Cheyenne Avila: 6 Facts to Know About Cryaotic’s Girlfriend

More about the girlfriend of the popular Twitch and Youtuber

Cryaotic, the Twitch and Youtuber with Million Subscribers

Watching Cryaotic’s YouTube gaming channel and just listening to him talk is legit one of the most soothing and sensory satisfying things I’ve experienced in a while. He gets you immersed fast as you watch him through gaming. It’s no wonder the legion of girls that’s absolutely bonkers for the gamer. So, who is Cryaotic?

Cryaotic is a popular YouTube and Twitch gamer with close to 3 mil subscribers on YouTube. He got his fame mostly because of his mysterious persona and his many co-ops with Pewdiepie- another popular YouTube gamer. He specializes in Indie, adventure, stealth and horror games as well as reading of short stories mostly internet-related tales. He’s mostly viewed as having an optimistic attitude- the glass half full outlook.

Just listen to his calming voice as Cry plays Ori and the will of the wisps

He was born on June 11, 1989, so that puts him in the older gamers category but he’s still managed to keep the attention and love of his fans. Cryaotic or Cry as he’s more intimately known has been doing YouTube videos for over 10 years now and still very little is known about him. Cry takes painstaking measures to make sure there’s little information on the net as possible. He pays good money to make sure of that too.  

He runs a weekly stream on twitch called Late Night with Cry and Russ which he runs together with his gaming partner Ru$$ Money and other small gaming YouTubers.

His elusive persona plus sexy angelic voice has a lot of fangirls attracted to him. But, over the years, he has disclosed some details about him including the fact that he’s from six ethnicities: German, Italian, Scottish, Irish, French, and Cherokee. He has blue eyes and wears glasses and he draws too. He’s super dedicated to his fandom and has disclosed he spends 30 minutes to 1 hour every day responding to fan mail.

He’s also confirmed that he is pansexual and is attracted to a person’s personality rather than their gender.

How He Met His Girlfriend Cheyenne Avila

Cry lived out a relatively quiet gaming life with his crew at LNC which included members; Cryaotic, Russ Money, Russ’ girlfriend Red, a guy named Scott Jund and another named Snake. It was all pretty lighthearted fun, that is, until his girlfriend, Cheyenne came along.

The course of their relationship was riddled with a lot of drama that led to some of the LNC members leaving the group. Cry and Cheyenne or Chey for short, met when she was only 16 and he was 21 at the time and the drama started here because some people felt it was wrong as she was still a minor at the time. Chey addressed this dispute on her Tumblr account stating that according to the law, it might be illegal and she was a minor but it was not emotionally illegal.

Fans believe that Cheyenne brought a lot of negativity to the group LNC where Chey was constantly mean to the other members including her own boyfriend Cry. Her and Jund also butted heads a lot and even led to some of the members quitting the Late Night stream.

Cheyenne Avila: cheyenne/

Chey is said to have been very possessive of her mans, reminding everyone every now and then during their streams that Cry was her boyfriend. This did not make the female fanbase very happy because Cry was their guy. Chey was also pretty mean and heartless to other female guests on the stream, some of which she had to publicly apologize- not that she did a good job of it.

Here’s some more about Chey.

6 Facts About Cheyenne Avila

1. Before fame

Cheyenne: @daaes/Twitter

The gaming girl was born on December 7, 1994, in Las Vegas Nevada and that means that she’s a Sagittarius. Her relationship with Cryaotic is what put her on the gaming fame map and before that, she was a pretty irrelevant teenage fangirl that was obsessed with her idol.

She met Cryaotic during one of his earliest live streams when she lucked in as a caller for a Q&A.

2. Gaming

Chey is a Twitch gamer that’s primarily known for streaming Counter Strike: Global offensive and contributing to the Late Night Crew, on the Cryaotic Twitch stream. 

Other than playing Counter Strike: Global offensive, she’s become known for playing H1Z1, Rocket League, Resident Evil and the Witcher 3.

3. tumultuous relationship with Cry

Cry is a pretty chill guy and Chey next to him looks like an explosive person. Some of the LNC’s fans noticed that she mistreats and insulted him a lot and he just took it. She once defended herself saying that she’s just joking around and doesn’t really mean anything she said or to take her too seriously.

4. History of mental illness

Cheyenne once revealed that she suffers from borderline Personality disorder which is a mental health disorder that impacts the way you think about yourself and others, causing problems functioning every day. It may include self-image issues, difficulty in managing emotions and behavior and a pattern of unstable relationships.

Cheyenne has a history of bullying

Cheyenne said that it was because of her disorder that she was so mean to her boyfriend and other members of the Late Night Crew. Fans noticed the negativity and some of Chey’s outbursts made for some awkward tension-filled moments during live streaming.

5. Bully

One of the victims of Chey’s moody outbursts was Red, a member of LNC and Russ’s girlfriend. Chey constantly attacked her leaving Red no choice but to quit the team, and rumor has it that she even caused tension between her and Russ leading to their breakup. LNC lost a huge following of their fanbase after Red quit but we will say that Red does seem happier after quitting live streaming so maybe this was a good thing for her.

6. The ziegs incident

Another victim of Chey and her manipulative personality was a British gamer that often played guest on LNC’s live-streaming channel named Ziegsden. The atmosphere already negative after Red left with all her fans and it got even worse when Chey started bullying Ziegs. The bullying was pretty bad which led to the British gamer to consider committing suicide. It was after this revelation by Ziegs that the fandom opened their eyes and began noticing how horrible Chey was being and even began being concerned for Cryaotic.

They believed that he was being emotionally bullied and manipulated by her and was afraid to do anything about it for fear she might doxx him. It seemed that Cryaotic was taking it all, shouldering responsibility and not daring to go against his girlfriend’s wishes but he did post a live stream after the Ziegs incident with an elephant in a room and alluded that Chey was the elephant in the room and then later commented ‘Not cool’ in the comment section.

What is Their Current Status

It’s no secret that their relationship was pretty toxic. Chey’s borderline may have had a big part to play in the status of their relationship but everyone was hoping that the two would just break up and relieve everyone else the mental strain of having to deal with Chey’s horrible attitude.

Cheyenne Avila: @cheyenne/

Well, if you’re worried about the status of their relationship, then you’ll be happy to know that the couple did finally break up sometime last year. Cryaotic was pretty broken up about the whole affair, even missing some LNC streaming and posting that he would be absent because he was “Dead inside”.

He seems to be doing pretty well now and Cheyenne is actively working on fixing her temperament and we can only support and urge her on her journey. She’s not single and is in fact dating a fellow gamer, Christine and they seem to be doing well so we wish everyone involved happy times ahead.

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Cheyenne: @daaes/Twitter

A lot has been said about Cheyenne’s behavior and attitude and most of it negative too. She has proven time and time again that she doesn’t work well with people and for those of us that like peace and are fans of Cry, we can’t help but feel relieved that he doesn’t have that toxicity in his life anymore. We do, however, acknowledge the work Chey is doing on herself and can only hope that she keeps it up.