Alix Bailey’s Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Louis CK’s Wife

Alix Bailey was the wife of Louis CK for 13 years. Their marriage began before Louis CK reached major success, though they have always remained close.

Who is Alix Bailey

Alix Bailey is the ex-wife of Louis CK. The husband wife pair have been divorced for quite some time, but they remain in each others’ lives for their two kids. Aside from her association with Louis CK (don’t worry, we’ll get into that later), Alix Bailey is also a popular portrait painter with a long, successful career. Not only is Alix Bailey a painter, she is also an actress. She has been in some hit movies that have made an impact and broadened her artistic abilities. Born in Washington in 1967, Bailey is 50-years-old. She maintains her beauty and continues to paint and share custody of her two children with Louis CK.

1. Alix Bailey has always been a painter

Though she was born in Washington, Alix Bailey grew up in both Connecticut and Italy. Painting runs in the family, as both of her parents are painters. Bailey has been painting since a very young age. She has improved her craft and continued the education needed to maintain success in her art. She attended Bennington College in Vermont, where she studied art. She later received her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University, where she studied with fantastic painters who helped her reach the highest heights of her career. Now Alix Bailey lives in New York City, where she paints from her studio and helps to raise her kids.

2. Alix Bailey spent time as an actress

Alix Bailey has made a few appearances in movies as an actress. Beginning in 1998, Alix Bailey started appearing in films. The 1998 movie, “Tomorrow Night,” was Bailey’s first appearance in a movie. Louis CK both wrote and directed the film. The pair were married at the time, which is likely what convinced Alix Bailey to join the big screen. “Tomorrow Night” is a comedy film which features a number of appearance from comedians. The film was Amy Poehler’s first on-screen appearance.

3. Alix Bailey created all of the artwork for a movie

Again, Louis CK wrote a directed a film. This movie came in 2001, and is another enjoyable comedy. The movie, “Pootie Tang,” was based on a comedy sketch that appeared in “The Chris Rock Show.” The movie is satirical, and the main character is difficult to understand by the audience, though the other characters in the movie appear to understand him. Alix Bailey created all of the art work for “Pootie Tang.”

4. Louis CK and Alix Bailey were husband and wife for 13 years

Alix Bailey and Louis CK became husband and wife in 1995 after a long time of dating. The pair were together from the beginning. They met before Louis CK had any real fame, and they were together for the rollercoaster of success that Louis CK experienced as he was sky-rocketed to fame in the 2000s. Louis CK and his wife Alix Bailey gave birth to their first child in 2002. The pair named her Kitty, and enjoyed their daughter immensely. Alix Bailey and Louis CK decided to give their children Louis CK’s original last name, Szekely. Their second daughter, a bundle of joy, came just three years later in 2005. The husband and wife named their second daughter Mary Louise. The daughters are now 15 and 12. After 13 years, in 2008, the pair divorced amicably. There were no dramatic news headlines following their divorce, and they kept their relationship largely private. Recently, Louis CK admitted a number of terrible claims made by women that he made uninvited and inappropriate sexual advances towards women. Five women came forward, including one who was not comfortable having her identity known. The women expressed the predicament they faced as a powerful, successful man was coming onto them in such uncomfortable and inappropriate ways. At one point, he took off all of his clothes and began masturbating in front of her. She was wildly uncomfortable and shocked by the experience. Louis CK admits that he has a problem, and expresses regret over his actions. Alix Bailey has not made a statement concerning this issue. Alix Bailey has attempted and succeeded in keeping her life as private as possible. This ensures the privacy of her children and herself. Though Alix Bailey did not put out a statement, Sarah Silverman spoke on the topic on her Hulu TV show, “I Love You, America.” She has been a long time friend of Louis CK, and she addressed the conundrum we face when we love someone who has done bad things. Sarah Silverman expressed what a great father Louis CK is, she expressed her love for her friend of over 25 years, and she explained that things will get better. Though his image has been tarnished, Louis CK now has an opportunity to get the help he needs.

“The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly. I have been remorseful of my actions. And I’ve tried to learn from them. And run from them. Now I’m aware of the extent of the impact of my actions.”

Louis CK expressed remorse in the statement he put out the day after allegations came forth

5. Alix Bailey and Louis CK’s net worth

Alix Bailey only has a net worth of $1 million, but her ex-husband and long time friend is very wealthy and certainly takes care of her and their two children. Louis CK has a net worth of $25 million. Louis CK will likely experience a decrease in net worth in the future, though as he rebuilds his image (if he can), his net worth will increase, too.

Alix Bailey keeps her head up

Though Alix Bailey is sure to be struggling with the news of Louis CK’s actions, she is sure to continue living a successful and happy life. Perhaps the best thing about Alix Bailey is her ability to express beautiful art through her painting.