Alec Baldwin Wiki: Actor, Net Worth, ‘The Boss Baby’ And Facts You Need To Know

Get to know more about Alec Baldwin, an actor and a talk show host. Below are facts about him that you probably didn’t know including his overall net worth.

Alec Baldwin: Actor and talk show host

It’s people like Alec Baldwin who make life not look quite so serious. Baldwin is an American writer, actor, producer and comedian and he is one of the famous Baldwin brothers. What is it about the Baldwin brothers that make them each a phenomenon? Well, all of the Baldwin brothers are in the entertainment industry and are all actors. Alec Baldwin is the eldest of the Baldwin Brothers and the spotlight shined on him after he became an actor on the soap opera ‘Knots Landing’ that aired on CBS television. Baldwin landed more roles after that, but his most notable one right now is his portrayal of Donald Trump on the late talk show, ‘Saturday Night Live’ during the presidential campaigns in 2006 and the inauguration earning a role that won him his third Prime Time Emmy last year. 59-year-old Alec Baldwin was born in Amityville, New York and raised in the Nassau Shores area near Massapequa. Alec Baldwin is the eldest child of Carol Newcomb and Alexander Rae Baldwin Jr. who was a high school teacher and football coach. Baldwin has three brothers and two sisters. His siblings are Daniel, William, Stephen, Beth, and Jane. Baldwin and his siblings grew up Roman Catholics and their ancestors are French-Canadian, Scottish, English, Irish, and German. Mayflower passenger, John Howland is his paternal ancestor. The actor attended Alfred G. Berner High School in Massapequa and he used to play football under his coach, Bob Reifsnyder. Baldwin’s first job was as a busboy at the disco Studio 54. He then attended George Washington University where he made a run for the presidency of the student body but he was trounced by his opponent. Alec Baldwin then got a personal letter from the former president of the US, Richard Nixon encouraging him to learn from the loss. The actor continued his studies at Tisch School of the Arts, a branch of New York University where he studied alongside notable figures like Geoffrey Home and Mira Rostova at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Baldwin was accepted into Actors Studio in 1994 where acquired his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at NYU.

From grace to glory

Alec Baldwin made his debut in acting on the Broadway where he played a role in the play ‘Loot,’ but the production closed three months later. The actor landed other roles afterward and even received an Emmy nomination in 1995 for his role in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’ His next big hit was ‘Macbeth’ where he starred as the main character in 1998. Baldwin still acts on Broadway playing the role of Harold in ‘Orphans.’ Alec Baldwin has also starred in several TV shows and movies since the 1980’s, and the actor and host has made a decent net worth from his appearances. The actor has appeared on ‘Beetlejuice,’ ‘Glengarry Glen Ross,’ ‘It’s Complicated,’ ’30 Rock,’ and also voiced a character in ‘The Boss Baby.’ Baldwin has won two Golden Globe awards, three Emmy Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards. He’s hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ 17 times where he’s portrayed Donald Trump and bringing home a Prime Time Emmy. In 2013, Baldwin hosted the talk show, ‘Up Late with Alec Baldwin’ on MSNBC briefly after the program was canceled just after five episodes because of street tirade captured on video. Baldwin insulted a videographer calling him a “cocksucking fag,” and it was a major turning point in Baldwin’s public life and his career as well. Baldwin then started hosting the game show, ‘Match Game’ and he took over as the host of ‘The Essentials’ talk show after the demise of Robert Osborne. The actor’s big break came on March 3, 2018, after the ABC introduced his talk show titled ‘Sundays with Alec Baldwin,’ and of course on the top of Baldwin’s list was Donald Trump. Hopefully he will take him on next week.

