Doria Cook-Nelson Wiki: Movie, Net Worth, ‘The Parallax View’ & Facts About Craig T. Nelson’s Wife

Doria Cook-Nelson, the wife of Craig T. Nelson, is now busy as a tai chi teacher, but once she was an actress who was part of many popular films.

Journey from Doria Cook to Doria Cook-Nelson

Doria Cook was born on the 17th of May, 1949 in the USA. Mrs. Nelson started her career way back in 1974. Doria Cook starred in films like The Parallax View, Mame, Evil Town, Ride with the Wind, and more. She has an impressive filmography.

The Parallax View was the film that first gave Mrs. Nelson recognition as an actress. Nelson went on to do films like Mame, Evil Town, Ride with the Wind, and several others that fetched her awards and further recognition. Doria Cook got married to Craig T. Nelson in 1987 and changed her name to Doria Cook-Nelson. While other marriages are falling apart like packs of cards, their relationship seems to be an exception. Doria Cook-Nelson has made a name of her own through her acting abilities; still, the 68 years old actress has no qualms when someone addresses her as Craig T. Nelson’s wife.

Wife of Craig T. Nelson

Doria Cook-Nelson is not the first wife of Craig T. Nelson. Craig T. Nelson was previously married to Robin McCarthy and has three children with her. Doria Cook-Nelson is the stepmother of Craig’s three children, including his son Noah Nelson. Mrs. Nelson is a bundle of talent. Doria Cook-Nelson is a movie and TV actress, freelance writer, karate instructor, president of a martial arts association, and tai chi teacher all rolled into one. Nelson began her career in movies, which has helped her gain a net worth of $250,000.

Her other activities and associations have also helped her in adding to her net worth. Her choices of films, for example, were pretty interesting. Evil Town was a zombie horror film, whereas Ride with the Wind was a film about a motorcycle racer, played by her husband Craig T. Nelson. Doria Cook-Nelson also starred in Mame, a musical film, where she played the role of Gloria Upson. The film was directed by Gene Saks.

Life of Doria Cook-Nelson

It seems that Doria Cook-Nelson is happy spending her time doing things she likes the most. Doria Cook-Nelson, the wife of Craig T. Nelson, has not been mired in too many controversies. Mrs. Nelson has been able to keep her name clean and has worked hard to achieve success in whatever field she has worked in till date.

Mrs. Nelson has also made guest appearances in two of Craig T. Nelson’s TV series. Mrs. Nelson was part of the popular TV series, The Coach in 1989, and in the year 2000, she appeared in the TV series The District. She might not be doing full-fledged roles anymore, but she doesn’t shy away from the camera.