Who Is Pamela Adlon? Top 5 Facts To Know About Pamela Adlon

Learn 5 facts about Pamela Adlon, including the shows she co-created alongside Louis CK as well as her history and voice acting career.


Pamela Adlon is an incredibly talented actress, both in live action films and in voice acting. She’s been in a wide range of animated shows, using her unique voice to bring characters life in shows and movies both for children and adults alike. In recent years, Adlon has also become well-known for her roles in the television shows “Better Things”, “Californication”, and “Louie” – which she not only played a role in, but also co-created alongside comedian Louis CK. In this article, we’re going to explore 5 facts about Pamela Adlon, including Adlon’s net worth, information on the Emmy she won, and her roles in TV shows in movies both new and old.

1. She was born in New York

Pamela Adlon was born in Manhattan, New York in 1966. In the years since, she has become a well known voice actress, screenwriter, actress, and producer. Adlon attended Sarah Lawrence College while working on her acting career. She’s currently married to Felix O. Adlon and is the mother of three children. Due to her hard work on several TV shows and movies, Adlon’s net worth is currently $16 million. Pamela Adlon has done a lot of good work and has been nominated for an Emmy multiple times, and even winning one for her work on “King of the Hill” as Bobby Hill. She’s also done a lot of work on both TV shows and movies with comedian Louis CK.

2. One of Pamela Adlon’s most popular voice roles is that of Bobby Hill

Adlon is well known for her voice acting abilities, and for one role in particular. This role was the one of Bobby Hill in the show “King of the Hill”. For many people, this is a well-known show with a character that sparks memories as an entertaining and enjoyable one. Adlon also won an Emmy for this role, awarding her for her outstanding voice acting ability. Bobby Hill wasn’t Adlon’s only voice acting role though. She has since played roles on “Recess”, “Squirrel Boy”, “Teen Titans Go”, and even the Tinkerbell movies. Having such a unique voice has allowed Adlon to lend her acting ability to several animated TV shows and movies. She has also played many characters in Japanese anime shows as well.

3. She co-created “Louie” alongside Louis CK.

Adlon is not just a great actress and voice actress, but has also worked in the creation of shows such as “Louie”, which tells the story of Louis CK as he goes about his life in New York. It’s a gritty show that faces the realities of life as a divorced comedian who sees through the shallow layers of everyday life. Adlon and Louis CK work together to present the show in the best way possible. They have managed to create a relatable, funny, and sometimes purposefully cringe-inducing show. Not only did she help in the creation of the show, but Adlon also plays a role within it as Pamela. Adlon’s character is a casual girlfriend/friend with benefits of CK’s. She seems to have a strong connection with Louis as a character but isn’t interested in a commitment. Louis CK’s show puts forth common problems in a very real way that draws the attention of many viewers.

4. Adlon has played parts in several movies

An upcoming film that Adlon is playing a role in is “Bumblebee”, which will be released in 2018. This movie carries on the Transformers story and follows Bumblebee as he hides himself away in a Californian junkyard, only to be discovered by a teenager named Charlie. Adlon will play Charlie’s mother in the film. A relatively recent film in which Adlon held a role was “First Girl I Loved”, which came out in 2016. This film tells the story of a high school girl named Anne, who begins to fall in love with another girl in her school named Sasha. She shares this information with Clifton, her best friend who also has a secret crush and does all he can to get his way. In 2005, Adlon played the role of Brenda in a movie titled “Lucky 13”. In this movie, a man travels back through all the previous girlfriends he had in an effort to find a way to capture the heart of his dream girl.

5. Adlon has held a number of roles in popular TV shows

Aside from “King of the Hill” and “Louie”, Adlon has played roles in many other films, including one very close to her heart entitled “Better Things”. Adlon plays Sam Fox in this show and is one of its co-creators alongside Louis CK. Adlon also plays the role of Marcy Runkle on “Californication”, which goes to show that she’s just as great of an actress in live action roles as she is as a voice actress. With such versatility, Adlon can go from a character like Olsen Benner on “Bob’s Burgers” to one like Halley Wolowitz on “Big Bang Theory”. Pamela Adlon also held a role on another Louis CK show called “Lucky Louie”. Adlon and Louis Ck have worked together on several shows, each more relatable than the last. Both have come to be favorites in the comedy world. Though Louis CK has been the subject of a lot of drama in recent months, hopefully Pamela Adlon and Louis CK will be a team that proves to be lasting.


From “Better Things” to “Californication” and “King of the Hill”, Pamela Adlon has played several very successful roles both in animated and live action TV shows alike. She also continues to grow in popularity in upcoming movies. There can be no doubt that Pamela Adlon will only grow more successful both in acting and in the growth of her net worth in the years ahead.