Who Is Rachel Grant? 5 Facts To Know About The ‘Die Another Day Bond Girl’

Rachel Grant is a British Actress who acted in the film, ‘Die Another Day Bond Girl’. Read five facts about her, including net worth.

Who is Rachel Grant?

Rachel Louise Grant de Longueuil was born on 25th September 1977. She is professionally known as Rachel Grant. Grant is a Filipina-born British actress, writer and social entrepreneur. She is born on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, and was raised in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Her full name is Rachel Louise Grant de Longueuil which is a barony title given by King Louis XIV of France to her ancestor Charles le Moyne de Longueuil. Grant shifted to the United Kingdom as a baby. Her father, Michael Grant is the 12th Baron de Longueuil. She has royal blood as she is related to the British Royal Family through her grandfather, 11th Baron Raymond De Longueuil. He was the second cousin to Queen Elizabeth II. Grant played the part of Peaceful Fountains of Desire in the James Bond film, Die Another Day. She also did some television and one of her initial TV roles was on SyFy as Nina, the hostess of horror show Sci-fright. She played the role of Professor Myang Li in the Sky One series Brainiac: Science Abuse. Grant has had roles in theater and in TV programs such as Emmerdale, Murder in Suburbia, Blue Murder and Casualty. She also appeared as Maria Ronson in the film, Until Death, in The Purifiers, and more recently in the sci-fi comedy movie, Snatchers. Rachel Grant made headlines when she publicly made a sexual assault allegation in Jan this year, against actor/producer Steven Seagal, stating that the incident happened during the pre-production on his direct-to-video film, Out for a Kill (2003), and also that she lost her job on the film after the incident. Grant is proficient in martial arts and has worked along with Jean Claude Van Damme and with Dominic Monaghan in the British martial arts flick, The Purifiers. Grant won Best Actress and Best Fight actress in the Shockfest Film Festival for her role as Princess in the film, Red Princess Blues. She appeared in the movie The Tournament as Lina Sofia. The Tournament was released in 2009. The movie was about thirty of the world’s deadliest assassins who partake in a septennial battle where the survivor wins a huge cash prize. The winner also gains the opportunity to become the costliest assassin ever. Grant also acted in the film, Until Death in 2007. Until Death was a thriller/action film about Anthony, a drug addict detective, who wakes up from a coma with a new lease on life. He sets out to rescue his kidnapped wife and ensure that justice is served. Same year, Grant appeared in another cult horror film, Brotherhood of Blood. Brotherhood of Blood is a 2007 American horror film, starring Jason Connery, Victoria Pratt, Sid Haig and Ken Foree, directed by Peter Scheerer and Michael Roesch. Her role in the comedy teleseries, Starhyke was acclaimed by critics. Starhyke was about an alien race called Reptids who plan to unleash a biological weapon to reawaken all human emotion.

Net worth of the actress

The net worth of the actress is estimated to be around $16 million.

Up, close and personal with Rachel Grant

Grant appeared on small screen in the real life “Tour Group” docu-series on Bravo. She appears as a co-tour guide along with Sandhurst Miggins and Brandon Presser on “Tour Group”, which is Bravo’s luxury docu-series. It sends Grant with her fellow guides in search of the most exotic, thrilling and exclusive destinations on Earth. Grant always wanted to be an explorer of life. She made some unforgettable journeys to six continents and 70 countries. In a candid interview with Rachel Grant, one gets a sneak peek into her life, her opinions and current ventures. The interviewer asked her as to what made her change her decision to become a dancer to go beyond in life. She replied that her mother had always encouraged her and her sisters to act and perform on stage as well as dance. She took up acting at the same time as her dancing and later chose to attend an acting school. Rachel Grant was always interested in travelling. When asked about when travelling became a passion, she was quoted saying, “My mother came from the Philippines so as a child every year we would take a 36-hour flight to visit her home country. This yearly trip to the Philippines, that took us on a journey through different places, is what drove my passion for wanting to travel. I remember being four years old and coming off of the plane with the humidity hitting my face. I still get goosebumps to this day when I think about leaving England and how thrilling visiting a new place was. When I was 16 years old I found an ad to apply for a beauty pageant. At 17 I entered a pageant because I wanted to go to the Bahamas. I ended up winning the pageant and got to travel to the Bahamas. The traveling took off from there. Since I have been asked to judge beauty pageants.”