Who Is Nancy Putkoski? Ex-Wife To The Late Anthony Bourdain

More about his high school sweetheart and wife for 20 years

About Late Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was born in New York City on July 25, 1956. He was the eldest son in his family of two. He stated that he was not raised in a specific religion, and he was always referred to as a Jewish but never attended these synagogues. Anthony’s childhood was spent in Leonia, new jersey.

In addition to this, he loved the food so much in his youth, where he worked in seafood restaurants. In 1978, he graduated from the culinary institute of America. Bourdain later became an executive chef at brasserie Les hales in Manhattan. The Les Halles restaurant was closed due to bankruptcy in 2017. He was believed to be a messenger for those that we’re unable to share their opinions with the public.

He began a writing career in the 1980s through submitting publication works on magazines. His first book kitchen confidential brought his popularity in 2000. The book was an expansion for his 1999 writes up article “don’t eat before reading this.” In 2005 he started a travel channel on culinary and adventure programs involving cultures.

With a continued zeal for writing, his articles and essays found their way in many publications. In 2015, he decided to join political publication, travel, and food. In the same year, he also appeared in the film “the big short,” where he used seafood stew for an analogy.

Later in 1985, he married his high school girlfriend as the first wife, where they shared the relationship for two decades and then broke up in 2005. After the divorce, he remarried.

Anthony and Nancy did not have children. He thought that he could not make the best father and, for this reason, chose not to sire children. Despite later on having a kid with the second wife, he argued that he did not regret not having kids up to a point in life. He later changed his view about children after the second wife conceived a baby girl.

After his divorce with Nancy, he wrote a novel “medium raw.” The novel explained the occurrences that followed after this divorce. He talked about how his dark monster was born from his inside. He further stated the dilemma of having to choose between his career and marriage. This was because of the mixed feeling and regret of losing his lover.

In an interview in February 2018, he praised his daughter for having brought life hack to him. This way, no one could expect that he would commit suicide until it happened.

Anthony Bourdain committed suicide at his home. Being seventeen days short to his 62nd birthday, Anthony passed on June 8, 2018. On June 13, his body was cremated, and after two days, his ashes were returned to the United States.

His First Wife. Nancy Putkoski

Nancy was born on April 8, 1955. She was raised in fort lee, New Jersey, and belonged to the Christian religion. In 1974, she moved on to New York after she had completed her high school. Later she joined the college to study liberal arts where she graduated in 1978. Nancy met Anthony, and they got married.

How They Met And Got Married

Both Nancy and Anthony met in high school at Dwight Englewood in new jersey. That is where their relationship began to grow. Nancy is said to have been a “bad girl” back in high school, and she had a group of drug addicts as friends. However, she changed after she met Anthony.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the two had been together way before Anthony became popular. Since Nancy was a year older than Anthony, he had to graduate earlier than expected so he could follow Nancy to the Vassar College. Luckily, the college had just begun admitting men.

After some time, the two were seen to be incredibly close to each other, and Anthony would at times refer Nancy to the love of his life. They did so much together, and Anthony admitted to having a partner in crime for a girlfriend. Their life was mainly involved in risk-taking and drugs but enjoyed living it quietly.

They could save up for vacations together as well as watch Simpson’s.

Their Marriage

The duo got married in 1985 after spending much of their time together. They had dated for several years before finally deciding to get married. They had a happy marriage of two decades but had no children. Their marriage was desirable, and they could be referred to as the perfect couple.


After spending 20 years of marriage together, the couple had to separate ways through a divorce in 2005. Nancy argued that her husband was always on the go and rarely made time for the family. She further added that Anthony could spend a long time without returning home. This is obviously because of his career that he had to travel for long. On average, he had a very hectic schedule that rendered him the inability to devote time for his family

Additionally, Anthony being away for long, denied them a chance to spend enough time together as a couple. Before they divorced in 2005, they had separated the previous year. It is after the divorce that Nancy completely went off the radar. Nobody heard from her again, and this was kind of favor from her side since she disliked publicity.

Everyone wanted to know how her life faired on, but being the secretive Nancy that she was, she disappeared from the media. However, for Anthony, he moved on with life and married a second wife, and he also remained in the limelight.

The second wife was known as Ottavia. They got married on April 20, 2007. In the same year, they were both blessed with a bouncing baby girl. This relationship did not last for long since Anthony still maintained the behavior of being away for long due to his career. They officially parted in 2016 after Ottavia being unable to cope with the situation. They, however, remained to be good friends.

What Is She Currently Up To And Net Worth

Nancy Putkoski has ever since her divorce with the famous TV host and culinary expert Anthony Bourdain kept her life away from the public eye. Her personal life has also remained on the low with the public getting to know less about her.

In addition to this, she likes to keep her matters away from the public; therefore, it is really difficult for one to guess what she is currently up to. For the above reasons, there is no information on the source of income for Nancy. Nobody knows exactly what she does for a living.

She further has no social networking accounts, or she could be using an alias name, which is difficult to tell. Well, gauging from Anthony’s net worth that was said to be 16 million dollars, it was reported that Nancy’s net worth was at 2 million dollars then. However, currently, it is hard to tell her net worth since she has always kept low about her present life.

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Nancy Putkoski is an epitome of love changes. It was until she met her ex-husband that she changed for the better. She even made a great wife that they sustained marriage for 20 years. That is quite a lot of time.

From their marriage story, you can learn that each relationship has its dark sides. It may sound like cliché, but the statement “the best apology is changed behavior” could have saved Anthony’s marriages. If only he chose to sacrifice just a fraction of his time for his family, there would be no divorce. Both ex-wives complained about his tight schedules.

This tells you that always ensures to make tome for your family; it means a lot. Now since death cannot speak, Anthony’s cause of taking his own life remains unknown. Speculations have, however, been made that after his divorce, he was not the same again. Family is the best place where you find people to confide in without judgment. If only he had a family at that time to confide in.

Careers are important, but having a family I even more important. Always ensure that your wife, husband, or children do not feel the gap created by your career. Losing a family can be disheartening, and it may lead to suicidal thoughts and actual suicides. If only we could be made use of the quote “God first family second.”