Clinton Kelly Net Worth: Just How Rich Is ‘What Not To Wear’ Co-Host

Clinton Kelly, beloved co-host of TLC’s What Not To Wear is doing pretty well for himself. Find out just how rich he is!

Who is Clinton Kelly?

American fashion consultant and television personality Clinton Kelly was born in February of 1969. Kelly, whose heritage is Irish and Italian, was born in Panama City and raised in Long Island New York. Kelly is a graduate of Boston College where he graduated with a degree in communications in 1991 at age 22. Following his graduation from Boston College, Kelly earned his master’s in journalism with a specialty in magazine publishing from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Early Career

In the early days after his graduation Kelly worked as an editor at both Mademoiselle and Marie Claire, two well-known women’s magazines focusing on beauty and fashion. Kelly also landed an executive editor position at the Daily News Record, a men’s retail trade and fashion magazine based in New York.

What Not to Wear

Clinton Kelly took his love of fashion and editorial skills to the big screen in 2003 when he landed a gig on TLC’s newest reality-inspired show, What Not to Wear. Using his experience as a fashion consultant alongside his co-host Stacy London, Kelly doled out fashion advice to one lucky show viewer each week. What made What Not to Wear so special is that each person that made it onto the show for a fashion makeover was nominated by their friends and family. Kelly, alongside co-host and Stacy London would ambush the recommended person and offer them $5,000 to purchase a new wardrobe on the contingency that they threw out their existing wardrobe and let the fashion consultants style them. Each contestant was guided by Kelly and London while purchasing their new wardrobe, and Kelly was particularly integral in the fashion fixes of male and even female guests. The contestants were styled and sent away to be given a fresh makeover by the show’s hairstylist and makeup artists Ted Gibson and Carmindy, then returned home to show their friends and families their new makeovers. Kelly and London often connected with their guests in a way that made simple makeover reality television feel like a couch session on Oprah. What Not to Wear’s first season consisted of Stacy London and Wayne Scot Lucas who Kelly replaced in season 2. Kelly brought whit, charm, charisma and fashion savvy to the show and helped make it one of TLC’s most successful shows until the final episode in October of 2013. To date What Not to Wear is still arguably the greatest TV makeover show yet thanks to the winning chemistry of Kelly and London as a team. Another frequently mentioned theme of some fans and critics is the fact that Kelly, who has always been openly gay, did not push any sexual stereotypes onto his persona on the show. Instead, Kelly earned the trust of the show’s viewers by being good at his job and offering sound fashion advice, not because Kelly fit into any particular preconceived notions about gay men and fashion.

No Love Lost with Stacy London

After the demise of everyone’s favorite daytime makeover show, Kelly and London departed ways. When describing his relationship with his former co-host, Kelly referred to it as “a brother and sister in the backseat of a car on a long car trip.” While London says she notoriously “pissed everybody off” both crew and guests alike, she doesn’t have much else to say about Kelly, with whom she spent reportedly more than 60 hours a week working beside. Kelly posted a series of tweets about their lack of relationship after the ending of the show, but doesn’t seem to be pressed or bothered about letting go.

The Chew & Other Things

In 2011 Kelly became a member of ABC’s daytime cooking show, The Chew. Kelly. The Chew was nominated for a daytime Emmy in 2004, and won in its category. Kelly has been credited with the win thanks to his quick wit and several infamous episodes that he hosted on the food-centric show. The Chew also took home a daytime Emmy in 2016 for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative show which was their third nomination in that category.

Kelly, with his background in journalism and magazine editing, is no stranger to writing. Kelly is a contributing editor for Woman’s Day magazine. Kelly also writes a weekly column titled: Clinton Makes Over. Clinton Kelly and Stacy London co-authored a book titled “Dress your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That’s Right for Your Body”, and Kelly also authored “Oh No She Didn’t” in 2010. If that’s not impressive enough, Kelly has a wildly famous clothing line in partnership with QVC called “Kelly by Clinton Kelly”, and has partnerships with brands such as Macys, Dole Salads, Chambord, The Pampered Chef and Tiki Brand.

Shirtless Clinton Kelly made a debut in a retail modeling spread and caused quite the ruckus. Fans got a glimpse of the television personality as he struck a pose shirtless in his kiss-and-tell boxers.

Marriage to Damon Bayles

In 2009 Kelly married his long-time boyfriend Damon Bayles in their Connecticut home. The wedding was private and attended by only close family and friends. Damon Bayles is a clinical psychologist based out of New York.

Clinton Kelly’s Net worth

At age 48, Clinton Kelly has seen and done a lot of show business. His net worth as of 2017 is estimated at around $2 million. Most reports of his net worth do not include any income from his husband’s private practice.

Clinton Kelly’s Personality Wins Us Over Every Time

Clinton Kelly is proof that with a winning personality and a love of food and fashion will take you far, but it is your kindness towards others and joy for living that will bring your dreams into reality.