Emily VanCamp Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Actress

With her gorgeous looks and acting talent, Emily VanCamp is the total package. Get to know more about the TV show star, including her net worth.

Early life and family

Most TV show fans probably know Emily VanCamp as the fierce Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne in “Revenge.” Let’s get to know more about the beautiful Canadian actress. Born on the 12th of May in 1986, Emily Irene VanCamp is the third child of Robert VanCamp and Cindy VanCamp. She was born and raised in Port Perry in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. VanCamp has two older sisters, Katie and Alison, and one younger sister, Molly. VanCamp’s father works as an animal nutritionist. As a child, she would help her father deliver food to their customers in Port Perry. VanCamp spent many years taking dance lessons since it was her dream to become a professional dancer.

Acting career: TV shows and movies

From a teen actress to a top star, Emily VanCamp has accomplished a lot in her career as an actress. She first developed an interest in acting in 1998 when she visited her sister, who was then filming a movie. This inspired VanCamp to take up acting lessons.

Early appearances

VanCamp’s very first role on a TV show was as a minor character on “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” She also appeared on a TV movie “Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis” as Jackie Bouvier when she was a teenager. From 2000 to 2002, VanCamp appeared in various TV shows as a guest. The actress’ first movie role was in 2001’s “Lost and Delirious.” VanCamp played the role of Allison Moller, the younger sister of Victoria “Tori” Moller, played by fellow Canadian actress Jessica Paré.

TV star in the making

Teenage Emily VanCamp was a TV star in the making. She landed her first major role on the mystery TV show “Glory Days” as Sam Dolan. Although the show quickly ended, VanCamp’s performance in her role caught the attention of TV producers and executives. That’s why it’s not surprising that she immediately landed a main role on the TV show “Everwood.” She portrayed the character of Amy Abbott. “Everwood” aired from 2002 to 2006 and had a total of four seasons and 89 episodes.

Brothers & Sisters and Revenge

A lot of people will probably agree that Emily VanCamp’s most memorable TV shows are Brothers & Sisters and Revenge. “Brothers & Sisters” aired from 2007 to 2010. VanCamp played the role of Rebecca Harper, a photographer. She was a main character from the first until the fourth season of the TV show. “Revenge” aired from 2011 to 2015. Here, VanCamp portrayed the character of the main protagonist Emily Thorne, who is originally known as Amanda Clarke.


Emily VanCamp is best known for her television work. However, the Canadian actress has also appeared in several movies since her film debut in 2001. Perhaps her most notable movie role is as Sharon Carter or Agent 13 in the Captain America films. VanCamp first appeared in the second Captain America film, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” in 2014. She reprised her role as Sharon Carter / Agent 13 in “Captain America: Civil War” in 2016. VanCamp also appeared in “Boundaries,” a French-Canadian drama film, in 2016. If you want to see the actress speaking fluently in French, then you better check out this movie.

Current project

VanCamp is currently the lead star on the TV show “The Resident” where she plays a nurse called Nicolette Nevan. “The Resident” is a medical drama that just started airing in early 2018.

Interesting facts about Emily VanCamp

Want to know more about Emily VanCamp? Read on to discover more interesting things about the Canadian actress.

She is fully bilingual

The “Captain America: Civil War” actress is fluent in both English and French. Although born and raised in Ontario, VanCamp spent some time living with a French-Canadian host family in Montreal. She lived with them while attending a training program at a dance school, École supérieure de ballet du Québec, when she was 12 years old. That experience didn’t just help VanCamp enhance her dancing skills, but it also helped the actress become proficient in French. She enjoys being able to speak in another language since it helps her promote her work in other parts of the world. VanCamp also knows how to speak Spanish.

She has dated a co-star

The actress is currently engaged to actor Josh Bowman, who once played her onscreen husband on “Revenge.” VanCamp and Bowman entered into a relationship in 2011 and got engaged in 2017. But did you know that VanCamp previously dated another costar? While filming the TV show “Brothers and Sisters,” she began a relationship with fellow cast member Dave Annable.

She had a different childhood dream

VanCamp’s first passion was not acting but dancing. The “Revenge” star started taking dance lessons when she was just three years old. Perhaps she was influenced by her sister, Katie, who was also a dancer. VanCamp is formally trained in different types of dance including jazz, hip-hop, tap, and ballet. Like we mentioned earlier, she trained in a ballet school in Montreal when she was 12. Although she ended up becoming an actress, VanCamp’s experience as a trained dancer comes in handy when filming fight scenes.

She enjoys cooking

The Canadian actress sure enjoys cooking. VanCamp is fond of preparing home-cooked meals for her family and friends. In fact, she would even consider having a career that’s related to cooking. VanCamp said that she would’ve chosen a job that’s related to either dancing or cooking if she had not become a professional actress.

She has a very good net worth

Wondering about the actress’ net worth? VanCamp continues to build her net worth by starring in popular movies and TV shows. Currently, her net worth is at $4 million. That’s an impressive net worth for someone who is below the age of 35!