Brady Leman Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympics Gold Medalist Skier

Get to know more about Brady Leman who is a Canadian skier and gold medalist. Below are facts about him that you need to know including his net worth.

Brady Leman: Olympic gold medalist and skier

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games are behind us now and the world is preparing for the much anticipated World Cup Games. However, fans are still excited about the winners and the medalists and now they’re waiting for another opportunity to watch their favorite athletes perform all over again in the World Cup Games. Canadians haven’t been left out of the excitement as they celebrate their winners including Brady Leman who won a gold medal at the ski cross event in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Brady Leman is one of the best athletes Canada has when it comes to freestyle skiing. He made his country proud when he beat all his competitors to bring home the gold medal in this particular event. What do you know about Leman and what has done to become the athlete he is today? 31-year-old Brady Leman was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He studied at Mount Royal University where he graduated with a degree in business. Leman has had an outstanding career as a skier despite his injuries. His journey to winning a gold medal in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games is certainly a story worth telling. Leman has received a lot of support from his fans through his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. The fans have seen him Leman rise from the ashes since the skier made his debut in the Olympics back in 2010. His experience at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics was one of the shortest, though things got better, but not best when he missed winning an Olympic medal at Sochi 2014 by a whisker where he only came in fourth place at the men’s ski cross. Prior to the 2014 Olympics, Leman was called to take the place of Dave Duncan after he broke his collarbone, but the next day, Leman crashed while training and that affected his tibia. He broke his tibia preciously in 2009. He broke his leg again in 2010 and that caused him to miss the 2011 Winter X Games that were taking in Aspen, where he had won a bronze medal previously. He learned to ski when he was just 18 months according to his profile but as he grew when he decided to take skiing seriously. He became an alpine racer, however but it was tough for him and so he decided to try ski cross instead in 2008. He fell in love with the sport immediately. Leman turned down funding and carding from Alpine Canada who had funded several other national alpine skiers and he went ahead to pursue ski cross at his own expense. During his first year of competition he spent close to $20,000 of his own money on the sport. il Leman also turned down scholarships from American Universities who wished to support him.

Winning a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

The ski cross event has been on the Olympic ballot for three years, in 2010, 2014 and the recent 2018 Winter Olympic Games and Brady Leman has graced all three of them. The skier didn’t finish the first year due to a broken leg, and he finished fourth behind three Frenchmen in 2014. During the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Leman, who managed to cross the line fast and first. He knew that it wouldn’t be long before he would have a gold medal hanging on his neck. That was the first gold medal Canada has ever won in the men’s event and he showed his excitement by throwing both of his fists into the air. It was a moment of pure victory when Leman came out on top in the final and everything else he went through to get there. Leman had to go through a lot to get to where he is today and we still haven’t mentioned the other games he’s taken part in. Even when things go well sometimes, ski cross is unpredictable. After the win, Leman said that the sport was quite difficult and that was one of the reasons he loves the sport. He went on to add that there was nothing easy about the sport and that there is never anything easy about race day. He was grateful that he had managed to pull off a win because before the finals, Leman crashed hard during training and the medical team had to work to prepare him so that he wouldn’t miss the finals. He started Wednesday’s qualifying run by skiing in four heats towards his win. Leman lost a ski pole in the qualifying run and he struggled to get a good start in his heats where four skiers compete head-to-head from a dropped gate. Before his quarter-final, the long course was held all the skiers including Leman knew why. One of their own been injured in the heat and was sidelined from participating. In fact, it was Leman’s teammate, Chris Del Bosco who flew up instead of forward, lost control and crashed-landed like a plane. The 35-year-old was taken to the hospital on a stretcher with a fractured pelvis, broken ribs and a pulmonary contusion. When Leman reached the finals, he was joined by another teammate, Toronto’s Kevin Drury. Canada was lucky enough to have two racers in the final four. At a certain point, Brady Leman was second while Drury was third then Leman got ahead and Drury fell back to fourth. Drury started struggling to get back to the leading three before he crashed. Racing with him was the Russian athlete Sergey Ridzik. After Drury’s left ski popped off his race had come to an untimely end. Ridzik, however, was able to climb up the hill and finish the race claiming bronze. Leman knew something wasn’t right behind him but wasn’t sure what it was. He saw a shadow and knew something was happening close to him but told himself to keep going and not divert his attention.

Brady Leman longed to be in the top four

To speak the truth, finishing fourth especially in the Olympics and the World Cup is an incredible accomplishment. It only feels terrible for an athlete who had won a medal in the previous event, but it can also feel terrible for an athlete that is highly promising. In 2014, Leman took fourth place in the ski cross final and it was a daunting task. The skier put himself in position to win a medal in the final two turns, but disaster struck and he spun out after losing his balance. That left him out of the podium and without any medal at all. Leman decided to speak about it and said that the Olympics are usually tough and after the games, a lot of people didn’t realize he was even in the Olympics at all. When he told some of them that he was fourth they thought it was amazing. He acknowledged that it was a tough position to finish in because one could taste the medal right ahead of them but at the same time, consider that there are 35 other guys who wish they could have the position. Leman has been ranked in the top fifteenth in the FIS World Cup standing and is among the best ski cross racers the world has at the moment. Despite all that, Leman had been frustrated by the Olympics until the 2018 Winter Olympic Games when he won a gold medal and opened a new chapter in his freestyle skiing career. All the of problems he had in the previous games left him with more lessons and he built upon thise disappointments to develop himself into a better ski cross racer. Leman stated that he looked at it like a positive and from that experience, he knew what it took to ski to a medal and what freestyle skiing demanded. Leman vowed not to make the same mistake again.

Facts to know about the skier and his net worth

He comes from a skiing family

Brady Leman began skiing when he was just eighteen months old. He probably stepped on the snow much earlier than that however because his father was a ski coach who used to work at Lake Louis. His mother on the other hand was a ski instructor at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, where Leman currently lives. His mother helps him practice and prepare for any major event though he is also a member of Calgary Alpine Racing Club which is based in Canada. and His current coach is Stanley Hayer.

The skier trains really hard

Leman’s training routine involves gym work as well as gymnastics. He pushes hard in the gym and to be a stronger athlete on the hill to have in order to have an advantage. Leman also tries to train himself in uncomfortable situations which are things that he is not great at. One of these uncomfortable situations is gymnastics training. Leman believes that uncomfortable and out of the box training is vital for ski cross to hone and train his reactions. He posts his progress on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Leman auctioned his helmet

Brady worked with an artist known as Amy Dryer to create a ski helmet under the Creative Impact Foundation’s program, Helmet for Heroes. He partnered with a teenager, Josephine Dumo who suffers from cystic fibrosis to create the helmet and they based it on her favorite movie,”Ghost Rider.” Leman competed with the helmet in the 2017 World Cup event in Blue Mountain, Canada and auctioned it afterward for 1,100 Canadian dollars. The money that was raised went to concussion awareness and prevention in any kind of sport in Canada.

His net worth

Brady Leman’s net worth is not clear, but by winning a gold medal, the skier also took home a decent amount of prize money adding it to his net worth. He also has sponsors and they pay him or fund his training, and that’s more into his net worth.

And to wrap this up!

Leman must be very excited to take gold and he will hold to that for the following four years before the next Olympics come in 2022 when he will have an opportunity to protect his title as the freestyle skiing champion. Meanwhile, he can engage his followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.