Craig T. Nelson Wiki: Everything To Know About ‘The Incredibles’ Actor

Craig T. Nelson made a name for himself as an actor long back, but his popularity and net worth saw a rise when he starred in the animated movie ‘The Incredibles.’

Craig T. Nelson –The born actor

Craig Theodore Nelson gained popularity as the character Hayden Fox on the famous ABC sitcom ‘Coach.’ He tried his hands in different things before landing as an actor in Hollywood. The sitcom, ‘Coach,’ was a huge hit among the viewers and it continued its reign from 1989 to 1997. Craig T. Nelson was born on April 4, 1944. He is an American actor who had been an integral part of various TV Shows. Nelson also won an Emmy for his role on ‘Coach.’ In 1982, he starred in a little film called ‘Poltergeist’ as Steven Freeling.

Though his films and television shows have allowed him to make it big in the entertainment industry it was the animated film ‘The Incredibles’ that made him a household name all over the world. Nelson is also part of the sequel The ‘Incredibles 2.’ ‘Parenthood’ was another remarkable performance from the powerhouse of talent, actor Nelson.

His growing up years

Nelson can be touted as an all-rounder young man. He was into karate, baseball, and football and at one point he even wanted to join the CIA. He opted to study criminology at Central Washington University but soon after, he changed his mind and took up English literature instead. Nelson wasn’t sure about English literature either, so he dropped out again and started studying communications. He finally settled on drama when he received a scholarship from the University of Arizona.

Once he completed his studies, Nelson started working odd jobs in order to earn a living. He worked as a security guard in the daytime, while at night he would take acting classes. Nelson worked hard to hone his skills as an actor though his path was often difficult for him. He opted for comedy and formed a comedy group called ‘The Groundings’ with Barry Levinson and Rudy De Luca. The standup comedy life wasn’t that fulfilling for Nelson either, so he bid adieu the comedy life for good and he moved on to the next chapter of his life.

Personal Life

Craig T. Nelson is now married to Doria Cook Nelson though Doria is not his first wife. Robin McCarthy was his first wife, whom he married in 1965. They got divorced in 1978. Doria walked into his life in 1987 and ever since then they have been going strong. Nelson comes up with quirky answers in most of his interviews. When he was asked about his wife Doria, he said that when your wife is a karate champion, then it’s better that you prepare the meal and clean out the garbage even before she asks you to do it.

Nelson has three children from his first marriage to Robin McCarthy with Noah Nelson being his son from thet first marriage. His second wife Doria is not only a karate champion but also an accomplished actress who has starred in many popular films in the 1970’s. Just like Nelson, Doria is also supremely talented. She is a tai chi teacher, president of a martial art association, and a television and movie actress. Nelson also takes interest in golf and is a member of a golf club too.

Filmography and Net worth

Nelson added his middle name Theodore so that he could avoid confusion with a fellow actor who had registered his name with the Screen Actors Guild as Craig Richard Nelson. ‘The Proposal’ was another landmark role of Nelson that helped him in establish his name as an actor who can don various roles with élan. In the film ‘The Proposal,’ Nelson played the role of Joe Paxton.

Amongst all his famous roles, his role in ‘Poltergeist’ stands out as one of the most critically acclaimed films produced by none other than Steven Spielberg. Then there is ‘Parenthood,’ and ‘The District.’ These are some of the television shows that have helped him increase his net worth to millions. ‘The Incredibles 2’ will soon hit theatres and Nelson is prestty excited about it. The current net worth of Nelson is $45 million dollars. He is also an avid racer and a motorsports fan. Not only does he follows it closely, but he has also participated in the Toyota Celebrity Long Beach Grand Prix where he won third prize in 1991.

It was just the beginning; the actor then started taking part in several other motorsports events in the following year. The net worth of the actor comprises of his remuneration from his acting field, to the prize money of these events. Nelson is part of several other films that would help him increase his net worth to almost $100 million dollars.

Highly opinionated Nelson

Nelson is not the one to mince his words, instead, he is known as someone who speaks his mind. When he was not fond of the state government, he clearly stated that he won’t pay taxes. He was at one time, however, on welfare and food stamps. Nelson highlighted the necessity of funding for teachers and education too. When Nelson appears on any show where the hosts ask him for his opinion on several issues, he doesn’t shy away from expressing his true beliefs.

When most celebrities stay away from giving an opinion on certain issues, Nelson has been always upfront about his views.