Who Is Lennie James? Wiki, Movie, Net Worth, ‘Snatch’ & Facts To Know

Lennie James is a Hollywood movie actor who has taken part in many TV shows. Find out more about him including his net worth.

Who Is Lennie James? Wiki, Movie , Net Worth, ‘Snatch’, & Facts to Know

Lennie James is a British playwright, actor, and screenwriter best recognized for his magnetic performance in the film The Walking Dead as well as Fear the Walking Dead. He has also starred in other well-known hit films and TV shows such as Line of Duty, Jericho, and Blade Runner 2049. Lennie James has also taken part in supporting roles in films such as Snatch and Colombiana. He has won several nominations and awards for his compelling performance in movies, TV shows, and series. The British actor has been script writing since he started acting in the 80s.

Lennie James’ Early Life and Education

Lennie James has an Afro-Trinidadian ancestry. His mother Phyllis Mary James gave birth to him on 11 October 1965, in Nottingham, United Kingdom. He had an older brother called Kester James. Lennie James grew up in South London and he studied at Ernest Bevin College. When James was ten years old, his mother died. This forced him and his brother to move into a children’s home. They opted to remain under the care of a children’s facility instead of moving to America to stay with a relative. This caused Lennie James to stay in the facility for eight years. While he was in his teens, he aspired to become a professional rugby player. His dreams of becoming a professional rugby player changed because of a young woman he liked. He followed her into a play’s audition and he was among the selected members. The auditions made James aspire to the acting career. He joined the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and graduated in 1988. During his study years in Guildhall School of Music and Drama, he assisted in running a movement against the school’s decision to expel a fellow student. His involvement in the campaign was the bravest thing James has ever done. Lennie James found a job in the British government’s security office after he finished his studies.

James’ Career in Movies , Series, and TV Shows

Lennie James started his acting career in 1998. He has made his appearance in hit movies and series such as Snatch, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Line of Duty, Colombiana, Blade Runner 2049, and Lockout. He landed his first films in 1998; Les Miserables, Among Giants, and Lost in Space. The second opportunity came in 2000 when he landed another opportunity in the film Snatch. His role in Snatch as Sol was his major breakthrough into the acting profession. This was the beginning of his net worth accumulation. Snatch is a crime comedy set in London’s criminal underworld. In 2002, Lennie James appeared in a British comedy-drama 24 Hour Party People. In 2005, he made his appearance in an action comedy adventure film Sahara. In the year 2006, James starred in an American action drama series Jericho. The television Series Jericho is about the residents of Jericho city who face the aftermath of a nuclear attack. Jericho was followed by his presence in the Outlaw film, which is an action- crime- drama genre, also in 2006. James also acted in action films Colombian in 2011 and Lockout in 2012. Subsequently, during the same year, he took part in a television series Line of Duty, which was featured in midyear of 2012. Line of Duty is a British police drama in the crime-detective –thriller genre. In 2010, Lennie James made a guest-appearance as Morgan Jones in the series The Walking Dead in one episode. He made his second guest appearance in the same series in 2013. In 2014, James made another appearance in the fifth season in The Walking Dead in different episodes. His few appearances in the same series made him receive recognition worldwide. This landed him an opportunity to appear as the main cast member in the season six of The Walking Dead. Lennie James’ role as Morgan Jones continues to appear in the film Fear the Walking Dead season four. Fear The Walking Dead is a prequel American Apocalyptic Horror drama of The Walking Dead that will be featured in April 2018. In the year 2017, James acted in the film Blade Runner 2049 as a supporting role. The Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel to the original film The Blade Runner which was released in 1982. The film is an American film of the science fiction genre. The Blade Runner 2049 received five nominations at the 90th Academy Awards, and eight nominations at 71st British Academy Films Awards. His part in the Blade Runner 2049 made his net worth increase tremendously. Lennie James has taken part in other major hit series such as Hard Target (2010), Fallout (2008), The Prisoner (2009), Buried (2003), The State Within (2006), and Spooks (2002 – 2011) among others. James has also written some of the best TV shows such as Save Me as well as playing a role in it. He will continue to make his appearances in upcoming films and series.

