Yara Van Kerkhof Wiki: Skater, Net Worth, Silver Medal And Facts You Need To Know

Skater, Yara Van Kerkhof won a silver medal in 500m event in 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Want to know her net worth and unknown facts, then read on.

Pitbull of the Netherland’s – Yara Van Kerkhof

The short speed skating silver medal winner skater, Yara Van Kerkhof from the 2018 Olympic Winter Games is nicknamed Pitbull. Miss Kerkhof achieved this feat in the 500m event in 2018 Winter Olympic Games. To date, her highest ranking has been that of number 11, but going by her record, she is surely going to reach the top in no time. Kerkhof was a part of the 3000m relay team that won gold medals for the Netherlands for three consecutive years in the European Championship in the years 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Controversy surrounding the skater

Kerkhof won’t ever forget the name ‘Elise Christie’ for years to come as Kerkhof was responsible for crashing the dream of the latter in the 500 m event in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Kerkhof eventually won the silver medal, but the video clearly shows that Christie’s balancing hand came in contact with the skates of Kerkhof.

Arianna Fontana of Italy won the gold medal and Kim Boutin of Canada won the bronze medal in this event. Kerkhof is a renowned skater herself, so it is sad that her joy is wrapped around this kind of an incident. In the short track speed skating, she represented the Netherlands and has done pretty well for herself and her country.

Net worth

Kerkhof began skating in 2001. She and her sister, both are very good skaters and both have represented the Netherlands in many International events. Her Instagram photos are a proof of that. The Instagram account of Kerkhof has several photos of her and her sister.

All these events help her build a pretty handsome net worth. The skater from the Netherlands added quite a few bucks to her current net worth by winning a silver medal in the event. The prize money obviously differs depending on whether you are a gold, silver or bronze medal winner.

Leisure time for Kerkhof

When Kerkhof is not practicing or participating in any events, she loves to hang around with her friends, catch up on some movies and make use of the net worth that she has accumulated with her hard work.

Skating is not an easy sport and it’s certainly not easy to balance on skates and glide around smoothly. It requires a lot of hard work, determination, and sincerity to excel. Kerkhof was out of practice for two weeks because of an injury that she incurred by falling off of her bicycle. Then again, there was a back injury that took a toll on her performance during the 2014-2015 season. All these are a thing of the past as she now looks forward to increasing her net worth while posting several photos of her with medals in short track speed skating events.