David Anders Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Alexandra Shipp’s ex Boyfriend

Get to know more about actor David Anders who has appeared in movies such as ‘ The Revenant,’
‘iZombie’ and ‘Alias.’ He is also is the ex boyfriend of Alexandra Shipp. Below are facts about him that you probably never knew, including his overall net worth.

David Anders: Actor and ex boyfriend of Alexandra Shipp

His movies include ‘The Revenant,’ ‘iZombie’ and ‘Alias,’ among others

Everyone is pretty amazed by the renewal of the ‘iZombie’ television series which is now in its fourth season, which premiered on February 28, 2018. It’s all about zombies if that’s what you love watching on television. It’s one of the top grossing television shows from DC comics on the screen at the moment and the actors weren’t left out as they too, are part of the excitement. They hadn’t seen their favorite stars since April 12, 2016, and they got to catch up with them once more. One of those actors is Alexandra Shipp’s former boyfriend, David Anders. David Anders Holt has been in acting for a while now and has been on ‘iZombie’ since season one. The actor has been performing on television as well as stage and his most popular roles have been roles he has played in ‘Heroes’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Anders is American by birth, but some of his roles in the televison shows that he stars in require him to use a British accent. The 37-year-old actor was born in Grants Pass, Oregon and he is the son of Dr. Tony and Jeri Holt. The actor also has older siblings, one being a biological brother known as Arik, an adopted brother, Jason and an adopted sister Maili. Anders started his acting career when he was still at school and he participated in school plays while growing up. When he reached high school, he began concentrating more on sports such as tennis and basketball but when he became a senior in high school he played the role of Philip the Apostle in a regional theater production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ When he turned 18 Anders secured the role of George in his high school’s version of ‘Our Town.’ From that point forward he went on to portray Freddy Eynsford-Hill in a production of ‘My Fair Lady.’

His rise to stardom

David Anders began his professional acting career in 2001 after he packed up and moved to Los Angeles. He decided to take the stage name, David Anders after he found out that another actor had taken the name, David Holt. His first role was as a high school senior with the Olsen Twins, in ‘So Little Time.’ The actor then landed another role on another television shows called “Alias.” However, before he got the role, Anders worked at The Gap. He also taught other people how to play tennis. The actor also made guest appearances on several television shows such as ‘Charmed,’ ‘CSI,’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ His biggest roles that have helped him gain quite a decent net worth are in ‘iZombie’, ‘Alias,’ ‘Heroes,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ and ‘The Revenant.’

David Anders: The bad guy

Anders has played the bad guy so many times it’s hard to see him portray the role of the good guy on the television screen. On the first season of ‘iZombie,’ his character, the not so alive bad guy, Blaine DeBeers had a black market business selling brains out of the butcher shop, Meat Cute. He was also a weekly foil for Liv, the crime-solving zombie heroin. Liz tested a cure on Blaine in season one and while it made Blaine human again it also helped his demeanor. The cure also made him look less pale. During season two, Anders described what Blaine would be doing as a fun new vocation– he would become the director of a funeral home which has a fantastic name, ‘Shady Plots Funerary.’ The actor said that they have no fear or shame with the names of the businesses or the characters. Anders suits the role of a villain and he prefers to be one as he was even Julian Sark on ‘Alias.’ The actor spoke to ‘USA Today’ where he revealed that in this season, they would humanize his character a little bit and quite literally with him cured, there would be some funny new things for the character to experience. Anders went on to say that there were some side effects to the cure like sensing whenever zombies were near, and he also revealed that there would be something new in the following seasons. Anders discussed the character stating that he has no fear of breaking the law and he inherited that attitude from his father who is a “successful businessman.” In the first season, Blaine showed how monstrous he could be and fans have been waiting for the same reaction in the next seasons. Anders remembered when he pulled a kid into the meat slicer and that blood splattered all over him but that’s the heaviest episode he was ever in. Another one was jamming his henchman in the neck using his closest tool, a butterfly knife. According to Anders, he loved shooting those scenes and they would keep doubling down on Blaine and his charm. He believes it’s scenes like those that make people hate his character. Fans are not sure whether to kill him or cool down with him.

