Loren Gray Wiki: 8 Facts About This Talented Singer

More about this young and beautiful singer and social media star

The world is adopting new trends and ways of socializing and utilizing their talents. People are now making use of social media in the most creative forms. The social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are giving opportunities to people to show what they hold within themselves. People are posting videos of their daily life routines or their talent. There are billions of people who are trying their luck but there is one star that shined a little brighter than the others. That shining star is Loren Gray.

Who is Loren Gray

Loren Gray is a social media star and a singer from America. She got her fame from TikTok. She always made sure to maintain her presence on social media. Loren Gray’s parents are her biggest support. Loren’s mother Lora also shifted to California with Loren so that she could focus on her career; meanwhile, Loren’s dad and half-sister stayed back in Pennsylvania. Loren Gray is one of the most beautiful stars and she is liked by a lot of people. She is only 18 years old and is already one of the most successful stars in America.

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As soon as Loren started gaining fame on Musical.ly in 2015, she started getting bullied at school. She has admitted that she did not like school and when it came to leaving school for her career, it wasn’t a tough decision for her. She left school and Pennsylvania and moved to California, LA so that she could grow as an individual and have a successful career.

Loren Gray and How She Became Popular

Loren had initially made her Musical.ly account in the year 2015. She had a great passion for music so she started music blogging. Later, she started posting her lifestyle over YouTube and she got a lot of subscribers there. Here lifestyle inspired girls from all over the world. She started posting creative videos on her TikTok account and that’s where she got most of her fame from. She became a star on Instagram too. Loren Gray has won millions of hearts so far.

Her Current Social Media Account Followers

Loren Gray has a YouTube account, she has an account on TikTok and Instagram too. She has more than 3.83 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She posts her traveling videos and she shares her lifestyle on YouTube. Loren Gray has more than 19.9 million followers on Instagram and more than 46.8 million followers on TikTok. Loren Gray’s fans love her for her fashion sense. The girl fans follow her makeup and skincare routine and adore Lore for what she is. Loren is a very down to earth person and she does not act like a typical celebrity.

8 Facts About Loren Gray

No matter who we are, there’s some stuff about us that makes us stand out. Whether it be our personality traits, hidden talents, looks, or just the vibe we put out. Loren Gray isn’t low on these either, and here are eight facts about her.  

1. Loren Gray homeschooled because she was bullied immensely at school. She also had to leave school so that she could shift to California for her career. She considers her school life as a rough phase of life.
  2. Loren Gray’s dogs have Instagram accounts and thousands of followers. Both the dogs are Pomeranians. Loren is a dog lover, she lost a dog in 2018 and she wrote a caption for the dog that says; “today I have to say goodbye to a dog that’s grown up with me for the past 14 years of my life. Hercules was my first dog ever. he can’t stand or eat anymore, and it breaks my heart to see him suffer. we love u lil man. I hope we were the best humans we could be for you. thank you for making us happy. the goodest of all the good boys🖤.”

3. Loren’s Father has his Instagram named @realylorensdad where he posts updates of him with Loren. 4. She calls her fans angels for always being there and supporting her. She appreciated the ones who have been following her since 2015. It was a rough time for her as she was being bullied at school. She has a beautiful attachment to her fans. 5. Loren was the Fourth most followed individual on TikTok for the longest time. She won many hearts and this is surely an achievement.

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6. Loren is to Virgin Records and Capitol Records. She is extremely talented and her passion for music has brought her this far. 7. Loren was nominated for Teens Choice Award 2016. 8. Gray was nominated in the 9th Annual Shorty Awards.

Loren Gray and Her Relationships

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Loren has a list of men that she has dated so far. She dated Juwany Roman, Joey Kislyk, and Ian Jeffery in the past years. Some of the rumors said that she was dating HRVY but none of them confessed such affection. However, they were close to each other. Loren also appeared in HRVY’s music video. She never got married or engaged. She is not open about her love life. Her fans were extremely sad when she broke up with Ian Jeffery in the year 2019. Loren has always been in limelight because of her relationships. Ever since her last breakup, there is no other update of her love life.

Loren Gray’s Music Career

Loren’s passion for music kept her going despite the struggles she faced on her way. She started to gain fame in 1025 through Musical.ly. She worked hard every day and then appeared in her first-ever music video in 2017. The singer of the song was HRVY. She gained a lot of attention now. She signed record deals with  Virgin Records and released her debut single called My Story. This is how she started excelling and the latest achievement of Loren Gray includes; Getting featured in Taylor Swift’s music video in February 2020. She released her single this year too. Loren’s music career was not easy. She also claims to like Eminem.

Loren’s Net Worth

Loren Gray is a great example for those who want to be something in life. Despite all the hardships, she managed to get all the fame. She is one of the most successful stars in the present times. She has creative ways of conveying her messages to her fans. People from not only America but all over the world follow her and like her. Her videos get thousands of views. She earns from ads and endorsements. Her net worth is around $300,000.

Tough Times In Loren’s Life

Loren Gray confessed that she was sexually assaulted at the age of 12, she only told one of her friends and that friend helped Loren Gray a lot. She also stated that it took her two months to tell her parents that what had happened to her. She posted “I had my innocence stolen in the basement of somebody I trusted. I told only one person and to this day she still remains my best friend. We cried together in my bathroom for hours,” captions over the May 1 video said. “I struggled to put the pieces together as to why this had happened to me.”

Loren went through tough times, she got sexually assaulted and also bullied but she stayed strong in all ways possible and became what she is today.People can learn from Loren that how one gets to achieve the goals in life. She is still one of the successful social stars and is going places with her talent.

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Loren Gray is an American singer who got her fame through YouTube, Musical.ly now called TikTok, and Instagram. She moved to California with her mother while her father and half-sister lived in Pennsylvania. Loren is only 18 years old and has a lot of followers on different social media accounts. She has 3.83 million YouTube subscribers, 19.9 million followers on Instagram, and 46.8 followers on TikTok. She was one of the most followed TikTokers for the longest time. She was bullied when she in 6th grade because she joined Musical.ly and started getting a lot of fame.

This bothered children at school and they found a reason to bully her. She was also sexually abused at the age of 12. Loren’s music career started in 2015 and 2020 she got featured in Taylor Swift’s music video. Loren dated a few fellow social media stars including Juwany Roman, Joey, Kislyk, and Ian Jeffery. Her net worth is around $3 million. Her father has an Instagram where he posts pictures with Loren. Loren has two dogs who have their Instagram accounts. Loren calls her fans angels because they have always been with her in difficult times.