YouTube comedian Joe Santagato and his gorgeous girlfriend Sammy Rickey! Learn about Joe’s relationship with Sammy, his career, and early growing years!

Joe Santagato

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Joe Santagato is an American comedian and entertainer. He comes from a humble background but has managed to achieve success in the entertainment field due to his talent and hard work. He also started his own YouTube channel and also tasted success here.

He has a whopping fan following on his social media platform s well. Joe is a supporter of equal rights for all and his life could serve as a source of inspiration for upcoming video makers and YouTubers! Let us try to find out what qualities of Joe helped him to reach the heights that he currently is in!

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Joe Santagato’s birth, age, parents, siblings, and early days

Joe was born on 25 February 1992 in Queens, New York. His current age is 26. His mother Elizabeth Santagato was working at a public school as a school secretary while his father was a firefighter in the Fire Department of New York. He retired when Joe was 6 years old. Joe has three siblings; Keith, Shannon, and Thomas.

Joe studied at the local St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School and later attended a public school followed by Louis Armstrong Middle School. His high school studies were carried out at St. Francis Preparatory School.

Source: YouTube (Joe in his video)

He was part of the school football team. Even at that young age, Joe liked to be in front of the camera and also play sports. On one of his friends’ suggestion, Joe started uploading videos on his YouTube channel.

In early 2013, Narratively published an article related to him and his family and labeled them as ‘The Kardashians of Queens’. Joe used to make shorts, sketches, and parody songs with his camera which he got as a gift at the age of 13.

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Joe Santagato’s career as a Youtuber

Joe started work as a pizza delivery boy and waiter for 1 year. Joe continued posting videos on his YouTube channel but he also joined the Elite Daily which is an American Online News Platform. He worked in the capacity of a producer and editor here.

Joe’s first YouTube channel was called SantagatoTV. He made his Joe Santagato channel in May 2014. He also another channel called Extra Joe. The latter has his daily vlogs and he also owns a sports channel called Veterans Minimum. He had a Vine account before.

He also has multiple podcasts. His main podcast is called Basement Yard and it is no. 1 on iTunes chart. His self-titled channel has more than 2.2 million fans. He used to also work with popular channel ‘Settle Down Kids’ but left it in 2015.

He has collaborated with Hasbro to create the board game called Speak Out. Joe has also collaborated with wrestler Rock (Dwayne Johnson) on a number of videos for his YouTube channel.

Joe is said to have been very quiet when small as compared to his siblings. But later he became very outspoken, vocal, and humorous. He has a great sense of observation which is utilized in his comedies. Joe supports and stands up for those who are discriminated against and bullied. He is with the oppressed people and speaks out for them. He is in favor of gay marriages and has voiced his opinions on it.

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Joe Santagato’s relationships and girlfriends

Joe is not married and has no wife. He has a girlfriend. He has been dating a girl named Sammy Rickey. Her date of birth is 27 August 1995. She is also an Internet personality and has 25k followers on her Instagram. She posts videos related to fashion, beauty, health, and fitness.

She has also started her own graphic designing company called Sammy Jo Designs. They are in a happy relationship and we wish them luck and best wishes!

Joe Santagato social media

Joe is active on social media. He has over 776k followers on Instagram, around 710k followers on Twitter and over 4 million followers on Facebook.

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