Who Is Yulia Galysheva? Wiki, Skier, Net Worth, Gold Medal & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Yulia Galysheva, a skier who won a bronze medal. Below are some facts about her that you need to know and her net worth.

Who is YuliaGalysheva?

People were following on 2018 Olympic Winter Games for the most of the last month. The event was graced by athletes from different parts of the world. However, it was a test for Russia as the IOC banned it due to doping. One of the countries that sent their athletes to the competition was Russia’s neighbor, Kazakhstan. One of them was YuliaGalysheva. Galysheva is a Kazakhstani mogul skier who has over two gold medals to his name. She is talented in freestyle skiing and one of the best bets Kazkhastan. Galysheva bagged a bronze medal in the freestyle skiing competition in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The 25-year-old Yulia Galysheva was born in Oskemen, Kazakhstan. She was interested in the sport when she was just five years old and was an active skier while in school. Galysheva has been playing a part in in the international challenges since March 2006. In her debut at the Europa Cup stage which was going down in Saint=Petersburg on Russia, Galysheva was 21st in mogul as well as 18th in dual moguls. The skier has won three gold medals in her entire career. She also has one silver and a pair of bronze medals. Galysheva was eyeing the gold medal, but unfortunately, she was beaten to it.

She won gold in China last year

The Freestyle Ski World Cup was held late last year in China, and one of the athletes who managed to win gold medals was YuliaGalysheva. She won it in the moguls in Thaiwoo, on the northeastern side of China on December 22. The facility will hold the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in 2022, and it turned to be friendly for the Kazakhstani skier. Galysheva beat JaelinKauf of the US who settled for silver and AndieNaude who got bronze. The gold medal was her second as the Kazakh skier had won a silver medal on the first scheduled day of the World Cup stage when she took the second position behind Kauf. Galysheva addressed the media after she won the won the gold and said that she had decided to give it her all after she failed at the first stage. She felt that it was better for her to get into top 10 to score amazing points at the World Cup and that’s how she succeeded. The second day, the skier took a confident win. Galysheva said that she could not see anything and she almost gave up after coming ninth in the final, but the coach encouraged her to push on. It was the first gold medal ever since she graced the Asian Winter Games in 2011 and has made a good net worth from freestyle skiing.

Winning the historic Moguls bronze

YuliaGalysheva made history after she got the first Olympic for her country in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. She finished seventh in the Ladies Moguls Qualification on Friday before she won the bronze medal and it helped her advance to the finals. In the Final 1, Galysheva was number seven. On Final 2, she finished sixth, and she was the last person to advance to Final 3. French’s Perrine Laffont won gold as the Canadian skier, Dufour-Lapointe settled for the silver medal. That was the first medal for the country since the start of the Olympics. She will definitely get paid for that achievement by her country and add that to her net worth.

Interesting facts to know about the skier

She began skiing when she was just five

According to ESPN, Galysheva was interested in skiing from a younger age. Whenever winter hit Kazakistan, Galysheva and her friends would grab their sporting tools and ski in the mountains. She would compete with her friends, sometimes beast them and sometimes they would defeat her but it reached a point when she would win all the competition in school. Galysheva posts some photos of her and her friends compete and practice together on Instagram. It’s is what helped the skier perfect the sport and she is a treasured athlete in her country.

Galysheva was hoping to break a major record

Before the games started at the Olympic Games in South Korea, Yuliagalysheva was looking forward to breaking the record. The last time she did so was at the Asian Winter Games in 2011 and she looked forward to setting a new one. Unfortunately, she will have to do that in the other Olympics scheduled for 2022. There was a u-shaped ramp that was introduced in Sochi in 2014 for Olympic skiers, and she wanted to be the first one to make the record in the halfpipe competition which would make her the first one.

She learnt all the skiing history

Galysheva has a good grip of skiing history. The skier said that she knows that there used to be people performing somersault on skis early 20th century in different parts of Europe. Galysheva however, believes that freestyle skiing began to take off in the 1960s and it began in the US. Stein Eriksen won the first gold medal in the Norwegian Olympic.

Her net worth

Yulia Galysheva has a net worth of $2 million. She has made her net worth from being a skier for almost her entire life.

Galysheva is destined for greatness, and she will be winning more medals and achieve more if she works harder. Catch up with her on her Instagram.