Who Is Melina Kanakaredes? Net Worth, Movie, ‘The Resident’ & Facts To Know

The CSI:NY star managed to make a successful career for herself on the small screen. Find out more about Melina Kanakaredes’s net worth, movies and other facts.

Who is Melina Kanakaredes?

Melina Eleni Kanakaredes was born in 1967 in Akron, Ohio. The stunning actress is a renowned film, television and theater actress who shot to fame with her role as Detective Stella Bonasera in the ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ spin-off called ‘CSI: NY’.’CSI: NY’ was aired from 2004 to 2010. Kanakaredes started her acting career in the year 1994 with the movie, ‘Bleeding Hearts’. Kanakaredes was born to parents, Connie and Harry Kanakaredes. Her mother, Connie owned candy store in Akron, ‘Temo’s Candy Company’ and her father was an insurance agent. She grew up in a close-knit family who was always deeply rooted to their Greek culture. Kanakaredes speaks fluent Greek. She always wanted to get into acting and gave her first stage performance at the tender age of eight with the drama, ‘Tom Sawyer’ at their own community theater. From there, her interest in this field only grew and she decided to pursue a career in music, dance and theater. She later got her degree in the same from the Point Park College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She had performed in various shows at the Pittsburgh Musical Theater including ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. Melina Kanakaredes is also a former beauty pageant contestant which she had done to secure money for her college education. She not only was declared Miss Columbus but also finished as the first runner-up for Miss Ohio. She later graduated with honors in 1989. Currently, Kanakaredes resides with her family in Los Angeles. Her husband is Peter Constantinides and they have two daughters together. Her family maintains their ties with their Greek ancestry by travelling once a year to their home town in Greece and visiting friends and relatives. Melina Kanakaredes is also fond of Pilates, swimming, music and reading.

Career in movies and television

She got her big break in the film, ‘Bleeding Hearts’ in 1994. After that, she did numerous TV roles. Her most noteworthy role was that of Eleni Andros Cooper in the show, ‘Guiding Light’ (1992 to 1995). The series was famous for being the longest soap opera in American History aired from 1952 to 2009. Kanakaredes for nominated twice for ‘Guiding Light’ for a Daytime Emmy Award. Kanakaredes also starred in other television series like ‘New York News’ in 1995 and NYPD Blue in 1995, playing the part of a journalist in both. She later appeared in ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ in 1996. ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ was considered as one of her best works. Kanakaredes also appeared in 1998 in the movies, ‘Rounders’ with Mat Damon and Edward Norton and then in the drama movie, ‘Dangerous Beauty’ in Catherine McCormack. Both these films were highly successful and added to her net worth. In her thriller/drama, ’15 Minutes’ in 2001, she played the part of Nicollete Karas. ’15 Minutes’ was about a homicide detective and a fire marshall who stop a pair of murderers to commit videotaped crimes to become media darlings. Her majorly career-defining roles were all on small screen. Her performance in the television drama, ‘Providence’ from 1992 to 2002 got her a TV Guide Award for Favorite Actress in Drama in the year 2000. Kanakaredes later appeared on Broadway in the musical, ‘Cabaret’ in 2003. Her most memorable role to date was that of Detective Stella Bonasera in ‘CSI: NY’ in 2004 to 2010. She appeared in six seasons of the successful TV series and increased her net worth substantially thereby. Melina Kanakaredes later appeared in two movies, ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief’ in 2010 and ‘Snitch’ in 2013. She appeared in ‘Snitch’ with Dwayne Johnson, Susan Sarandon and Barry Pepper. Kanakaredes also appeared in the film, ‘Hawaii 5-0’ in 2015. She is currently awaiting the release of her film, ‘Wake’. Kanakaredes is also currently seen in the American medical drama series, ‘The Resident’ aired from January, 2018. ‘The Resident’ is aired on Fox TV.

Net worth of Melina Kanakaredes

The net worth of Kanakaredes is as high as $10 million. She earned her huge net worth through her successful career in acting.

Interesting facts

Apart from her biography, there are some interesting facts about Melina Kanakaredes: * She met her husband while they were both students at Ohio State University. * Angie Everhart was her school mate during High School. * Melina Kanakaredes is a cousin of Alexandra Marinos. * When she won the 1986 Miss Ohio Pageant, she won a talent award with a three-way tie but was eventually named the first runner up. * Melina Kanakaredes is the Spokeswoman for Maybelline New York. * Her second daughter, Karina Eleni, was born in 2003. * She was being considered for the lead role in the film, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ in 2002 but she was pregnant at that time. * Her husband, Peter is a chef and a restaurateur. * Kanakaredes’s first daughter, Zoe, was born in 2000.

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