie Shrimpton and Caroline Munro. He also has all the expensive cars he ever wanted and lives lavishly. While he enjoys the fruits of fame, some people wonder if his fame is beneficial to the society and make their own decision.

He also the brain behind Beaton

Catherine Deneuve’s ex husband made another film titled “Beaton by Bailey.” The short film was made in 1971 for UK TV viewers. The film doesn’t only show the photographic generations, but also some of London’s best models like Twiggy, Penelope Tree, Jean Shrimpton, artist David Hockney and Ossie Clark who is a fashion designer. “Beaton by Bailey’’ is among the three commissioned series. The other two focus on Andy Warhol and Luchino Visconti.

He is also an author

In 1999, Bailey’s book, “Models Close-Up” was published. The book retails on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback versions. The book has positive reviews. “Models Close-Up’ features interviews from world’s famous models like Penelope Tree, Jerry Hall, Isabella Rossellini and many others.

Catherine Deneuve’s ex husband directed a movie

David Bailey directed “The Intruder” a 1999 Canadian British thriller movie. It’s based on the same-titled book by Brooke Leimas. The movie stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as Catherine. “The Intruder” is about a woman who has some suspicion that she is being followed. Her husband was murdered three years ago and she suspects it’s her late husband’s first wife who is stalking her. It was one of the few movies Deneuve’s ex husband directed.

His net worth

Like I mentioned, David Bailey is the highest paid photographer, just like her ex husband, Catherine Deneuve is among the highest paid actresses. Bailey has a net worth of $195 million while Deneuve has a net worth of $185 million.

It’s another year in showbiz, and even though Bailey is old, he is still energetic enough to take more photographs. He has been successful in life, and he is enough proof that you don’t need academic excellence to have a better life.