James’ Personal Life

Lennie James has been in a long-term relationship with Giselle Glasman. They have three daughters Romy James, born in 1990, and twins Celine James and Georgia James who were born four years after Romy James. Giselle Glasman and Lennie James got married in the 80s. The famous movie actor loves cooking for his family. He is the main chef in the family. They live in Los Angeles, California. James has kept his wife away from the paparazzi’s probing eye.

Lennie James’ Social Media Profile

The famous star is not a big fan of social media. He does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. However, he has 66.2k followers on Instagram. He prefers keeping his life simple and private. On his Instagram page, he posts photos and updates his followers about his career. James is not associated with any rumors. He has kept his fame and reputation glowing.

His Lifetime Movie Achievements and Awards

• In 2002, Lennie James won the BAFTA Award for the Best Male Performance in Film Lucky Break. Consequently, during the same year, he won an Online Film and a Television Award for the Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series The Walking Dead. • In 2013, he received a nomination for the Gold Derby TV Awards for the Best Drama Guest Actor in the film The Walking Dead. James also received a nomination for the RTS Television Awards for the Best Male Actor in the film Line of Duty. • In 2014, Lennie James was rewarded with an RTS Television Awards nomination for the Best Male Actor for the film Run. • In 2016, he received a nomination for the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for the Best Supporting Actor in the series The Walking Dead.

Lennie’s Net Worth

The 53-year-old British actor has an estimated net worth of $4 million. His compelling performance in major blockbuster films including Snatch, Blade Runner 2049, Jericho, and Fear The Walking Dead are among the films that have contributed tremendously to his net worth fortune. His talent in screenwriting in TV shows such as Save Me has also contributed to the amassing of his net worth. James will continue to take part in films and series. His fame will continue and his net worth will continue to increase.

Facts to Know About Lennie James

1. When Lennie James was ten years old, he was forced to live under the care of a children’s facility for eight years. He was greatly affected by the sudden change in his living condition. After the demise of his mother, James’s life changed completely. His late mother will always be his greatest inspiration in everything he undertakes. 2. James acquired a talent while raising his three daughters. He learned how to braid, comb, cane-row, zigzags, and put on extensions. He would wash their hair, moisturize, and then plait them in different styles. Most of his money was spent on hair products and trending dresses. 3. He was nicknamed Bunting by his older brother while he was young. He got the name from a nursery rhyme “Cry Baby Bunting.” 4. James is a huge fan of Superman. He was fixated with the Six Million Dollar Man and Daredevil. While he was young, he spent a lot of time pretending to be Superman Daredevil. He would walk around his homestead on a blindfold trying to heighten his senses as Daredevil. 5. Lennie James loves red wine. That is his greatest weakness. He lives in California where there is Napa Valley Wine. He is addicted to a blended wine known as Cocobon. He also loves to cook and he is the main chef in his family. 6. James had dreams of becoming a professional rugby player. However, his dreams of becoming a professional player were changed when he followed a woman he liked into an audition for a play. He landed a role and since then he has never looked back. 7. Before James became a famous actor, he was hired by the British social security office. He was juggling between his paying job and his acting career. However, he was forced to quit his work when his boss at the social security office sent him away for three weeks. He concentrated on his acting career and he has never regretted his choice. 8. He is talented in playwright and screenwriting. James wrote the movie Storm Damage in 2000. He received a nomination for a British Academy Television Award for the Best Drama Series. In 2004, James also wrote a play The Sons of Charlie Paora. This opened at the London Royal Court Theatre. 9. Lennie has acted in three apocalyptic dramas including Jericho, The Walking Dead, and its prequel Fear the Walking Dead. His first apocalyptic movie was Jericho and he was petrified that he would get bored before the movie’s season finale end. His reasons were that Americans tell stories for a long time. 10. Lennie James’ favorite TV show was Hill Street Blues. The film and TV artist Lennie James was able to make his breakthrough early in his acting career in Snatch movie. He has taken part in more than 20 different genres of movies, some being major blockbusters that have helped him to accumulate a handsome net worth. Apart from being a famous actor, playwright, and screenwriter, he is also a wonderful family man. He has maintained his humility and gratitude despite being in the limelight. Lennie James has done well in his 53 years. We can watch out for him as there is more to come from Lennie James.