Who Is Millicent Simmonds? Wiki, Actress, Net Worth, Deaf, ‘A Quiet Place’ & Facts To Know

The Wonderstruck deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds, surely has some interesting facts about her you would want to know. Here are they and her net worth too.

Who Is Millicent Simmonds?

She is the third of the five children given birth to by her parents and a native of Bountiful in the US state of Utah. Millicent Simmonds is well-known for her role in the movie, Wonderstruck, which was released in 2007 and the 2018 horror drama titled A Quiet Place. Millicent Simmonds became deaf when she was just 12 months old because of a drug overdose. To this extent, her mother had to learn the American Sign Language so she could teach her other siblings so they can communicate with her. It wasn’t until Millicent Simmonds clocked 3 years old that she could begin schooling. She was enrolled at the Jean Massieu School of the Deaf where she had the opportunity to join a drama group. Upon completing her 6th grade, Millicent Simmonds got the opportunity to perform at the Utah Shakespeare Festival which was held at Cedar City in Utah. From this role, Millicent Simmonds went on to perform in “Color the World” which was a students’ Deaf shot before getting her first movie role in Wonderstruck. This teenage American actress born in 2002/2003 has made some attempts at recovering her hearing capacity; one of such is the Cochlear implant but it doesn’t appear the procedure has made any significant impact on her hearing.

Millicent Simmonds: Nominations And Accolades

Although Millicent Simmonds has not been able to lay her hands on any award, this 14-year-old American teenage actress has been nominated 6 times for various awards based on her sterling performance in Wonderstruck. And it’s good to know that all of these nominations took place in 2017. There is, however, one of the awards, Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor that is yet to be decided. It is not impossible that this upcoming deaf actress can cling it.

What Is The Actress’ Net Worth?

That’s a subject that is still very sketchy. It’s difficult as at present to give a specific figure as the net worth of Millicent Simmonds as this information is just not available. However, judging by her breakthrough in the Hollywood even with her hearing impairment, there is no doubt that the American upcoming actress is doing fine financially. Her net worth is surely going to be something an actress of her age should be proud of.

Millicent Simmonds And The Social Media

As today’s world has become a global village, it’s hard to see anyone, not even a star, not make use of the social media. Millicent Simmonds is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her photos can be assessed on her Instagram page.

More Facts About Millicent Simmonds

Here are additional facts about Millicent Simmonds that you need to know 1. She never thought she was ever going to be an actress. According to her, she had always thought she was going to be a cop or firearm but now she is a professional actress. Millicent Simmonds recalls how her teacher in school saw her talents and went to approach her mom to release her to join a school drama group and that was all that was needed to turn a cop career to an acting one. 2. Her co-star, Julianne Moore, in Wonderstruck was the one that helped her relate well to her own role, Rose, in the said film. Simmonds is quite fond of Julianne Moore as she has described her as a great woman and her best actress. The teenager says she finds Moore’s expressiveness so incredible and has watched all her movies. No doubt, this woman has been a mentor of some sort to Millicent Simmonds. 3. Simmonds was impressed that a deaf person like herself could feature as a cast member in a movie. She praised Todd Haynes the director for using a real deaf person to play the role. According to her, doing so was not only ingenious but would also encourage other deaf individuals to give their best to their life’s goals. She said the director’s commitment to include her in the cast was something that spurred her to work very hard for the movie. 4. Millicent Simmonds now sees herself as an advocate for the deaf be it adults or children. She hopes to see more of dead people acting and according to her, everyone should learn the American Sign Language and not force their deaf children to speak or lip-read. To her, there is nothing difficult in ASL and doing that would only make everyone feel inclusive. 5. Simmonds hopes to become a world-renowned philosopher one day as according to her, that fascinates her a lot. As young as she is, she reads very well. In fact, Millicent Simonds says that one of his hobbies is reading. 6. She says her best city is NY and would love to move there soonest and this dream appears to have come true and Simmonds and her parents have moved to New York.] 7. The upcoming actress cannot hide her interest in bicycles. She had always longed to have one and when she celebrated her last birthday, she was eventually given one.

Final Remarks

Millicent Simmonds represents hope; her photos inspire many and her confidence beat most people’s imaginations. Although a victim of a man-made error, she has moved on. Now, she’s rocking her world in the Hollywood. Indeed, there is ‘ability’ in disability.