Blaine is Irredeemable, and that’s fine!

We as the viewers of the TV show, “iZombies” need to get comfortable with villainous characters just for the sake of being through hell on our TV screens. And we can’t avoid seeing Blaine DeBeers. The TV show is currently in its fourth season, but without Blaine, the TV show would be weak because he remains to be the fan-favorite regardless the inhumane things he does. The character played by the actor of “Alias”, “Heroes”, “Once Upon a Time”, and “The Revenant”, David Anders, has assumed many roles in the years since the TV show premiered. Anders has been the villain, definite antagonist, then an antihero. He’s been a doer of good things, but most of the time, he has some ulterior motives. Being in the fourth season has exceeded expectations and Blaine has lasted longer than the confinements of the TV show would have allowed, but that doesn’t sound bad for Alexandra Shipp’s ex boyfriend. The “iZombie’ blessed its viewers with perfect casting, one of them being David Anders who doesn’t frustrate. The actor is charismatic and charming and that’s what his fans love to see. Anders is exceptional in his role in season four and he adds nuance and complexity to a character who doesn’t mean much on paper. Some of the questions people ask themselves are, should Blaine have ever made it to season four of “iZombie?” Probably not. Would he have been played by anyone else but not David Anders? The answer is still no. But being so talented and perfect in his comedic timing as well as on point delivery and ability to make our jaws almost drop in this role has made Anders fit in that role and become fan-favorite. It will be killing the TV show if they take out the actor and his role.

He worked odd jobs

Actors who were starting their careers in Hollywood often do odd jobs in restaurants and bars and Anders is no different than the rest. He too, had to do odd jobs before his career took off in order to pay the bills while living in Los Angeles. He started off with a job in the retail industry selling clothes at The Gap but that wasn’t his only source of income back then. He has said in several interviews that he once even taught people how to play tennis. This was all made possible because the actor had spent time in high school playing both basketball and tennis.

Anders is not British but he plays British characters

Anders was born and raised in Oregon and he had never traveled to England before he became famous, nor does he have British lineage. He can, however, speak British English and that is just one of the many reasons the actor of ‘iZombie’, ‘Alias,’ ‘Heroes,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ and ‘The Revenant,’ has been chosen to take roles of British characters on several occasions. Whenever he gets such roles, Anders uses the British accent from the home counties which is a reference to counties such as Berkshire, Essex and Sussex, all of them surrounding London. Anders said that he made peace with himself that he looked less convincing as an American, even though he grew up an American.

He recorded his first album

Anders announced in 2016 that he was recording his first album but by the end of 2017, the album had not been released yet. To date, his fans are beginning to wonder if the album is worth listening to or not and they are eagerly waiting upon it’s release. Anders stated that the album would be for fun and that it should be something fun to listen too Those who would like to know the details of the album should be aware that the album was produced by David Poe who is not only a music producer but also a singer.

The actor loves to play roles in movies

It would be exaggerating to say that Anders doesn’t like acting in television shows, but interestingly, he has admitted that he loves to act in movies more than on television. According to Anders, he loves acting in movies because he only has one single script to complete and that’s the closest thing he can come across when he thinks of theater production. As a result, he won’t have to wait for another script to be given to him because one script is enough for a whole movie.

His Personal Life

Anders was dating model and actress Alexandra Shipp but their relationship recently came to an end.

His net worth

David Anders has a net worth of $5 million dollars, according to ‘Celebrity Net Worth.’ The actor has built his net worth from roles in ‘iZombie’, ‘Alias,’ ‘Heroes,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ and ‘The Revenant.’

Season four of ‘iZombie’ is still on the screen and as usual David Anders is doing what he usually does, acting, and he certainly loves every minute of it. We hope he’ll be around for the following seasons and perhaps even longer.