Gal Gadot Daughter’s Wiki: Everything To Know About Maya & Alma Versano

Gal Gadot’s daughter Alma Versano & the newborn Maya Versano have been spotted in limelight for several times now backed by their super famous mom.

Gal Gadot’s daughters received the taste of their mother’s stardom: Paparazzi are going crazy over these girls photos

All praises to Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman” which saw a Rotten Tomatoes Rating of 92% and won the coveted title for the highest grossing superhero origin movie to date. Did you know Gadot was five months pregnant while shooting the film?

All About Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is popularly known as Wonder Woman from the much-awaited, female-led “Wonder Woman (2017).” Gadot is a 32-year-old Israeli actress and celebrates her birthday on April 30th. She has been married to Yaron Versano for nine years. She has two daughters named Alma and Maya Versano. Gadot made her appearances as an aggressive and competitive warrior in “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Wonder Woman” and now will be in “Justice League,” which comes out this week.

Gadot is a 5ft 10in Israeli actress born to engineer father Michael and teacher mother Irit. Her father was a Holocaust survivor who died in 2017. Gadot served in the Israeli military service for two years at the age of 20 where she worked as combat trainer. Gadot completed her degree in Law and International Relations while winning beauty pageants held in Israel. When auditioning for the part of Wonder Woman, Gadot was unaware of this fact, because the audition was said to be for an untitled movie character. On a flight, Gadot got the news of her casting in the role of Wonder Woman. Gal has a family of four: herself, her husband and their two daughters age six years, and the youngest is not even a year old.

About Gal Gadot’s daughter Maya Versano

Have you seen the movie “Wonder Woman?” If yes, then here is a little spoiler. Gal Gadot’s daughter Maya Versano appeared in the movie and yet, went unnoticed. Gadot was five months pregnant with her and her husband’s second child. Soon after the shoot and post-production for the movie wrapped up, Gadot gave birth to Maya. Gadot posted a photo and wrote on Instagram about the birth of her daughter and that how blessed she feels now that their family has grown. It took a very little time for the photo of Maya Versano to be released online.

About Gal Gadot’s daugther Alma Versano

Gadot’s elder daughter Alma was born in 2011 and will be celebrating her sixth birthday this month. According to Gadot’s interview in, Alma Versano insisted take her to the screening of the movie “Wonder Woman,” and that turned out to be a great experience for the little girl. Gadot stated that she wanted to express her gratitude toward female empowerment and that is why she wanted Alma to watch her movie playing as the lead protagonist superhero character fighting injustice and crime.

Babies & Gal Gadot: The Conclusion

To sum it all up, Gal Gadot recently said what her elder daughter Alma Versano thinks about her character on a popular talk show. According to Alma, all the women are Wonder Woman in their own sense. She also pointed out towards the shooting process while she was on the set during the filming of her mother’s movie “Wonder Woman.” Gal further stated in a recent interview that the motherhood makes herself a superhero. Kids don’t care much about movies or box office collections, but they do care about things like “What’s for dinner?” which seems to keep her grounded she there is nothing like kids to keep you on the ground, she added.