29 Good Dares That Are Fun and Will Not Break Friendships

Dares that will people enjoys and strengthen friendships!

A Dare That Went So Wrong

Whether it’s a sleepover or a party, there’s nothing like a game of Truth or Dare. To break the ice and get the juices flowing in a casual social setting that needs some letting loose, this game is nothing less than a life-saver! You would truly have to be living under a rock to not know how Truth or Dare works, it’s just that widely popular.

A good game of Truth or Dare is a simple and high energy game of exploring personalities in the room, where a bottle spin indicates who will get to choose between telling an uncomfortable truth or doing a crazy dare. It is and always has been a party favorite because of how it makes you get to know your friends better and do silly and embarrassing dares that get the adrenaline pumping. However, given the sheer volume of dares that get assigned to hapless players around the world, even outside the context of the party game, there are many examples of dares that went horribly wrong and led to gruesome, potentially life-scarring consequences.

An example of this type of dare is when a group of friends in Utah dared each other to slide down a glacier and were able to do it successfully a few times despite the obvious risk. But they didn’t stop at that and continuing to repeat the dangerous dare led to the young men running into some serious trouble. One was seen on camera footage hurtling into rocks and bushes and broke his cheekbone that needed twenty-three stitches, and another sprained his ankle. Luckily no fatalities resulted. Suffice to say, it isn’t wise to slide down the side of glaciers!

What is a Good Dare?

Needless to say, some people take dares way too far and cause themselves and others harm which let’s face it, is pretty extreme behavior! A lot of pranksters on the internet, of the likes of the notorious Jake Paul, create content on platforms like YouTube purely for shock value, to really push the limits of the risks they are willing to take. People consume this content readily and many internet personalities have made a career for themselves out of just this.

But, believe it or not, there is such a thing as a perfectly balanced dare which gets you excited, nervous and acting silly without actually having horrible, regrettable repercussions. Rest assured if you are running dry on good dares, we have some spicy suggestions for all ages lined up!

29 Good Dares That Are Fun and Will Not Break Friendships!

For Kids

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1. Place an Oreo on your nose and eat it without touching it with your hands

Placing any dry food, like an Oreo, a popcorn, or Cheetos, on your face and using your facial muscles to eat it can be a very fun silly activity that is sure to make everyone laugh.

2. Peel

Sounds gross but also guaranteed to make everyone shriek with laughter is attempting to peel a banana with your feet like our primate brethren!

3. Post a photo of your nostrils on Instagram

Daring someone to post an unflattering ridiculous post on an otherwise “on point” feed can be pretty hilarious. Watch them flinch and cringe and post their roomy nostrils on their Instagram feed.

4. Serenade the person sitting next to you

Sing to the person sitting next to you with lots of aggressive eye contact! You’re both sure to become red in the face! And hey if your crush happens to be sitting next to you, it could be worth your while.

5. Say “omelet” after everything you say until it is your turn again

As a general rule the more ridiculous a dare the better time everyone will have seeing it be executed. Picking a random word to repeat after everything the person says until their next turn can be really amusing as they struggle to remember and as you get caught off guard. Bonus points for the word being extra dumb like ostrich or earwax.

6. Eat a small piece of paper

Sounds gross but eating a small piece of paper will not actually be a health hazard and the absurdity of it is sure to make people crack up.

7. Fill your mouth with water and sing a song

As you struggle to keep the water in your mouth with everyone laughing all around you, singing with a mouth full of water can be a pretty fun silly dare.

8. Talk continuously for 10 minutes

Funny how easily we talk until someone asks us to do it nonstop.

9. Lick a bar of soap

Again, licking a bar of soap will definitely not kill you but freak people out enough to get a good kick out of it.

For College Students

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10. Talk in a weird accent for the rest of the night

Accents are super fun and make for excellent party favors!

11. Choose the person in the group you would most like to kiss

If your crush is in the room, this is your chance to shoot your shot!

12. Do a handstand for one minute

Even if you fail, it’ll be quite a fun ride trying to get there.

13. Brush the teeth of the person sitting next to you

Brushing someone else’s teeth would be a ridiculously intimate and hilarious activity that will at least crack up the two-people involved to no end.

14. Pretend to be a cat until your next turn.

Become a furry friend for a hot minute!

15. Randomly do a cowboy dance somewhere very public

Doing embarrassing things in public is a big yes!

16. Put chocolate syrup on a cucumber and then eat it

Gross food combos for the win!

17. Kiss a friend, passionately!

Kissing can be surprisingly taboo in some cultures so make sure to check in with everyone’s comfort level.

18. Smell everyone’s armpits

DO IT! No excuses, remember that turning down dares really spoils the fun, unless you have a serious objection, participate!

19. Sit on someone’s lap for the rest of the game

Creating awkward sexual tension is a sweet spot in this game of Truth or Dare! But remember to respect boundaries and not violate someone’s personal space.

For Adults

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20. Have someone style your hair and wear it for the rest of the day

Bonus points for an over-the-top bad hairstyle!

21. Stop a car driving by to tell them their wheels are turning

Be careful to not pick aggressive people for this! Try to size up the people to see if they have a sense of humor!

22. Take a selfie on a toilet seat and post it

Time to make everyone on your feed laugh at your expense- with you not on you! Well kind of on you as well!

23. Use three items in the fridge as lotion

As gross as it is funny!

24. Let someone crack an egg on your head

It’ll make a mess, but it’ll be worth the laughs.

25. Hold hands with the person sitting next to you for 30 whole minutes

Plot twist: It’s your crush!

26. Empty the contents of your purse and show everyone what’s inside

We’re hoping something really spicy pops up!

27. Let everyone in the room slap you on the butt

With consent, always!

28. Read the newspaper seductively

Sexual tension is everything! There we said it!

29. Put your hand on the inner thigh of someone sitting next to you for a whole minute

Another great way to create awkwardness that gets the giggles out!

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Silly as they read, sweet, dumb, fun dares can make great bonding moments and make strangers comfortable around each other as well. What can we say it’s just the power of the silly! Innovative dares can be a great way to let loose with friends and there are virtually no limits to the crazy stuff you can dare your friends to do provided it is with consent and safety. If you’re looking to spice up a boring party and get people giddy, these twenty-nine dares are sure to help get those good vibes flowing! Have fun!