Baldwin plays Trump and takes on White House Turmoil

The ‘Beetlejuice’, ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’, ‘It’s Complicated’, ’30 Rock’ and ‘The Boss Baby’ actor was on the talk show, ‘Saturday Night Live’ as usual doing his best to ridicule Donald Trump. On Friday, ‘S.N.L.’ got a little boost after the show took a short hiatus. When it returned it was all about Donald Trump who is a frequent topic on the show. Trump was once a vocal critic of the show and had previously taken to Twitter to vent his spleen on his ‘S.N.L.’ impersonator, Alec Baldwin. In an interview last week on Thursday, Baldwin said that every time he impersonated the president, it was like an ‘agony’ for him and even stated that the country had to get rid of Trump. In response, Trump posted on his Twitter that Baldwin’s ‘dying mediocre career’ was saved just because he impersonated him and it was actually ‘agony’ for those who watched the talk show. To Donald Trump’s surprise, Alec Baldwin didn’t take that lying down. The ‘Beetlejuice,’ ‘Glengarry Glen Ross,’ ‘It’s Complicated,’ ’30 Rock,’ and ‘The Boss Baby’ actor posted on his Twitter that he hoped to stat longer in the role long enough to follow the impeachments hearings and he wants to listen to Trumps resignation and witness his farewell helicopter ride to Mar-a-Lago. This weekend’s broadcast of ‘S.N.L.’ was hosted by the one and only Charles Barkley and it featured Migos as the guest artist. The talk show didn’t directly focus on the Twitter feud, however, it gave Baldwin much needed airtime to roast the president in its opening sketch. It was a performed presidential listening session on the issue giving America a headache, gun control. Of course, every Trump hater’s favorite star, Baldwin started by addressing the audience just like Trump does. He started by stating that he was there to bring a message of healing to Americans and show unity, let them know that he heard them and that he cared about them. After talking about the idea of taking guns away from American citizens, ‘even whites,’ Baldwin went ahead to ridicule Trumps personal loses in his administration. He paid homage to Hope Hicks who was the White House communications director for a very short amount of time. Baldwin expressed himself like Donald Trump saying that she was like a daughter to him, smart and hot. He said that he hated seeing her go, but he loved watching her go.

Alec Baldwin spoke during the Oscar Telecast

You can withstand Alec Baldwin as long as you have no Trump blood in you. The actor understands himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be such a sensation. In the ‘Night of the Never-Ending Oscars Telecast,’ Baldwin spoke about his upcoming talk show on Sunday night. Baldwin’s guests were Jerry Seinfeld and Kate McKinnon who talked about their success in Hollywood. However, the conversation wasn’t as exciting and the guests looked like they were shying away from speaking about their ‘small success.’ When they started discussing Baldwin’s impersonation, the conversation quickly came alive. McKinnon revealed that she admired Hilary Clinton and even did research on her to prepare for a performance. She added that she identified herself with Clinton woman to woman and it was her pleasure to depict her. That allowed Baldwin to let out his own feelings about impersonating Donald Trump. The actor said dismissively that his impersonation was like a whoopee cushion. It was simple for him and kind of monochromatic. Baldwin was right because it was the least skillful thing he ever did as an actor, and the piece of work has become so idolized by the ‘S.N.L.’ audience that it has caused him ‘agony.’ Baldwin told McKinnon that he didn’t want to spend much of his time thinking of who Trump was but actually meant that he puts little effort into the process of becoming Trump’s impersonator because the feeling would make him sick. The mediocrity of Trump’s impression by Baldwin and the fact that Baldwin and ‘S.N.L.’ are doing their best to make Trump look like just another boob, rather than the dangerous president that he really is. This keeps the fans of ‘S.N.L.’ laughing in the comfort of their homes helping them forget for a little while that life is serious.

Alec Baldwin and his overall net worth

His wife Hilaria Baldwin: Latin Ballroom Dancing

Hilaria Baldwin was raised both in the U.S. as well as in Spain. She studied ballet, flamenco dancing and gymnastics when she was young, as detailed in her Yoga Vida bio where she teaches yoga in New York City. She started international Latin ballroom dancing when she was just 13 and she’s competed around the world. She studied at New York University where she majored in art history and started teaching yoga in 2005. Even after she married Baldwin, she continued to teach at Yoga Vida and still does to date. Mrs. Baldwin has also not forgotten her Spanish roots and she talks to his children frequently.

His daughter Ireland signed with IMG Models in 2013

Ireland Baldwin is not only an actress, but she’s also a model who signed with IMG Models in 2013. She made her debut by appearing on the front cover of a 2013 edition of W Magazine’s ‘Trend, It Girl’ feature. The model faced much criticism from people who said that she was too big to model so she took to Tumblr to defend herself by hitting back at critics and asking them why they were calling a 17-year-old fat.

Alec Baldwin: Soap star

Baldwin first landed his real gig in the soap opera, ‘The Doctors.’ The actor was playing the role of Billy Aldrich and at the time he landed the role, he was working at a health club. Baldwin said that he would never forget the soap opera because it helped him learn how to memorize lines fast. He explained that once had to learn pages of dialogue really quick and it was intense for him while making choices and getting along with people around him.

Baldwin’s net worth

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth,’ Alec Baldwin has a net worth of $65 million dollars. The actor has made much of his fortune and net worth from acting in movies and TV shows like ‘Beetlejuice,’ ‘Glengarry Glen Ross,’ ‘It’s Complicated,’ ’30 Rock and ‘The Boss Baby as well as hosting talk shows.

The world can’t get enough of Alec Baldwin and most TV’s in American will be tuned to his show next Sunday because he knows how to make Donald Trump look crazy.