Davey Detail Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Rose McGowan’s Ex Husband

Intrigued with Rose McGowan’s ex husband Davey Detail? Find out some interesting and lesser-known facts about him from below.

Davey Detail; know Rose McGowan’s ex husband

Davey Detail is a well-known American visual Artist who currently resides and works in Los Angles, California. Detail was born in Bellevue, Washington. He shot to fame after Detail became a part of the CYRCLE which is a Los Angeles Art Collective. Davey Detail teamed up with some fellow artists and co-founded the CYRCLE in 2010. Artworks of the CYRCLE were displayed in several art galleries of Los Angeles. He travels extensively throughout Europe for the purpose of his job. Davey Detail got married to actress Rose McGowan in 2013 but the marriage did not last long after McGowan filed for divorce just after two years of marriage. Detail is an acclaimed artist in America. He does work in art and culture. The net worth of Detail was much more when he was married to American actress Rose McGowan. Davey Detail is very active online. When he was married to McGowan, his fame grew by leaps and bounds. The media was pretty interested in the news of their divorce. McGowan was spotted with a mystery man just before the divorce was filed. Davey Detail and Rose McGowan had no children. McGowan had a fortune of around $18 million. McGowan did not request any spousal support from the judge. They have already reached an agreement on marriage. Davey Detail is very popular. His artwork is adored by art lovers across the world. He is very active on social networking websites and has numerous followers and fan across the world.

Rose McGowan

McGowan is an American actress, singer, film producer and director. McGowan played charming roles in various Hollywood drama series. Mcgowan has a net worth of $18 million.

Five facts about the artist

There are some interesting facts about Davey Detail: 1. Davey Detail and Rose McGowan have a traditional wedding Rose McGowan wore a traditional dress for her wedding. The wedding ceremony was an intimate and quiet affair and was attended by few guests only. The photos of the ceremony were later sold to several famous magazines. Davey Detail designed the wedding invitations in his CYRCLE style. As Davey Detail is Jewish, the wedding was done by a rabbi in the Paramour Mansion in Silverlake, California. According to Rose McGowan, her wedding was a magical experience. 2. They separated a year before their divorce was finalized: Their dreamy wedding did not last long. The ‘Charmed’ star admitted that the marriage did not last long because she is not the committed types. She added that her ex husband, Davey Detail will always be her friend and that they both would remain cordial to each other even after the divorce. She demanded the court not to give Detail any spousal support. She wants to dedicate her life to her movie career. McGowan revealed that she separated from him a year before the divorce. The media snapped a photo of McGowan with another man shortly after the divorce. There was never any confirmation whether this mystery man was the reason for the divorce. McGowan is currently busy in filming her new movie. She is dating producer Beau Boost. She said in an interview, “Here’s the deal, I only wanted to [be] married for a short period of time. If I don’t conform to other societal norms, why would I have a traditional marriage?” 3. Davey Detail is not a fan of the social media In spite of being a commercial artist, Detail does not advertise his work and his exhibits on social media. He avoids every opportunity to promote himself or his work via any social networking sites. While they were married, McGowan refrained from posting photos or taking publicly about their love on Instagram. McGowan is currently caught up in a sexual harassment scandal. She accused Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of rape. She even attacked her colleague Ben Affleck for failing to defend her. Her twitter account was suspended a month ago owing to the insults towards Ben Affleck. 4. Detail co-founded CYRCLE
Detail is recognized by the artwork he has created with two other colleagues. Their art collective is called CYRCLE which they found in 2010. Detail tries to express the sensitive nature of men and the duality through an aesthetic form and balance. Their exhibition was a huge success and based on the success, he along with his colleagues performed a unique show called ‘CYRCLE Manifesto’. 5. CYRCLE is a huge commercial success. Although Detail was quite renowned in America before getting married to Rose McGowan, his CYRCLE got his worldwide success and recognition. Famous celebrities like P. Diddy have a part of CYRCLE’s art in their private collections. Many celebrities, like P. Diddy, have part of CYRCLE’s art in their private collections. In many commercials, pieces of CYRCLE’s collection can be seen. The most popular being the one Detail created for Audi.

The visual artist has been unstoppable and even his divorce has not affected him much as he is concentrating on his career. He along with his co-worker, David Torres, continues to work globally by organizing numerous exhibitions in Europe and Asia.