David Heilbroner Wiki: Producer, Net Worth, ‘Traffic Stop’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about David Heilbroner, the producer of “Traffic Stop”. Below are details about him, including his net worth.

Who is David Heilbroner?

You have perhaps watched the documentary, “Traffic Stop”. The documentary has won several awards, including being nominated for Oscar 2018. “Traffic Stop” was produced by David Heilbroner. It is one of the best documentaries ever produced by Heilbroner. Other films that the producer has created are “The Newburgh Sting,” “Stonewall Uprising,” and “The Chesire Murders.” However, it’s “Traffic Stop” that has earned Heilbroner famous and earned him a net worth by a significant margin. The documentary tells the story of a black woman who is arrested by a traffic officer. It helps to draw the line between justice and racism. Heilbroner is a 60-year-old producer who graduated from Harvard University in 1979. He earned his J.D. from the Northeastern Law School in 1984. Heilbroner was once a prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and a law clerk at the Federal District Court. It’s not clear how Heilbroner left the court and started his own production company, but it must be passion that led him to do it. He is married to Kate Davis and has two children, Katrina Heilbroner and Quentin Heilbroner. David Heilbroner’s family is very supportive of him. Apart from being a producer, he is also a writer who has written several books and articles for magazines for the New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Playboy.

Traffic Stop nominated for an Oscar 2018

The documentary was recently nominated for an Oscar 2018, and it will debut on HBO on February 19. The film narrates the experience of Breaion King who is a 26-year-old African-American school teacher based in Austin, Texas. She is stopped for a routine traffic violation, but it quickly escalates into a dramatic arrest. The whole incident is caught on police dashcams. The lady is pulled from her car by the officer and thrown to the ground repeatedly before being handcuffed. After she is put in a squad car and her journey to jails begins, Breaion engages the officer in a revealing conversation about race and law enforcement in the country. The dashboard footage exposes the scenes of Breaion talking about her everyday routine and offers a vivid image of the woman whose life suddenly changed after a sudden encounter with the law enforcement.

The film’s motive

Director of the documentary, Kate Davis, and the producer, David Heilbroner had a motive of letting the audience to form their own opinions. Heilbroner said that that there was so much noise about racist incidents and he wanted the audience to draw their own conclusions. When asked whether they would consider making King’s story a feature-length film, the producer stated that he focused on social change. Heilbroner, who worked at the court previously, also stated that they wished to team up with the police officers, civil rights lawyers and start a conversation with them. The producer revealed that after the arrest, King had trouble resuming to her normal life. Her incident happened before Sandra Bland’s. Bland is the young African-American woman who was mistreated by the police after she was arrested as a traffic stop and taken to the cell. She was found hanged the next morning.

Facts about the producer

He always maintains his connections

Heilbroner said that he maintains his contacts with other figures in the film sector, including directors and fellow producers. It is vital not to burn bridges and keep professionals close to you because you might need them for the later projects. Whenever he is working on a project, Heilbroner brings the funders of his previous projects on board. Expertise is so important for him because without funding, he might not be able to tell his story and with his net worth, he can’t be able to fund his high-budget films. There are common things in Heilbroner’s projects, and they naturally attract his donors. But every project is different in a kind of way and likes to start them off with a clean slate. What makes sense in Heilbroner’s projects is the people who have been with him all along and not just the story and the subjects.

Heilbroner includes other’s creativity in his films

A good producer appreciates creativity from other producers, according to Heilbroner. Some of the producers just want to make a movie, release it, and sit down to watch their net worth grow. Producers who don’t want to be told stuff tend to think to think that they can make it alone but they end up disappointed. Heilbroner stated that it was important for one to welcome other’s creativity as well as criticism to figure out how you can work together and make the project successful.

He has some vision with his films

Heilbroner acknowledges that at the end of the day, a good documentary has to have a great vision. The vision is responsible for informing every creative and editorial step along the way. Heilbroner shares his vision with the director and everyone else in the process. When everyone is on the same page, Heilbroner believes that the film achieves its goals.

His net worth

Heilbroner’s net worth is not revealed yet, but judging with the projects that he has worked on, for instance, “The Newburgh Sting,” “Stonewall Uprising,” and “The Chesire Murders” have made him earn a decent net worth.

The year started well with Heilbroner with him being nominated for the Oscar 2018. We hope that he will win the award.