Eve Chilton Weinstein Wiki: Everything To Know About Harvey Weinstein’s Ex Wife

Harvey Weinstein was recently caught up in a sexual harassment case. Read more about his ex wife Eve Chilton Weinstein and their brief marriage.

Harvey Weinstein in a nutshell

Harvey Weinstein was born in 1952. He is an American film producer. Harvey along with his brother Bob Weinstein together co-founded the entertainment company Miramex which produced several films like Sex, Lies and Videotape in 1989, The Crying Game in 1992, Pulp Fiction in 1994, Heavenly creatures in 1994, Flirting with Disaster in 1996 and Shakespeare in Love in 1998. He won an Academy Award for the production of the film, Shakespeare in Love. He has also won several Tony Awards for a variety of plays and musicals like The Producers, Billy Elliot the Musical and August: Osage County. He later quit the company Miramax and co-founded The Weinstein Company along with his brother Bob. Harvey Weinstein was the co-chairman of this major film studio along with his brother Bob from the years 2005 to 2017. In 2017, Harvey Weinstein was caught up in a sexual harassment case and he was eventually dismissed from the company and also expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. by the end of October last year, over 80 women had made allegations against Weisntein for sex harassment. His allegations case triggered the #MeToo campaign on social media which led to the dismissals and allegations on many powerful men around the world. This effect was named as the ‘Weinstein effect’. Weinstein was born in New York City to parents Max Weinstein, a diamond cutter and Miriam Postel. He graduated from John Bowne High School and the University at Buffalo. Weinstein has been married twice. Weinstein married his assistant Eve Chilton in 1987. They divorced in 2004. The couple had three children together, Remy born in 1955, Emma born in 1998 and Ruth born in 2002. Harvey Weinstein later married English fashion designer and actress Georgina Chapman in 2007. The couple has a daughter, India Pearl born in 2010 and a son, Dashiell born in 2013. In October, 2017, Chapman announced she was leaving Weinstein after the sex harassment accusations. Harvey Weinstein is available on Instagram @harveyweinstein. Although it is not his official page, there are a lot of posts of his personal photos and photos taken in hollywood events and Oscars on his Instagram page.

His ex wife Eve Chilton Weinstein

Eve Chilton Weinstein after divorcing Harvey remarried and moved to the suburbs after selling off her $23 million apartment that she got in divorce. The two started dating when she was working as his assistant at Miramax in 1986. They married a year later. Eve was a blueblood who used to spend her summers on Martha’s Vinekyard and her family ancestors include the first attorney general of the United States The couple had a non-contentious divorce in which Eve got their Central park apartment, which she later sold for $23 million. She later remarried Sal Martirano and lives with her three daughters and their three sons in the suburbs of New York. When the two met initially, it was hardly an era of the Oscars or parties full of A-list stars. Harvey Weinstein was not even 50% of the wealthy executive he later became. On the other hand, Eve was a well-off daughter of a prominent family of New England. In their married life, for the next two decades money started flowing in and Harvey Weinstein multiplied his wealth while she gave birth to their three daughters. Their union came crashing down in 2004 and they soon agreed for a divorce. Eve Weinstein was not a socialite and was never fond of making polite or small talk with the somebodies of Hollywood and hence in all the major profiles of Weinstein and in several publications, there was hardly any mention of Eve Chilton. That was because Eve, unlike her husband, did not care to be a public person or offer up any private information about her family. Chilton’s mother Maude was a descendant of Edmund Randolph, who was the first Attorney General of the United States, and her great-grandfather founded the nation’s first global law firm, Hunton and Williams. Eve’s father, Tom meanwhile was an investment adviser who worked with clients in the Boston area as well as on Nantucket and the Vineyard. The family also belonged to a number of high-end clubs, most notably The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. Eve is portrayed as loving and devoted and selfless by all those who speak of her in the book, whether she was trying to get her husband to see a trainer, remodeling his office or avoiding the gossip and petty disputes her husband always found himself involved in. The two managed to keep the details of their divorce settlement under wraps, but it was revealed that Eve had gained possession of their 5,500 square-foot apartment at 88 Central Park West as a result of the divorce settlement.

Things get murkier for Harvey Weinstein

If the sexual harassment allegations were not enough, in a latest event, Weinstein Co. will file for bankruptcy after deal talks collapsed. The Weinstein Company said that it would file for bankruptcy owing to the collapse of sale talks with an investor group, extending the damage from sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, who was its co-owner and a onetime force in Hollywood. Not only was Harvey dismissed from his post but his personal issues also muddled up with his professional problems when his ex-wife Eve Chilton asked for the remaining $5 million in child support. She’s asking that he pay remaining sum now in case his current legal troubles leave him financially insolvent. Harvey Weinstein is in deep trouble currently and we will just have to wait and watch to see what happens next!