Faith Hill Wiki: Everything You Need To Know About Tim McGraw’s Wife

Faith Hill, wife of Tim McGraw, made us fall in love when she gave us “This Kiss” and now the singer is telling us to “Keep Your Eyes On Me”.

This Kiss and Many More

Every Faith Hill fan remembers when they first heard her most memorable song “This Kiss.” The song that brought new fans to country music and awoken the love of country music in classic fans. Since that time, Faith Hill has given her fans the most beautiful songs and timeless albums. However, fans of Faith Hill know so little about the talented songstress. Well, here is your guide to the incredible Faith Hill, buckle your seat​belts and prepare yourself for an amazing ride.

In the Beginning, There was Faith Hill

She goes by the stage name ‘Faith Hill,’ but the country songstress was born Audrey Faith Hill on September 21, 1967, in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Faith Hill received her name from adopted parents Edna and Ted Perry, who raised her as their own along with their two natural born sons. Faith Hill had a typical Christian upbringing, and she began singing publicly at the age of seven. But it wasn’t until she saw Elvis on stage in 1976 that her intrigue for music grew to new heights. By the time Faith Hill had reached her teen years, she’d sung in many church events and made a name for herself as one of the most talented singers in her small town. Being an inspiration herself, teenager Faith Hill would not only sing in churches, but would also sing in prisons to prisoners. Her song choices were touching and included “Amazing Grace”.

Making it Big in Country Music

It was while at her workplace that a co-worker heard her singing and proceeded to help Faith Hill develop her first demo to pursue country music. She was singing at one of her regular places called the Bluebird Cafe, when music executive Bob Saporiti of Warner Bros Records being in the audience took notice of her talents. Faith Hill signed with Warner Bros Records, and though she endured a divorce in the process, her future became what Hollywood fairy-tales are made of. The rest has been history in the remarkable life of Faith Hill.

Take Me As I Am

Faith Hill had two previous albums released before the national success of the 1998 album “Faith” was welcomed into homes everywhere. Her two previous albums being “Take Me As I Am” was released in 1993 to positive reception. Always being a record setter, Faith Hill’s songs were making their path on the Billboards lists. The song “Wild One” remained number for four weeks making Faith Hill the first female country musician to reach such records in over 30 years. “Take Me As I Am” sold three million copies.

Faith Hill

Take Me As I Am album cover


It was in 1998 when Faith Hill re-entered the music scene with a vengeance after taking time off to raise her daughter and enjoy the life of being a wife. With the release of her album “Faith,” the singer introduced a new side to her talents. Faith Hill reached incredible success when her album crossed genres to become number one on the country billboard list and number seven on the pop billboard list. The album is filled with heart-wrenching sons like “Let Me Let Go,” faith-filled songs like “Somebody Stand By Me,” and love inspired lyrics from “Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me.” Listeners of the album “Faith” received a complete work of art from the singer and understood​ that her time off was an experience filled with new journeys into motherhood and the life of being wife to Tim McGraw. Overall, the album “Faith” sold over six million copies and projected Faith Hill’s career and introducing a new Queen of country music.


In 1999, Faith Hill delivered fans yet another history-making album titled “Breathe.” If vengeance was felt in the previous album “Faith,” the singer was after blood with this new album. “Breathe” became one of the top-selling albums of its time, surpassing albums of then successful Mariah Carey. Faith Hill entered each genre on her white country unicorn of music success and collected new fans and left existing fans in awe of her beautiful voice and musical abilities. “Breathe” showed fans that unlike previous albums which were a mixture of Christianity, heartbreak, and making up; this time it was all about love. The album consisted of songs like “Let’s Make Love,” “The Way You Love Me,” and “I Got My Baby,” the album went on to sell 10 million copies and win many awards. This was the first time that husband Tim McGraw made his debut on his wife’s albums. Love was in the air, ​and it was time for the McGraw clan to share their happiness with the world.

