Who Is Tamar Braxton? Wiki, Net Worth, Singer, Divorce & Facts To Know

Although in a shadow of her famous sister Toni, R’n’B singer Tamar Braxton found her place on charts, TV screen, and net worth list.

Tamar Braxton – private life

Braxton family has always been a symbol of good voice and undoubted talent. Famous singer Toni Braxton is the most famous member of this family, but her sisters are also talented singers. Lately, the youngest sister Tamar Braxton is in the center of attention, due to her divorce from music producer Vince Herbert. Tamar Braxton, age 40, was born in a big family, with a pastor father and mother opera singer. As the youngest of five daughters, she had to fight for her place. Her talent, however, did not remain unnoticed, as she sang together with her sisters in a church choir. At the beginning of the nineties, Tamar Braxton and her sisters formed the group “The Braxtons,” but without any significant success. Since Toni Braxton was the most famous member of the Braxton family, she was already a star and started a successful solo career, Tamar was her backup vocal. The voice of talented young singer got the attention of Whitney Houston, and she predicted her a great career. Tamar Braxton did not graduate from high school due to her singing career.

The youngest sister of Toni Braxton was married twice. She has a son, with her former husband, Vincent Herbert. They finally divorced in 2017, after the accusations that her husband cheated her for years.

Tamar Braxton – Career and Net Worth

Although all of them were excellent singers, Braxton sisters failed to make significant success, and some of them decided to start a solo career. In the next years, “The Braxton” group reunited over and over a couple of times, releasing several singles, with “So Many Ways” as most notable. For a young singer, at first, it was difficult to stand out. In addition to a successful elder sister whose career was at the height of the nineties, Tamar Braxton courageously decided to release her first album “Ridiculous,” in 1998, where she combined many different genres but did not celebrate with it. Talented singer’s net worth stagnated, but she didn’t lose her faith. In 2000, the publishing house did a redesign of Tamar Braxton’s album and songs and tried to publish it again under another name, but the audience did not accept such a mix of genres. After two attempts and two failed singles with many stars cooperating such as Jay-Z and Mya, Tamar Braxton decided to take a break from her singing career.

“Love and War” – A New Beginning

After a few years, Tamar Braxton finally had good material to get back in front of the audience. In 2012, she released the album “Love & War,” after almost ten years of break from the music world. With good contributors and finding a style that fits her, she made it. Her husband Vincent Herbert was a producer of this album. The lead song on the album was a hit; it placed well on the charts among the USA and achieved significant commercial success. Confirmation of her talent, Tamar Braxton got two Emmys for Best R’n’B song and Best R’n’B performance. Tamar Braxton released several more singles from the album, but none of them repeated the accomplishment of “Love & War.”

Before releasing a new album, she decided to “reach the pulse” of the audience. The single “If I Don’t Have You” was a chart success in May 2015, a couple of months before the album appeared on the charts, so Tamar Braxton decided to return to her first love, music. Critics rated Braxton’s album “Calling All Lovers” as very good, and she was on the road again. Last year, in the TV show “Braxton Family Values,” Tamar presented an opening single to her next album, “Bluebird of Happiness.” The single “Blind” marked this album because it represents the singer’s life the best. After the hard time in her private life and the divorce from Vincent Herbert, Tamar Braxton announced that she would not record albums anymore. After releasing “Bluebird of Happiness,” her current net worth was estimated at $6 million.

Interesting Facts About The “Blind” Singer

Tamar Braxton seems to be a very versatile artist. Following the success in her music career, she decided to devote a little more to her TV career. Braxton had a few minor roles in the movies, but she nevertheless realized that TV format was more appropriate for her. In addition to being a singer of undeniable talent, Tamar Braxton has proven that she can be a successful TV star, hosting several talk shows and awards nominations. Braxton was a part of the TV show “Dancing With The Stars,” but she needed to leave it due to health issues. In 2015, the singer revealed to the public that she suffers from vitiligo skin disease, and that she also had certain problems with her lungs. Except for participation in “Braxton Family Values,” Tamar Braxton has a successful reality spin-off “Tamar & Vince.” After a success of her album “Calling All Lovers,” Braxton decided to start her show, which will reflect her private life and career. Still, after several seasons, the broadcasting of “Tamar & Vince” is uncertain after several successful years, since the main actors divorced in September 2017.