Catt Sadler: 10 Hot Pics Of ‘E! News’ Host You Need To Check Out

Catt Sadler is heating up Instagram with the many beautiful pics she shares of her daily fabulous life. Let’s take a look.

Catt Sadler: Early & Personal Life

If you asked young Catt Sadler if she imagined a life of glitz and glamour, untold success, and Instagram fame in her future she’d probably said not at all. However, Catt Sadler has gone from the world of the unknown to one of the most successful journalists on E! News. Cattler was born on August 24, 1974 in Martinsville, Indiana. Sadler comes from a family of eight. She has five siblings: three brothers and two sisters. Sadler’s career began early at the age of 11, however, she maintained a normal life and went on to graduate from Indiana University with a journalism degree. Catt Sadler began her journalism career in 1999 and later went on to become a host of E! News, E! News Weekend, and The Daily 10.

Personal Life of E! News Journalist Catt Sadler

Catt Sadler became a mother of two after marrying her college sweetheart, fashion executive Kyle Boyd in 2001. Sadler and Boyd had two sons together and later divorced in 2008. Sadler continued her career on TV show The Daily 10. Catt Sadler continued searching for love and became engaged to film producer Brett Jacobson in May 2009 during her attendance of the Indianapolis 500 in May 2009. Sadler and Jacobson dated for five months and later became engaged. Soon after, the engagement was called off, but the two remained close. Catt Sadler found love for the third time as she began dating film producer Rhys David Thomas in May 2010 and later got married in March 2011. Five years later in March 2016, Sadler and Thomas got divorced. Catt Sadler is currently single.

Catt Sadler: Fame (I’m Gonna Live Forever)

Gaining a degree in journalism was only the beginning of her career decision, Catt Sadler’s career pursuits would take her through many obstacles and in the end into great triumph.

From Hoosier Millionaire to E! News Weekend

Catt Sadler began appearing as an extra which led to a position in San Francisco in the entertainment department in 1997. A little over four years later, Sadler gained a hosting position on Hoosier Millionaire, a lottery TV show. In 2006, Catt Sadler gained her position on The Daily 10 on E! and this was the boost she needed to become a household name in entertainment news industry. Sadler’s career at E! would continue to reach success and build her net worth as she became one of the top entertainment journalist to do many red carpet interviews with co-host Jason Kennedy. In 2017, Catt Sadler gained some attention as rumors regarding the earning discrepancy between her and co-host Jason Kennedy became the spotlight of conversation. Sadler later denied the allegations and settled the rumors.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Catt Sadler is more then a pretty face, Sadler uses her fame for philanthropic works and brings awareness to her followers and fellow celebrities. In 2010, as she gained popularity on her TV show E! News, Sadler became the spokesperson for the Women Like Us Foundation, which is a charity organization created by her mother. Sadler took the charity to Hollywood with a local Los Angeles branch called Women Like Us Hollywood. The charity serves and empowers inner city school girls in Los Angeles, giving them hope and a new perspective on life.

Catt Sadler: Instagram Fame in Pics

Today, Catt Sadler is enjoying the benefits of her hard work in her earlier struggles to gain momentum in her career. Sadler has built a net worth of $3M for herself in the journalism industry and continues to build on her career and her foundation affiliations. Fans of Catt Sadler can enjoy the many pics she shares on Instagram and view the happy life she’s creating for herself. Catt Sadler shows fans that there is after failed love and her Instagram pics are proof.

This is Just the Beginning for Catt Sadler

Catt Sadler has reached great success with her dreams and aspirations. Most of all, she has set the tone for what it takes to build a successful career. Money is only one of the benefits to realizing your dreams. Sadler uses her influence in more ways than she’d imagined. Catt Sadler will be a part of the Hollywood scene for years to come.