Faith Hill’s 10 Best Songs: Critic’s Picks

10. “Cry”
9. “Someone Else’s Dream”
8. “Piece of My Heart”
7. “Mississippi Girl”
6. “Wild One”
5. “Let Me Let Go”
4. “This Kiss”
3. “Breathe”
2. “The Secret of Life”
1. “It Matters to Me”

Faith Hill’s 10 Best Songs: Critic’s PicksFaith Hill’s 10 Best Songs: Critic’s PicksSource: Chuck Dauphin

Faith Hill Albums

Studio albums 1993: Take Me as I Am
1995: It Matters to Me
1998: Faith
1999: Breathe
2002: Cry
2005: Fireflies
2008: Joy to the World
2017: The Rest of Our Life (with Tim McGraw) Compilation albums 1996: Piece of My Heart
2001: There You’ll Be
2007: The Hits
2016: Deep Tracks

Awards for a Star

Over the span of Faith Hill’s career, she’s been nominated for many music awards. Here​ a list of the awards she’s won: In 2001, Faith Hill won the following: 1. Best Female Country Vocal Performance for “Breath” and “Let’s Make Love”
2. Best Country Album for “Breathe” In 2oo3, Faith Hill won the following: 1. Best Female Country Vocal Performance for “There You’ll Be” In 2006, Faith Hill won the following: 1. Best Country Collaboration with Vocals for “Mississippi Girl”

Country Music: It’s a Love Thing with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

The relationship of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw is both personal and professional. In 2017, the couple released their newest love song “Keep Your Eyes On Me, ​” and the fans went wild. Over the years, the “Keep Your Eyes On Me” couple have done many album collaborations, tours, and special events together. Bringing their success to new heights, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw demonstrate what a couple is capable of when their talents and goals align.

On the Road: Touring with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

It began in 2000, a tour like no other, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw took to the road to share their talents with fans in the Soul2Soul 2000 Tour. The tour was a successful event which began in Atlanta and continued throughout the year, ending in Orlando, Florida. The tour had a net worth of $50M and blessed over 950K fans with the musical talent and love that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw shared. Following that success came Soul2Soul II Tour in 2006. Bringing even more success to the couple, this tour sold over 1.1M tickets, with 74 shows in 56 cities. This time, the new tour set a new net worth of $89M, becoming the fifth top grossing tours. In 2007, the couple rebranded the Soul2Soul II Tour and continued gracing their fans with their music and love. This time, the tour held a net worth of $52M. All in all, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw stand as the top-grossing duet tours receiving over $141M and touching the lives of over 1.6M fans. Currently, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are on the Soul2Soul: The World Tour which began on April 7, 2017, in Louisiana. The tour is lined with top charting opening acts and has been sold out in all cities. Current gross of the show is about $50M. If anything, fans of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw receive the best of both worlds as the couple travel​l throughout the country performing their legendary songs.

Marriage and Family: Wife and Motherhood

It seems that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw share a secret to long-lasting relationships that they could really write a best-seller about. The couple recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary and could not look happier. With most Hollywood relationships falling apart or heading into tumultuous journeys, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw seem to have a magical force field protecting their relationship. And that force field may very well be friendship, love, and understanding.​

Unforeseen Love: Wife of Tim McGraw

​Sometimes love has a way of making itself present even when we’re not looking. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were on tour in 1996. Both singers were recovering from their own relationships ending when cupid’s arrow struck their hearts. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw began dating while on tour and a pregnancy incurred. The couple welcomed their first child along with a wedding prepped for lovebirds. And quickly after their wedding and new child, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw began their new chapter as not only country celebrities, but husband and wife, and most importantly, parents. Ever since their initial encounter, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been married for over 20 years and share three daughters making their lives a match made by faith (no puns intended).

The wedding of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in 1996

A Mother Like No Other

A decision like no other, as a young mother-to-be, Paula Conway, faced one of the most undesirably tough decisions of her life, a couple was praying for the exact answer to her question. It was coming into the fall of 1967 when Paula Conway went into labor to give birth to her first child. Paula Conway was not in the position to provide for her little angel and made one of the toughest decisions a mother could make, ​and that was to give her little bundle of joy up for adoption. Thankfully, the little angel whom we all know now as Faith Hill went into a loving family and found a loving home to be raised in. No one could have imagined that such a decision would lead to a musician who has such an impact on more than two generations. Faith Hill being gifted with the love of her birth mother and her adoptive mother has become one of the most respected mothers in Hollywood. Though the singer is known for her soft, warm side, Faith Hill has mentioned in many interviews that when it comes to her family and disciplining her daughters, there’s a tough side that not too many people get to see. The family woman who shares her soul with her fans continues to win hearts all over the country being a mother like no other to her three darling daughters.

Keep Your Eyes On Me and My Wife Faith Hill

This couple could very well just be starting to set their mark on the music industry. With the love shared between them that reveals itself in their music, family life, and to their fans; Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will be household​ names for generations to come. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw prove that when love is in the stars, there is no monetary net worth that can relate to the amount of care, love, and happiness the two people can feel for one another.